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Agnes - Magic Still Exists

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Kyle., Aug 20, 2020.

  1. We allllll need love and appreciation

  2. Ooft, this is such a visual album/EP/record (whatever you want to call it). I’d love to see this live, yellow wig and glitter galore. Love and Appreciation strutted it’s way through, didn’t it? Gorgeous.

    The fact Nothing Can Compare didn’t make its way onto this is a slight shame (which I get the feeling is a rather slept on gem here?). I will sing that song the highest of praises till the end of time. But hey its 2021, it can shimmy its way on as an unofficial bonus track in a playlist.

    Congratulations, Ms. Agnes. What a triumph.
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  3. What were those lukewarm reactions yesterday?? This is all glorious, stratospheric, and uplifting. A monumental triumph. Agnes has out done herself yet again. Not one single track below a 9.

    I wish she had the worldwide recognition she deserved.
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  4. Love and Appreciation really is the spiritual sequel to 24 Hours we all deserve. What a song.

    SWEEEEET! love and good vibrations!

    When the music drops out and builds up again, and then the final chorus hits... give this woman everything.
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  5. The post-chorus in Selfmade... No words.
    It takes a ah ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ah-ah-ah
    It takes a ah ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ah-ah-ah

  6. Is "Love and Appreciation" not just "Fingers Crossed" with different lyrics? Sounds like exactly the same song.
  7. Listening

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  8. K94


    Yeah this is great, obvs. I just love the crisp clarity of her voice - you'll hear every word and note and it will be correct! It doesn't need any songs added on - only thing I'd do is combine '24 Hours' and 'Love and Appreciation' into one track since they're clearly connected.
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  9. XX is fantastic and it’s on repeat x 100.
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  10. Yep. This is great.
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  11. This is going down as a legendary era and album.
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  12. Yep, as expected, this is excellent. The interludes I could do without but the new songs are fabulous. Love and Appreciation sounds like a lost classic.

    There's so much potential for dance hits, Purple Disco Machine remixes, etc. I know she's probably not that bothered anymore by this stuff, but they could totally service one of these songs to remixers and get her playlisted, have another mini Release Me moment in the dance world.
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  13. Also if anyone is craving more of similar, check this out:

    It's a bit more alternative and weird but Disco is truly alive again between these two.
  14. I only knew of Release Me. Then when 24 Hours came out one or two of you posted it in other threads and said what a bop it was and I loved the cover art. I listened and loved it, and Here Comes the Night is a triumph too.

    My expectations fell after reading the initial reactions to the album. I've only streamed it once so far, but thankfully I loved it on first listen. There isn't a weak track.

    So, thank you whoever it was that posted 24 Hours around the forum back then which has now lead me here as a new Agnes fan.

  15. Can’t help but wonder what the cut tracks sound like. Hoping for an extended edition or something in the future. The album itself is great, although the interludes hardly add to the experience. Maybe if they were more like “Not Dangerous”?
  16. Ok whew! Currently on Love and Appreciation and this is so good.
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  17. Wow. Selfmade is the one. Phew.
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  18. What’s an album without an earnest ballad, but Magic Still Exists screams remix treatment.

    The album is definitely all killer no filler for me. The interludes aren’t nearly as effective as Nothing Can Compare but the album is so strong I don’t really care. A deluxe edition though? Yes please.
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  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Listen to the Nothing Can Compare EP ASAP!!!
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  20. This is all incredible. XX my gosh. I thought with the initial reactions I’d be adding the last EP to this and creating a more full experience but really it doesn’t need it. Although I had added Goodlife to the last EP, but it belongs here somewhere I think.
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