Agnes - Magic Still Exists

I love this more and more with every listen. The new songs are great and fit in well in the album, if I think I’m getting a bit tired of one of the album tracks she hits me with something unexpected and I’m pulled back in. She definitely made the right choice with the singles and I don’t mind the interludes, I just wish there was more full length tracks surrounding them. But overall, definitely a triumph.
I can't just listen to this album once, I have to go straight back to the start again. The singles have been incredible, Here Comes The Night might be my single of the year, and while I initially wanted wall to wall bangers, the way this album flows is perfect.
Reading some of these posts about the interludes just tells me that some of us don't know how to light candles, dim the lights, and really set a mood in our homes.
the majority of this album is more pass the poppers, than light a three wick for a wank
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Yeah she said a lot of these songs are less than six months old and made for the theme she had in mind for the record but that she wrote a lot of stuff. Hopefully some of that will find its way out - whether it’s a deluxe, future EPs or even a (fairly) quick follow up.

We just need her to keep the momentum going and give us more. She seems pretty comfortable in the ‘spiritual disco’ lane she’s in.
This album is a small masterpiece, my god.

No balladphobia (because it’s fantastic as-is) but a fully produced dance rendition of the title track would absolutely knock. What a great closer though. Her vocals shine on the rest of the album too, so it’s not like she needed a moment to prove herself, but she really went above and beyond on Magic Still Exists.
After watching that cute little interview that was posted earlier today, I feel like Agnes is in a place where she wants to continue this theme.

With regards to a vinyl, if Adele's claim of a 25 week lead time are anything to go by.... then maybe it will be like Tinashe 'Songs For You' pre order vibes.
A 'vi-neel' is fine and all but I hope they also make a run of CDs... surely they must see the mini-moment this album is having for her and the opportunity to sell some physical formats and merch.

Also on a personal note listening to her speaking voice makes me greatly miss my Swedish friend who returned home a couple of years ago - Swede-glish pronunciations and all...