Agnes - Magic Still Exists

the title track is one of the best things she’s ever done, and a perfect ending to the album, and I can’t get it out of my head

it is indeed.

I can't stop listening to this 'album', it's become an obsession and I'm listening to it multiple times a day and having the songs in my head when I'm not actually listening.

It's just utterly magnificent and I can't wait to own it on vineel.

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I am…hugely let down by this album. The singles are far and away the strongest things on it, the interludes are irritating as hell, and the title track is just not it. I hope I never have to hear the line “free your mind and free your body” ever again.

With that being said, 24 Hours and Here Comes the Night are two of my songs of the year, so all is not lost.
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The final verse on Magic Still Exists. When the melody changes slightly on the up we go and then down we fall line. This is just an exceptional end to the record.

When they're turning all the lights out
And the matter of the heart is what remains
Now keep it coming till the time's up
Whether we are saints or sinners
Up we go, and then down we fall
You win sometimes, and then you lose it all
Life can fool ya, if you want it to
But all I know, it leads me back to you
I don’t know if I’ve ever enjoyed a dance remix of a ballad. They always sound so incongruous.

Magic Still Exists (the song) is better than what I thought at first. I probably paid attention to the lyrics for the first time. So hopeful in such desolate times.

I have fingers crossed for a small run of merch. I would wear out an “X-X-PRESS YOURSELF” tshirt - make it happen Team Agnes!
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I don’t know if I’ve ever enjoyed a dance remix of a ballad. They always sound so incongruous.
I agree, the vocals on the existing version are quite organic and have all kinds of tempo variations, which always sounds pretty bad once it gets quantized and locked to a dance beat.

I think it would fare quite well if the vocals were re-recorded, e.g. Hang With Me and Indestructible on Body Talk Parts I and II respectively.

She mentions in this interview at one point that she writes the songs and then likes to strip everything away and build back to just the essential elements. Which could support my conjecture that Magic Still Exists was originally a dance track that got a make-under as a ballad.