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Agnes - Magic Still Exists

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Kyle., Aug 20, 2020.

  1. not me bumping this thread again but this album keeps on being on constant rotation, and it keeps getting better and better .. this is my album of the year and then some
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  2. Seems we're not getting a brand new physical for christmas time, then.
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  3. I'm still playing it daily. Truly a work of art!
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  4. Honestly, this thread should be bumped everyday. Popjustice’s silence around Agnes and the way any initial buzz between fans has died down is a pop injustice. Sure, it’s shorter than I wanted but this is aoty for me. I even listen to the interludes. It’s an experience!
  5. Great album! I am as usual very late to the party.

    There were plenty little throwback moments that reminded me heavily of other songs. Or am I the only one who hears that?


    Here comes the night

  6. Picked this one up (virtually alas) and love it!! Great album.
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  7. I think part of the problem of things going quiet is her lack of social engagement. I think a lot of her fans are really hungry for content in whatever form it comes, but she pops up every now and then, drops an Insta story and vanishes again. Things move so quickly these days, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.
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  8. Rob


    Ricki Lee's Fear & Freedom and Kate Ryan's Free album are worth a look. Jessica Mauboy's Beautiful as well.
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  9. I agree that there's not much to talk about. The album is amazing but there's nothing going on so...
  10. It also feels like there's a subsection of people who really expected more and were whelmed by the final result e.g. me.
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  11. The three lead-in tracks alone render this the best non-big-pop-girl album of the year. The rest of the record is a cute gal, but I'm too busy readjusting my wig from the singles to take much notice.
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  12. I'm absolutely loving this album.

    To me, it feels like a love letter to the LGBTQ+ community.
    The three singles are the 'massive bops for the gays' - which is what drew me in initially.
    The album tracks took a little bit to click but now they all have completely. They all seem linked on the theme of self-acceptance, being who you are and not being ashamed of that.

    To have all of these lyrics, and more, on one album is something special:

    "My bothers and my sisters, Praise your existence, X-X-press yourself"
    "There is no need in trying to fit in, People gonna say what they say anyway, Don't you hide yourself, go and love yourself, Yeah, we got this far just being who we are"

    "If you're living not speaking your truth, Ain't nobody getting closer to you, 'Cause while it's easy trying to hide in the light, it's gonna keep you awake at night"
    "We all need love and appreciation, sweet love and a little recognition, We all need love and appreciation, Sweet love and good vibrations"

    "The soul has no gender, Your spirit has no gender. It’s time to set yourself free, Let go of everything that holds you back"

    "You brush off your shoulder, can't get up off your knees, So, it's the hundredth time you've been knocked down this week, They say, say that you're crazy, but who can stay sane, When your "too much" is not enough, again and again?"

    "Free your mind and free your body"

    "For all the nights you were the last one to go home, Not cause you're lonely, you're just holding onto hope, For all the nights we shouted, 'love is all you need', For the freedom to be who you wanna be"

    Phew. An album.
  13. They played Love & Appreciation on the radio today (was someone's Track of the Week) and god, it is so good!
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  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This made the top 50 (at #50 dd) on the Guardian’s Albums of 2021 list! This love & appreciation is beyond deserved!!
  15. I saw it on the guardian and on track three and it’s amazing- shared it with my bestie might buy it him for xmas.
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  16. We didn't notice you left the party, soz x
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  17. It's probably not going to happen, but I wish she re-releases the album with 3 more songs that sound EXACTLY like 24 Hours.
  18. no surprise there hehe.. 252 times although the number might be even higher

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  19. MB


    I wish she’d do a gig or two in the UK she’s made for prides / festivals like hoopla.
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    Here Comes The Night is easily my song of the year.
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