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Agnes - Magic Still Exists

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Kyle., Aug 20, 2020.

  1. Sam


    I’m screeching
  2. I’d say it was Dannii’s PA that forgot to switch accounts but does Dannii need one now dd
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  3. Not the 'of Kylie Minogue fame'
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  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I need an Amazon link.
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  5. Of course she drops the pre-order when I'm the most broke I've ever been... I'm in pain.
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  6. How else would they identify that person?
  7. The “I Begin to Wonder” chanteuse didn’t release Neon Nights for this.
  8. Praying this’ll be available at the end of the month when I’ve been paid…
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  9. Yes! Paid more for shipping than the album....but that's ok!!!
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  10. I wish there were other formats offered, but any physical format was probably never on the cards until there was a recognised demand for it.
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  11. Sam


    My vinyl’s been dispatched!
  12. As has mine! We're really winning girlies.
  13. Mine too! I can’t wait for this to arrive. Mind you I’m heading to the uk for 6 weeks tomorrow so I’ll have a little
    longer to wait before I can play it.
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  14. I hope at the least you're planning on seeing Agnes at Hoopla whilst you're here!
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  15. I wish, but I'll be in Guernsey visiting my family and then working in Scotland.
  16. She's here and she's beautiful.

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  17. So jealous!
  18. IMG_7609.jpeg It's here!
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  19. Sam




    The cover translates to a much redder tone than the digital artwork and I won’t lie, I’m thrilled

    Points deducted for the Royal Mail leaving it propped up against my front door in the rain all day
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  20. Why has my tracking not been updated since it arrived in Holland on Monday? Massive FOMO!
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