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Agnes - Nothing Can Compare (EP)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Veritas was so good. I played Loaded and You're Like God to death.
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  2. I play both of her albums a lot! Really can’t wait to get some new music from her. Far too underrated! She should have been massive globally!
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  3. Both? Do you mean the last two as she has released 4 albums so far. Hopefully album 5 on the way soon.
  4. Yes sorry! Her last 2. I’m such a bad fan
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  5. It did well on downloads (whilst there was still somewhat of a market there) but iTunes stopped supplying data to the chart compilers in 2011 in protest against them adding Spotify data, so the Swedish chart was a bit weird for a few years before download sales dropped to almost nothing there anyway.

    More info here:
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  6. Ugh her voice is so perfect.
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  7. I kinda wish it was just Agnes singing on the track but it's still good.
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  8. One Last Time came up on shuffle and ruined my afternoon.
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  9. Oh dear, Tough Love is doing absolutely nothing in the UK so far.
  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    It is SO AMAZING to hear her voice again. Also it did just chart at #60 so that's interesting!
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  11. I guess no one posted this here...
  12. I had to stop watching that due to those two annoying idiots.
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  13. Appreciation post for this

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  14. HOLY FUCK. That sounds incredible. It's her right? I wasn't sure until the chorus.
  15. I hope it’s her. It sounds AMAZING.
  16. It's definitely her.
    She has been posting some disco-like things on social media and the vinyl was posted with an "/A".

    I've been repeating this video just like the one where she sang Don't Go Breaking My Heart in a club two months before releasing it. The new track sounds freaking good.
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  17. I'm ready. And said that with all the determination I can have. Ruin me queen.
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  18. I think Dance Love Pop is one of the best pop albums of all time, but it’s a complete mess on UK Apple Music / iTunes and somehow my ‘homemade’ version is half greyed out even though I’m sure I made sure to download it so it was on my hard drive.

    For me, it needs to include You Rain and Love Love Love but also needs the more uptempo versions of Big Blue Wall, On and On, and especially I Need You Know, which have these acoustic type versions on the version available in UK Itunes which isn’t the UK version originally out (with the white cover).

    It’s also gotta have Don’t Pull Your Love Out, the other original track (can’t remember name) and especially Open Up Your Eyes. I think I’m gonna have to buy all 3 versions second hand and make my own playlist. Again.
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  19. "Love Love Love" is an essential part of Dance Love Pop, at least for me. That song saved the album in Sweden.
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  20. I quite like the Stronger album, before she had international success. "(Baby) I Want You Gone" is so catchy and amazing.
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