Agnetha Fältskog - A+


Am I now enjoying the lift music boss nova A+ version of I Should’ve…?

Honestly, the hold that this woman holds over me.
If she wants the rush that Voyage going to No.1 must have brought there really are 3 people she only needs to tap up to make that happen.
If it was up to me I’d do a 4K cleanup of the amazing video for Click Track and maybe stick a contemporary beat under it (or maybe just remix the dynamics a touch) and stick that out because i’m sure most people are oblivious to it and it’s terrific - the vid and the song.
Who convinced Agnetha that these remixes sounded in any way good?! The original album's MOR leanings are more welcome any day than these songs, that manage to sap all the energy out of every track.
I think it was more “hey, you can make an album without actually having to do a damn thing” that appealed. I doubt she was present in the studio when these new remixes were done.

Stig Anderson once said (when Agnetha was suing him) “that lazy Agnetha should be grateful for all her millions. Not a bad achievement for a mediocre dansband singer”

Now I’m not saying that wasn’t harsh, but it has to be said she’s often been very half-arsed about her post-ABBA career.