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Aguilera's Screams & Shrieks.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by I BUM HARRY JUDD., Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Are they really necessary? Yes love, we know you can sing.
  2. Tim


    About as necessary as it is for Paris to release a single... or about as necessary as it was for Madonna to put her legs behind her head in the 'Hung Up' video...

    Sounds painful good, so, like these ladies should do it 'cos she can'
  3. It gets annoying though.

    To be honest i dislike 'adlibs' in general. Especially Keisha ruining most Sugababes songs with her awful freestyling.

    Rihanna almost ruined SOS screaming over the end aswell.

  4. Steve

    Steve Guest

    No, they're not necessary. She needs to re-learn the restraint she displayed on most songs on her debut album!
  5. I HATE screaming-diva banshee singing.


    SHUT IT!

  6. Ain't No Other Man might actually have been brilliant if weren't for that
  7. And yet it seems to be exactly that warbling that makes the unwashed masses think that a singer is really talented.

    Seemingly oblivious to how much it spoils a song.
  8. Yes she has a wonderfully powerful voice, but enough already of the vocal aerobics - it seriously does ruin a song!

    But..... she isnt on her own - step forward Mariah and Beyonce, - they truly kill any decent song by recording their vocals 20 times and then overlapping them - wow these woman love the sound of their own voices.

    Let's start a petition now - end of the screaming banshees

    L xxxx
  9. I have the promo cd with the instumental on it and cut and pasted the screaming off, i felt quite pleased with myself.

    Sounds better now.
  10. I think that is why people liked "Beautiful" - much of her vocal was understated and carried a melody rather than pissing all over it. I think she IS aware of the power of restraint though - just not on every song.
  11. I'm getting my friend Craig to record his vocals over the Instrumental, he can't sing one bit, hes really bad.

    We're going to make a really bad Nicki French style video for it aswell, then put it on YouTube.
  12. That sounds class!
  13. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    Her shrieking does go on a bit in "Ain't No Other Man", doesn't it? However, I think Beyonce was mentionend earlier about how she ruins every good song with her shrieking as well, but I don't think she goes overboard on "Deju Vu", any thoughts?
  14. Steve

    Steve Guest

    I think Beyonce is the worst for adlibbing, but she doesn't go up and down the scales as much as Christina (at least on record). I don't think Mariah is that bad anymore - yes, she adlibs sometimes, but she's really restrained on "We Belong Together" - neither are as bad as Christina on "Ain't No Other Man."
  15. I get your point, that it can be annoying, but frankly I think Rihanna, Christina and Keisha (the examples used above) do have gorgeous voices, and I like hearing the waves, or ad libs or whatever you want to call them. Call me stupid for falling for their ploys, but when I heard the first 10 seconds of Ain't No Other Man, I didn't groan. In fact I gasped and thought "Welcome back Christina!!"

    To me it seems a natural song progression... quiet first verse, choruses build in intensity and volume, till some screaming is CLEARLY necessary all over the last chorus. It's hard to deliver passion with restraint. It can be done, but mostly I'm in favour of ad libs. Sorry.
  16. Hmm not always, live she does some pretty over the top screaming moments but I guess she learned a bit from it and is better now than she once were

    The worse on this is really Beyonce. God whenever Beyonce sings 'Dangerously In Love' live (like she did on the Grammy 3 years ago) Man I guess everyone wants to say 'Girl, we know you can sing, now stop it, PLEASE'
  17. They kill me! That's why I don't buy her albums!
  18. I think it's worth mentioning Beverley-fucking-Knight's singing on "Piece of my Heart"

    Talk about overkill.
  19. I think a lot of people are really missing the point with this song.  It's an old-school 'soul diva' type number that calls for her to really belt the song out, and she duly does so.  Anyone who's heard Beautiful (recorded in a single take, imperfections and all) or Loving Me 4 Me should realise that she's equally aware of when not to show off.  The forthcoming album apparently sees her experiment with her voice as never before.

    Mariah is a far worse offender when it comes to empty warbling.  Listen to Butterfly, and marvel at how a potentially heartbreaking song is ruined by overbearing vocal arrangements and endless caterwauling.  I remember her complaining in an interview once that her talents as a songwriter were often overlooked.  Mariah love, you've no-one to blame but yourself.

    As for Piece Of My Heart, what an abysmal record. Between the clumsy arrangements, Beverly's obvious disinterest and the sheer laziness of the whole exercise - if this isn't at least shortlisted for the 20 Quid Invoice Prize, something is very much amiss.
  20. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    Rihanna certainly went overboard on "SOS".
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