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Aguilera's Screams & Shrieks.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by I BUM HARRY JUDD., Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Some ad-libs are OK. But some just take the whole trilling thing to far. Kelly Clarkson can sometimes be a victim of this too, especially on her cover versions on American Idol, and World Idol etc. Christina Aguilera can sometimes be OK. Mariah has toned it down a bit, but I think that's old age ha ha. Keisha from the Sugababes really hurts my ears with her ad-libs. She seems to shriek through them, and purr through all her lead vocals. And luckily for me I hadn't really noticed Rihanna's on SOS all that much, I certainly didn't think they were over the top. In a way I thought they were necessary, to fit with needing help etc.
  2. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    Actually that is a good point, she is yelling for help.
  3. It ruined the song for me. Course, I've never seen what the need for such shrieks were for anyway. Doesn't impress me..I think showing control in your vocals is much more impressive. It's an issue I have with most female vocalists these days..

    Doesn't make for a very appealing video either. Basically looking down her throat the whole time. And lord knows, she makes some unattractive faces when she screams like a banshee in heat. She's the worst for it..I can't even look at her when she sings..and then I cover my ears or turn it off half the time as well. In fact....I'm not sure who this even the hell is...hhmm..
  4. I love Christina's swoops, shrieks, and overbaked melisma. Sounds really great in the dance mixes especially. Although I don't think this new direction is great for her, I am interested to hear more of what she's done with it. She's interesting again.
  5. Screams, Shrieks and Hollers aside.. Ain't No Other Man is just a bit.. well.. shit. It screams laziness to me.. And the video looks like she just hung around the set of that song she did with Nelly and had it shot after all the rappers went home.

    In old school report stylee.. Christina could do better.
  6. Funny you should say that, because 'Tilt Ya Head Back' just came on the radio and for a moment I thought it was a slightly different version of her new single.
  7. I actually don't mind Christina's shrieks and screams - I love 'stripped', and her songs have the capability to literally make me go crazy when they come on in clubs and I have drunk enough.

    Its Britneys voice I can never get my head around. She sounds like my Red Setter when she is trying to bite someone.
  8. hmmm... can't the same be said for many artists??
    There's no denying that Xtina has produced some great records but if Ain't No Other Man is an indication of how her new album is going to sound then I can't it doing amazingly well.
    Stripped was such a departure from her debut and I just don't think she's pushed herself hard enough to find new different sounding material this time around!
  9. Well, if she has the ability to hit the notes, then I say shriek away, sister. It's not like the '80s anymore, where a tone deaf whore like Madonna can get away with a substantial career...
  10. You mad fuck. Madonna propelled herself to her status as a pop culture icon and greatest performer on the planet by intelligence, will power and great pop music. Who cares if you think she's tone deaf? I don't really mind Aguilera but a lot of her ideas are descended from Madonna and she even claims Madonna as an influence. Personally I think she goes too far with her histrionics but if it pleases her fans, good.
  11. Dear, that kind of language is, quite frankly, sinful. The only thing that dried-up tuna bag propelled was her knees up to her ears each time anyone with a connection in the music biz crossed her path.

  12. And that is sexist shit. So what if she fucked a few people on the way up? She turned it all around and staked a claim as one of the most poweful women on the planet more than capable of doing what she wanted, not as a singer but as a business woman. She started her own label, unleashed a multimedia assault with books, films and album. Surely that deserves respect?

    Christina Aguilera took control of her own career from her label, that is true, but she was looking at Madonna while she done it and prayed that she would follow her spiritual leader.
  13. Not much of a life going on in Kirk Land, eh?
  14. You stupid fuck.  If I want your opinion on anything I'll ask your limp dick dork of a boyfriend - if you even have one.  And now you've damned this thread to almost certain deletion because you couldn't string together a proper sentence without 'dear' or 'darling'.

    Twat. Answer the bloody questions without relying on insulting Madonna.
  15. I believe you're the one that expressed your useless opinion first, my child, by calling me a "mad fuck." Save that filth for that ancient, limping whore Madonna.
  16. There is no need to brand Madonna an ancient whore when she's influenced Aguilera (who I could quite easily brand a whore but I won't because I'm not a prick like you) and most people on this forum love Madonna. You are a mad fuck!

    Happy Birthday.
  17. How clever!

    Anyway, Aguilera? She's a whore, too, dear.
  18. Well... anyway...

    She's previewed two new tracks on on US radio.

    One of them 'Slow Down Baby' is pretty good. But then, Mark Ronson did it and he is pretty clever. It's actually good poppy jazz sort of like that Blu Cantrell song... but not really.

    'Candyman' is pretty rubbish though.
  19. Oh! People on some forums were praising Candyman profusely!
  20. It sounds like someone said "lets do a flapper style number that sounds exactly like those flapper songs from the 20s" rather than someone saying "lets do a flapper style number but make it a bit different and updated".

    It's almost a parody of the style. Sounds like a jingle to me.

    Edit: What the fuck am I on about. It doesn't sound 20's or 'flapper-ish' at all. It's all 50s like
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