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Aguilera's Screams & Shrieks.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by I BUM HARRY JUDD., Jun 22, 2006.

  1. I know exactly what you mean. One of my areas of expertise are the silent movie stars from the twenties: Colleen Moore, Lousie Brooks and of course the mighty Clara Bow. I adore the twenties flappers and was told that in a previous life I lived as a gentleman in nineteen twenties America!

    Christina has obviously sought inspiration from a classy period in American history and come up with something fresh but with links to the past.
  2. Steve

    Steve Guest

    I really, really, really like "Candyman" and "Slow Down Baby," much more so than "Ain't No Other Man."
  3. She really does go overboard sometimes but I think the new single is great. It's beyonce's new one that I find completely unlistenable, it's not a great song but the way she starts screeching about HER DEEEEJAAYYY VOOUHHOUUHH is massively irritating.
    As a general rule I hate ad-libbing. It's one of the reasons I love Madonna. She sings the bloody tune and doesn't insist on trying out several different forms of screeching as she sings. It's so annoying how it's become such a big thing for singers and wannabes. A quick watch of any music reality show has at least 1 or 2 girls who think that if they draw out every word to twice it's length it makes them talented. it doesn't.
  4. Way to rip off my avatar, Scruffy!

    Anyway i remember watching Beyonce peforming Crazy In Love for the first time, she didn't sing the chorus at all, it was pre-recorded and all she did was scream 'WAYYYYHAYYHOOOOO' and things over the top which i found hightly irritating, i was like... just sing the fucking chorus!
  5. Well, to be fair, Scruffy works the avatar way better, dear.

    And regarding this gem:

    Somehow we knew, dear.
  6. Thank you for that comment, I enjoyed every week of it.  Dearie!

    You should realise that it is not wise to piss me off, as you can see I am more than capable of answering back without resorting to exorbitant and cliched queenie remarks like 'dear'.
  7. Shaking, terribly, dear.

  8. Snorting poppers too often does that to you. AND you are boring me.
  9. Filthy child, I am not, as you're suggesting, a homosexual gentleman wandered from Jesus' flock. In fact, I am a married wife of a minister. I just happen to enjoy good old rock and roll, and hence the reason I'm here.

    However, I will not tolerate dirty bird vagrants such as yourself, who go around and worship loose pagan idols such Madonna Penn. That vile wench will be banished to the fiery pits of hell on Judgement day, dear.

    I'm praying as I type!
  10. Pray for a better sense of humour.

    You are a troll trapped in a man's body or a man trapped in a troll's body. I haven't quite decided.
  11. Hooker and Kirkland BE NICE. I know you can be. You don't have to kiss and make up. but pls. call a truce! Get out one of Dildo's white flags NOW!

    I am certainly a huge Madonna fan (heh heh take that as you want!) but while I don't always like Xtuna's music, I admire her for really trying something personal. I hate USO 40s shit, so I am not expecting to like this CD, but I hope to HEAR the whole thing and see what she has tried.

    I think she shares with Madonna an obsessive "I'm in my [x] phase" and that affects her look, her music, etc. Aguilera is like that too - and is probaby even more of a music FAN than Madonna. I bet you could have a good argument with Aguilera about who is better, Etta James or Dinah Washington.

    Go back to the topic you bitches! ;)
  12. XoLondon, while your soul is damned to an eternity of hellfire for worshipping Madonna Penn, you raise a very valid point, dear. That's mighty Christian of you.
  13. Could you please stop calling everybody 'dear'?
  14. Sorry, dear. Will try.
  15. I know! This thread you started is boring.
  16. I'll lock it then shall i.

    You fanny.
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