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Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by speedyboi, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Fiiiiitttt, non?
  2. Oui, Oui!!

    Is he a homosexual gay or is it just me and my wishful thinking!?
  3. Im really starting to annoy my boyf cos every time aiden comes on i swear i know him, hes either a distant cousin of mine or an ex.
    He can sing reasonably well, hope he can perform too.
  4. Not fit at all. He creeps me out. I bet he kills at least one of the other contestants before the show is over.
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  5. I think he's sooo cuteeeee
  6. Let's hope it's not both!!
  7. Is it too late to pray?
    Second favoruite after Cher.
  9. i think he's great.
    don't like when he performs though.
  11. so is he related to Nick Grimshaw or not? Same last name, same face, same style, etc etc
  12. I imagine that's his cum face!!
  13. He's weird as fuck and I hate the whole "LOOK, I'M REALLY FEELING THE EMOTIONS OF THE SONG SO MUCH THAT I CAN'T CONTROL MY ARMS OR LEGS OR FACE!" Don't believe a word of it - he's almost as contrived as Katie.
  14. He's a really great guy. Good on him!
  15. Potentially but the moobs and the cankles have to go.

    you can get away with it if you can sing like Matt but he can't, he has a very ordinary voice. with no flexibility or range and it's very affected
  17. anybody know if he gay? (here's hoping!!!)

    Aiden to Win!! much better than matt, who just has a grating voice and ZERO presence (younger Steve Brookstein)
  18. grating voice ??

    he gave everyone a singing lesson with 'First Time Ever i Saw Your Face' and is easily the best singer in the competition
  19. Matt is the best singer by miles.
  20. Matt makes Aiden his dinners awwww...

    Aiden has been... okay could be a will young and be the dark horse.
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