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Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by speedyboi, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. No longer 4th, its Number 1 on Worldwide Trends now and Matt is helping

    And Lost, thats exactly how I see him, who knows he may rap and do Kanye in the middle of a Diamonds Are Forever cover *rolls eyes*
  2. That is amazing. I asked for this ages ago - would love to happen
  3. I would definitely buy an album by Aiden. He was the one that got away this year and should have at least made the semis over Mary.
  4. Definitely. The final four plus Aiden were who I wanted in the final five from the start, I think his audition was just so amazing and I really do blame the over-intensification for it, if they'd kept him more like that I think he could have gone so much further.
  5. He seems like such a nice guy.

    Just found out he's doing a gig here, but then found out five minutes later it's sold out, gutted.
  6. Webchat - Aiden has said he was jealous of Matt singing with Rihanna and would love to have duetted with John Mayor
  7. And now he's dancing to Barbie Girl. Absurd.
  8. I saw him perform in Selfridges last week. He was the most awkward person I have ever seen. People had queued for hours to see him and he did such a half-arsed job of it all. He was supposed to sing 3 Christmas songs but only managed to get out the chorus of each one and then messed up the verses, claiming that he 'hated Christmas carols'.
  9. I think his awkwardness is part of his charm
  10. I liked it on X Factor l but when people are queuing for 6 hours to see you the least you could do is actually sing a song fully and not talk rubbish for half of it.
  11. he's just not good enough to sell records long term.
  12. c.x


    I love him. He's the only X Factor contestant I've ever had a genuine interest in. I hope he does get the chance to release something.

    He's doing a gig at the Uni 10 minutes down the road from me but I had already made plans and I think it's a student only thing. Really annoying.
  13. I don't think X factor contestants are meant to last very long. They're just there to entertain us for a few months. That's why i laugh at the people that say someone has a fanbase because some people have bothered to vote for them. He's got as much chance of short term sucess as all the others.
  14. Dannii's retweeted it, he's trending been trending the whole week.

    Not good enough to sell long term records? - Yet One Direction get a deal.
  15. If somebody needs a rabid and desperate twitter campaign to get a record deal then I think we can safely assume that it's not going to happen for them.
  16. Happened to Lily Allen, Justin Bieber (eurgh) and Arnel Pineda (new lead singer of Journey) quite a few people are discovered by some form of social networking, if its YouTube Facebook MySpace or Twitter etc.
  17. And there was a twitter campaign to get Aiden on the tour - a week later he was confirmed on the tour making a top 9 instead of a top 8. Who knows if twitter had anything to do with it - but it could have helped
  18. Lily and Justin did not have petitions to get signed or even any sort of campaign... They got signed because Lily was really popular on Myspace and Justin on YouTube, it's a bit different to a 'campaign' to get someone a deal.

    He'd be better off posting videos on YouTube and working his way up rather than this, it just reeks of desperation even if he didn't start it. He's been given a good platform but this is the wrong way to try and further his career.
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