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Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by speedyboi, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. You talk as if he has had something to do with it though - even a few X Factor people have tweeted their support, nothing wrong with it at all.
  2. He'll definitely get a deal, with or without twitter getting him trending. Probably not with a major label but If that girl from last year can get a song out he definitely can.
  3. Exactly. Neither of them had one of the biggest talent shows in the world as their platform. If record execs aren't interested in giving him a record deal after such exposure then obviously then don't see him as a particularly good investment.
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    His fans are just trying to show their support for him. I don't see anything wrong with that. It's not like he told everyone to start tweeting it. I think he'll get a deal. He has lots of support and seems to be getting great turn outs for all his gigs.
  5. It's all well and good all these people tweeting to get him signed, but how many of them are actually going to buy his album, should it get released?

    It's effortless for someone to retweet a comment or add a hashtag, and many people do it to feel 'involved' or part of something, without actually thinking of what it all means.

    There were 15 million votes cast this year on X Factor but that doensn't mean there'll be 15 million album sales.
  6. Yes but the 15 million votes weren't from 15 million individuals. They could have been from 1 million individuals for all we know. Obviously not. But the thing is that a phone vote is less expensive than an album. Plus those votes are spread between 16 acts to some extent. But I agree that support on twitter does not translate in album sales.
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    Well Belle Amie and Diva Fever are releasing stuff in the New Year so I'm sure he's in with a chance. Twitter trends or no twitter trends.
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  8. Say what?
  9. I thought Belle Amie had split up? Didn't the stroppy blonde one cut the brunette who could sing with a glass or something? Puts Cheryl and Nadine's little feud in the shade.
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    Diva Fever are releasing an album called 'Divalicious' and Belle Amie tweeted today that they are recording original material in the new year.
  11. He's still trending, they're tweeting the labels now - If he was given Depeche Mode/Gary Numan/Early Bowie he'd have lasted longer.
  12. Matt got a deal (obviously), Mary too. One direction, Rebecca and Cher should have one. Aiden, Treyc, Diva Fever and Katie could have one.
    Who else ? Gamu.
    That's quite a lot. Too much ?
  13. Aiden is adorable on Twitter.
  14. Since the trend is to name the fans aka monsters and navy...

    Are Aiden's the Grim Reapers?
  15. 'Grimlings' I believe.
  16. I looked forward to Aiden and Matt's performances on X Factor every week so when Aiden was in the bottom 2 with Katie I was completely gobsmacked. I will never forget his version of Mad World and to think Simon picked him to win but yet he voted for Katie to stay that annoyed me. I hope he gets a good record company behind him although I'm getting fed up with the stupid trending topic on Twitter.
  17. I thought that if Simon Cowell didn't sign you, and you were taking part in the tour, you had to wait for the tour to finish before any talks with record labels? Surely that's why Aiden hasn't been signed but Belle Amie have?
  18. His crazy fans are going to make him look ridiculous if he doesn't get a deal. They're even spamming R1 with texts.
  19. I had no idea he got a tour by himself playing the O2 academies around the UK. And now i'm reading that it got cancelled?. Hard to believe this kid came ninth in a reality tv show, gets to announce and cancel a tour all at once while not being signed. Random!.
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