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Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by speedyboi, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. what. are. those. from.
  2. GT.
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  3. anxiously waiting for somebody to sell this on eBay.

    why must I be American :(
  4. Phwoar, those arms. I've never once thought Aiden was hot, but these photos...
  5. TM


    Has he been signed yet?

    Oh, Simon signed him? I didn't know that! Yesss.
  6. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    I quite like the song in a weird way.
  7. c.x


    I really love the song. I'm dying to hear the album. Apparently he's signed to RCA.
  8. I'd be happy for him to sweep in an fill the void that Daniel Bedingfield has left in my heart.
  9. He is on his way.

    Reviewers verdicts

    Think I've just been sent new material from a former XFactor contestant that the PRs are trying to keep secret so as not to be pre judged...

    ...But my god it's actually quite good! Like a combination of Bloc Party, Hurts and Chase & Status.

    The Aiden Grimshaw stuff is actually much much better than I expected. The single is like Chris Martin meets The Wanted

    Aiden Grimshaw's new material is sounding mighty fine.

    Listening to new songs by a singer I cannot yet name, and they're pretty damn good. #pointlesstweet

    That singer I was referring to earlier (whose new music is amazing) is Aiden Grimshaw.

    @jonaoxford Imagine 'Mad World' and then some 'Mad World' songs with crazy beats around it.
  10. Lan


    He is actually really good looking but not fit for X-Factor.
  11. Is Aiden ever gonna put anything out again? I liked Misty Eye. He was looking for producers on twitter recently, so I'm guessing there's new material ready to go.
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  12. I never forgave him for having that great song that he gave away for 1 day only with no other ability to get it, despite me being quite happy to pay for it... saying that I now don't remember even what the song was! He had great potential, and Misty Eye was great, and shame things weren't pursued further.
  13. There's been a few songs over the years.

    "The Way We Are" was released for free through his website, followed by a self-titled EP with 4 tracks on again available for free through his website.

    "Animal", "Giving It Up", and "Virtually Married" which are his most recent tracks - as far as I know - were up for streaming on his SoundCloud too.
  14. 'During his run on X Factor, Grimshaw was mentored by Kylie Minogue.' Poor Dannii.
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  15. Yeah I enjoyed that bit, classic fake news. He's not 'making an album with Zayn' either, they've collaborated on one song.
  16. I can't imagine Zayn and Aiden working on a song together. What do they do, sit in opposite corners of a room and text each other sad face emojis?
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