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Ain't No Other Man Video (Plus preview of album track!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xtinadude, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. It's a bit "I'm Breathless" era Madonna isn't it.

    Quite cute though.
  2. It's very boring. Even the explosion near the end is completely lifeless.

    If only some of that considerable budget had been invested in a decent treatment for the clip :(
  3. Amaaaaaazing! I love it. And I don't own a single Christina record, either.
  4. great video!, i like it
  5. It's a fun video, but I do think this type of music may be hard for some fans to deal with. It's like Etta James, etc.

    Also, her boobs are out of proportion on her little body. She needs to take those down a cup!
  6. I'm a massive Christina 'Stripped' era fan, and this just does nothing for me at all.

    The whole flapper jazz thing has suddenly just become so unconvincing. Just seems so obvious and generic.
  7. She's done it all before hasn't she? What is that song that she did will Nelly in the same style as this? It's boring.

    The video is boring aswell it reminds me of Usher's 'Caught Up' video and if i see her inside a dressing room infront of a mirror again i will scream.

    And another thing... has she had botox or something? Her face is terribly expressionless in this video.
  8. ...And 'Naughty Girl' by Bouncy.
  9. Steve

    Steve Guest

    It's a bit boring, but I do like the intro where we hear the clip of "I Got Trouble," which sounds quite good!
  10. Rob


    Really not "getting" this whole new jazz thing. Just sounds like a jazz-inspired pile of shit
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