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Air - "Do The Joy" + New Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. "Do The Joy" is the first single from upcoming album Love 2, due in October. I know a lot of people were unhappy with Pocket Symphony, and this certainly seems like a move in the right direction (that is, quirky, joyous French electro-pop). Seems almost reminscent of 10,000 Hz Legend. Thoughts? I'm sure there are some Air fans around here.

    Apparently a second single, Sing Sang Sung, will precede the album in August. It's described as a "summary pop anthem," so here's hoping it's a bit more accessible than this quirky, but kind of unsatisfying first single.

    Link to the full press release:

    Full song here:
  2. Despite being a big Air fan, I find that new song very very average, although maybe it's just a promo song.

    Talkie Walkie remains my favourite album of theirs, closely followed by Moon Safari. I actually really dislike 10,000 Hz Legend (didn't virtually everyone?). Pocket Symphony was impressive in places, but generally not consistent.
  3. Talking Walkie is my favorite as well, followed by Moon Safari. I actually listened to 10,000 Hz Legend for the first time only in the last year. It's much better than I thought it would be. "Radio #1" is catchy as hell, "Don't Be Light" is impressively epic, and I have a strange fondness for "Sex Born Poison."

    That said, this new song isn't lighting my fire either. It does seem like a promo song, or almost a song you would hear in an advertisement. Not terrible, pleasant (and nice considering that I thought they would continue in the organic, orchestral Pocket Symphony vein), but nothing particularly special either.
  4. 10,000khz if my fav album, its just totally lovely quirly & sexy..

    This new song, is a pile of old pish. Seems a bit a flat and try hard, Not holding out much for the album if this is anything to go by.
  5. It sounds a bit like it's one of the lesser tracks from the Virgin Suicides soundtrack. Disappointing. I'm another whose favourite is Talkie Walkie, then Moon Safari. Also love Premiers Symptomes.
  6. I'll become a fan again when they stop singing themselves and hire a lady with a warm voice again.
  7. It's not bad, sounds a bit Röyksopp-y I think.
  8. Ray


    This sounds like a b-side, not a lead single. They have been disappointing for a while, but this is reeeeeally bad. Boo.
  9. I don't like this track either.
    After such the bland affair that was 'pocket symphony' they should've just went straight for the bullseye and released the proposed 'summer anthem'..

    I'd do anything for another album as good as Talkie Walkie. A MASTERPIECE.

    Bring on the next single!
  10. jsd


    All I Need with Beth Hirsch singing is the best song in their catalog. I found a solo album by Ms. Hirsch but it was utter garbage. Sadness.

    This new one is underwhelming - sounds like a leftover.
  11. I hated Pocket Symphony. It was the cure to send insomniacs to sleep.
  12. Agreed. I generally hate the male singing voice of Air unless it's autotoned to death ("How Does It Make You Feel?")

    Do the Joy is awful - did they lose their way? I await with trepidation.
  13. This is actually giving me definite vibes of "Happy Up Here," and especially with the "big" song proposed next, it sounds like what Royksopp did with Junior, releasing "The Girl & The Robot" next. That said, I think I like "Happy Up Here" more than this song. Still, it's not a terrible song. It's just not particularly exciting or interesting.
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