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AJ and The Queen

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by vendredi, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. Is this worth hate watching? nn
  2. I don't know what's worse, the actress of AJ struggling to ever get down from an 11 or that useless villain duo that are like Team Rocket from Pokemon lite.
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  3. RuPaul bopping to Meghan Trainor's Me Too is something I wish I didn't have to see.
  4. LP


    Yes but he's delicious.
  5. Tia Carrere is my favourite thing about this. Growing up on episodes of the camp delight that was Relic Hunter, I will never not love her. Josh Segarra is also very easy on the eye.

    Sure it’s problematic as hell, but I was totally into it by the end. The Ruby Is Red Hot song has been stuck in my head since Friday.
  6. I guess they were hoping for a second season based on that ending.

    Good luck with that one.
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  7. THIS IS SO UNDOUBTEDLY BAD but I can't stop watching.
    Tia Carrere and Josh Segarra deserve better.
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  8. The entire thing is shot on the Warner Bros Studio backlot - much like Gilmore Girls - so yes, it’s the same. It’s also Rosewood from Pretty Little Liars, amongst many other things.
    This is the very first question my boyfriend & I asked after watching the pilot. It makes ZERO sense, and is still one of the least infuriating aspects of the show.
  9. And if Pop Pop really was her nearest relative then Social Services would have just contacted him and had AJ placed there. Rupaul constantly dodging the authorities all the way across America and declaring how much he cares for the child then just leaving her in a random field???

    The whole thing was utterly tragic.
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  10. Didn't even got through the first episode. The best thing about it were the 6 seconds of Valentina and Miss Vanjie being amazing as usual. Seriously, how was this series greenlit?
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  11. Is this what straight TV executives think we like?
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  12. Yes.
  13. It's almost as arthritic and bad as this:

    Muffy, sis, the rickets.
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  14. I watched this stoned and I've been positively howling with laughter, girls. It's demonstrably amateur, but pure camp. Vulture's review was deliciously scathing: Does AJ and the Queen Know It's Terrible?
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  15. I couldn't find the Ruby is Red Hot song on Spotify or Youtube. Where is it?

    There's only this remix.
  16. How are we suppose to feel any bit of sympathy for AJ when all she does is break the sound barrier with her emotional gymnastics every 10 seconds and wears a dead cat on her head?
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  17. Not gonna lie, I kinda enjoyed it. But that last episode, lord. If they don't do a second season, that ending is gonna look horrendous.
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  18. Will someone just update me if Josh Segarra shows any skin in this?
  19. He gets is ass out in either episode 6 or 7. It was a moment.
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