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Alanis Morissette - 9th Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. I suppose it comes down to the reason why she writes; I'd imagine after experiencing postpartum depression it was a form of release and sort of therapeutic. While she might have 23 songs inspired by that experience, maybe those songs aren't ones she wants to share?
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  2. So is there a 9th studio album on the way?
  3. She's working/worked on music, but so far no release date.
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  4. I'm pretty positive the new album is coming out early 2020 at the absolute latest. It's time.
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  5. It was meant to happen early 2018, but she got inspired to keep writing. Now the buggery musical is going to Broadway and she hasn't mentioned new music in a while, so I guess "soon" is the answer?

    But then her book was meant to be out in 2016 and that hasn't appeared either.
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  6. Uh, I hate #soon
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  7. I liked the song Edge of Evolution as well.

    Do you think she'd ever go into a "actually I'm not ashamed of my early pop stuff anymore!" moment and put those on streaming?
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  8. Too Hot screams for a release.
  9. I think she genuinely has been taking it relatively slow, raising her child (children? I lose track) and enjoying life in a different gear. She's still doing bits and bobs here and there and the musical is probably more of an involvement than we know? Maybe? The touring last year was a nice 'dipping her toe' back into things, but I hope when he's back she comes BACK.
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  10. had to unfollow her on all social media as she never posted about music but jewelry, oils, crystals and self-help books actively. Can’t believe people are still liking and replying her posts. They should boycott her so that she will learn how to treat her fans.
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  11. What’s with the attitude in the Alanis threads lately? It’s really gross.
  12. You should learn to let people live. Didn't we just discuss how she owes you (especially you) precisely nothing a page ago? You're giving me 'trolls celebs on twitter from parent's basement' teas and it's not cute.

    She can do whatever she wants. She's focusing on projects that feel right to her. It's bizarre we expect musicians to adhere to the rigid release schedules we do in the first place. Everyone's lives take different shapes. Hell, who knows? Maybe you'd benefit from spending some time chilling out with some nice oils and a self-help book babe.
  13. This is just stupid.
  14. Guffaws.
  15. The self help crystal stuff definitely turns me off but I don’t feel any sense of entitlement around what she should be doing. I’ll always be there when new stuff is announced, I just hope it’s a return to form.
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  16. I really don't mind all the self-help stuff. If you listen to her recent music and watch her interviews while she was promoting it you know exactly what to expect should you follow her on social media. There's no disconnect at all there.
  17. On HABL I loved:

    Edge of Evolution
    Woman Down

    Which is, what, half the album? I wasn't much of a fan of Flavors of Entanglement though (Not As We being a huge exception).
  18. I...

    While I'm handing out the self-help books, there must be one that can help you. I sense you're deeply troubled.
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  19. I know... it's the album I saw her tour as well. I just couldn't get into a lot of it.
  20. “Havoc and Bright Lights” not being on Spotify makes my completist skin itch.
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