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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by vasilios, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Truth is somewhere in the middle. Label's job is to promote, make sure the album reaches the customer, is well stocked... and the artist (back then) had to do promo (promo tour the world to be on stupid TV shows, interviews with the same 4-5 questions, shoot videos etc) to do their part.

    I 100% undestand Alanis wanting to do less after the dozen Pill tours or so.
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  2. The “sell some records” message to Alanis was just a joke, I don’t get all the fuss about it.

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  3. Me with every CD I bought full price at £20 back then.
  4. We all know Madonna's "jokes".
  5. I greatly prefer Junkie to Pill but I suppose it may have been a disappointment/too esoteric if you were a fan at the time. I was a casual who knew the singles, and didn't even hear my first full Alanis album until the late 2000's.
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  6. I wasn't really into the hype of Jagged Little Pill but when I discovered Junkie it felt like a secret no one else knew about. At least to me, the album really didn't appear to be on anyone's radar.
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  7. I need to give Junkie another spin because I never took to it bar “So Pure”, “Joining You”, and “Thank U”. Maybe now that I am older I’ll appreciate it (and Under Rug Swept) more.
  8. I'm still getting familiar with less-known singles and deeper cuts but the songs on Under Rug Swept and particularly a couple on Feast From Scraps are very good.
  9. Junkie is her best album along with Flavors and Forks. It was such an instant album for me. I love how she took her sound from Jagged Little Pill and twisted it to fit her mindscape at the time.
    It deserves all the reissues and tours that Pill gets.
  10. The way that she built on and fine-tuned her sound after Jagged with Junkie and Under Rug Swept is still so masterful.
  11. The world would be a better place if Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie and Under Rug Swept were more appreciated. Both sound like they're from an artist who grew in every way. They're bold, more lyrically biting, and built on top of the sound she developed on Jagged Little Pill. Her voice is stronger, too.
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  12. It is weird that Jagged keeps getting these decade anniversaries but Junkie (at least) doesn’t. Maybe for its 25th she’ll wheel out an anniversary remastered edition with a bonus disc of b-sides and unreleased tracks.
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  13. Alanis being offended by forced commerciality like she hasn’t been flogging the one megahit album to the GP over and over for nearly 30 years…

    It’s like the new records are for diehards only, as a treat. She’s been milking 1995 for a long time.

    She needs to acknowledge the other album anniversaries if only to actually recognise the fans who love those records and stayed with her the whole time. Jagged is iconic (and great), but it’s so dissimilar to her later records (that feel more “Alanis”) that I feel a disconnect and lack of interest and whatever the next bit of nostalgia peddling is.
  14. I just want her to sort out getting all her remixes and stuff on streaming. She has some really good ones out there.
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  15. There's also a couple of b-sides missing so they should upload that too.
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  16. I don't care for Junkie while Jagged is one of my favorite albums, but So Pure (Pure Ecstasy Mix) is it.
  17. When your “first” album sold 30+ millions copies of course 9 millions is not a lot, but it’s still a great number. Also Thank You was huge and everywhere at the time so I’m not sure I agree with the legend of the hidden and forgotten album.
    And yes, Alanis has been milking Pill for over 25 years. The 10th anniversary acoustic version, the 20th anniversary boxset and the digital 25th with the tour (and she always perform most of the album on tour).
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  18. It's definitely weird that Alanis has basically ignored most of her albums after Jagged Little Pill for so long, especially when there's plenty of potential for expanded reissues between all of them. Hell, at this point I'd take a reissue of Unplugged that gathers all the tracks that were inexplicably left off the original album and scattered around as B-sides.
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  19. Junkie and Rug are her best albums by a country mile. And that's saying something, considering how strong her discography is overall.
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  20. Junkie is probably one of my favourite albums of all time, it’s just wonderful.
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