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Alanis Morissette - Such Pretty Forks In The Road

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Nov 22, 2017.

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  1. Either that or work with Guy Sigsworth again without Joe Chiccarelli shitting all over it.

    She atleast still has one album in her that will completely blow us away. Since then it's been Flavors. But I truly believe she can deliver quality once more.
  2. I’m going to need her to add some UK dates. An intimate venue in Glasgow like Oran Mor would be lovely ...
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  3. Alanis is playing Hammersmith Apollo in London on Saturday 7th July.

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  4. I feel like her first born will be in college by the time we get another album.
  5. Great to see her playing here in July! If the tickets aren't too expensive I'll try to go, even though it'll probably be acoustic and the majority of Jagged Little Pill like usual.
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  6. Will it be to promote a new record?
  7. Not sure. She has recently finished doing shows in the US, Australia and New Zealand where she performed old material. There are rumours of a new album this year, and since this is still a few months away, she might use this as a platform to perform new songs but if you're planning to go, I'd honestly just expect Jagged Little Pill and a few other hits. Anything else is a bonus. The setlist for New Zealand on 20th January was:

    You Learn
    All I Really Want
    Precious Illusions
    Hands Clean
    Not The Doctor
    Hand in my Pocket
    Head Over Feet
    So Unsexy
    So Pure
    You Oughta Know
    Thank U
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  8. Is it too much to hope for a 20 year anniversary tour of Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie?
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  9. She's horrible live. It's always the same ol' JLP heavy setlist. And now that her voice has gone out of the door it'll just be worse probably.
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  10. Pretty much! This is why I'll only go if the tickets aren't too expensive. I'm glad I saw her for the first and only time before Havoc and Bright Lights was released. She was excellent then, and vocally still very strong. Although it was Jagged Little Pill heavy it was the first time I heard the songs live in person.
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  11. The Flavors tour was great (to 16 year old Dodo). Wish I remembered more about it. 10 years...jesus.

    I found my Citizen of the Planet t-shirt the other day actually. *bops in nothing precious, all things sacred*
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  12. I wish I got to go to that one. I watched it online and it was brilliant.
  13. I can't believe it's been (almost) 6 years since Havoc And Bright Lights. In hindsight that wasn't a very good album. These days she seems to be more focused on her family and wellness/health/spirituality podcast/blog than on releasing albums. I'll listen to the new album whenever that comes, but my hopes for a genuinely good Alanis album are not high anymore.

    And yeah, the tour's gonna be the same old JLP-celebration.
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  14. At my show of the 2012 tour she did 21 Things I Want In A Lover and that was a very nice surprise.
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  15. Yah. The first time I saw her was amazing. The second time I was like.......bored.
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  16. Havoc isn't so bad. I think it had some great tracks.
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  17. The Australian shows were excellent.
    No new songs though, more like a greatest hits show.
    Her vocals and stage presence were amazing.
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  18. Yeah as a performer she can really knock it out, but the set is so bloody repetitive I wouldn't even bother going unless it's free.
  19. I REALLY hope she adds a second London date already as I can't make 7th July! Luckily it seems she has a few days in-between shows. Never seen her live before!
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