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Alanis Morissette - Such Pretty Forks In The Road

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. Honestly this post just reads like one of her lyrics.

    (And why wouldn’t she sound North American, she’s literally from Canada)
  2. I screeeeeamed
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  3. I can't believe another album finally got announced. And it's only going to be the second longest I've waited for an album by a fave (looking at you, Shania Twain).
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  4. I'm pleasantly surprised. Her vocals sound a little off to me, but overall it's a solid 2019 Alanis song.
  5. Trying to find some sort of stream for this before resorting to Spotterfry and I'm kinda yelling at this Avril Lavigne mini-documentary from 2004 being re-titled for some reason?

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  6. I like it a lot.
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  7. The only irritant is that I’d love interviews about the album when the time comes, but I fear the JLP anniversary is going to overwhelm all the press she does for this record.
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  8. So I really like this, thank god. The Clothespin Voice™ is finally gone!!!
  9. Never heard a song by her before (I know I know), Reasons I Drink is very cute.
    I suppose I should start with Jagged Little Pill?
  10. Yes - going chronologically is best with Alanis. She also released two pop albums in Canada prior to Jagged Little Pill, but I'd save those for after you fully get into everything else. They're a bit of a kii to listen to with context.

    (You can also skip havoc and bright lights.)
  11. I will see a "Jagged Little Pill" tour whenever and wherever. It was such a formative moment of my life - it came out my freshman year of college and it was EVERYWHERE. You could walk down the hallway of the dorm at any time and hear different songs blaring out of different rooms all day, every day, for a year. The best parts of that year were seeing her play a 3000 capacity college gym and cover "Fake Plastic Trees", and then 6 months later play 25,000 capacity Hershey Park (!) with Radiohead opening for her. Thom was actually petulant and ungrateful at that show, but it was clear she loved them and wanted people to know them. And it really endeared her to me.
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  12. Anyone else getting a bit of an Emeli Sandé "Next to Me" vibe from "Reasons I Drink"?

    I'm less excited about the JLP musical than I thought I would be (although admittedly I will still probably try to see it the next time I'm in NYC). I'm glad new music and a tour is on the way to give me something else to be excited about. This is typically the time of year (read: SAD) when I retreat into my own head for a bit so a good time to pull out the journal and revisit some Alanis deep cuts.
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  13. When I was a young innocent girl (and needed chaperon), the Jagged Little Pill tour was the live show that I attended with my Mom. I remember warning her that it's gonna be noisy and also being worried about her clocking that line from You Oughta Know, but all she said during and after the show was:

    "I can't believe she didn't bother changing her outfit. She came on stage with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and just did hair flips."

    If she's gonna come anywhere near my city again with that tour, I'll surprise my Mom by bringing her to the show for old time sake, maybe she'll like Alanis's new material.
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  14. What other song is that piano reminding me of..? It's really annoying me.

    But I like it. It's different for Alanis and that's great.
  15. Ru, never!
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  16. I know, it's a pretty common motif, I guess most recently Gaga did use it as well.
  17. A few have said Next to Me
  18. Gaga - Look What I Found instantly came to mind for me.
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  19. What I don't understand, she's got a new album but instead of touring the new album
    she does a JLP anniversary tour? what about a new album tour?
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  20. I agree! And why the 25th? It would make more sense if it was the 20th or 30th. But I suppose they are trying to do a tie in with the Broadway musical which is based on JLP.
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