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Alanis Morissette - Such Pretty Forks In The Road

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Nov 22, 2017.

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  1. On my Valentine's playlist, I heard Unsent, So Pure, and Head Over Feet and I forgot how nice her romantic moments are. I love Princes Familiar and Precious Illusions, too. Complimenting Alanis will be my one good deed for the day.
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  2. Ticket prices excluding fees for London are:

    £149 VIP (unsure of what the VIP package includes)
    £65-£85 Seated
    £45 Rear Circle Standing
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  3. LPT


    She and Bjork are the last artists I have on my bucket list of acts to see. I was on a cruise when the Dublin shows went on sale ... and I have Steps in Limerick the day before the London show. I do hope she adds another show!
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  4. Here's details of the VIP package:

    Enjoy the show from one of the best seats in the house (*unsure which - probably reserved the first rows)
    Receive an exclusive pre-signed A3 lithograph
    A limited-edition VIP tote bag
    A custom VIP laminate and lanyard
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    Ain't nobody got time for that! Thanks for finding out!
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  6. And another one...

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  7. It's hilarious how many times her book has been delayed. Is she hoping to fill a few more chapters?
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  8. Is the Cork date sold out?
  9. All these festivals... where is the album announcement, Alanis?
  10. She’s just added a second Hammersmith show on Friday 13th July.
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    Which I just got tickets to! Crying and shaking!
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  12. I really can’t be arsed with her anymore. She’s so frustrating.
  13. I forgot these went on sale today. I guess that's my mind telling me not to bother with it.
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  14. Same here. Saw her a couple years ago and she feels like the kind of artist you just don't have to see more than once. I was disappointed how little space she gave to newer material. I mean it was my first time so I was happy to see the classics and they all work great life but I was there for the current album too.

    I wonder how annoyed she's by the fact she's just touring the same album forever and ever and forever again.
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  15. She performed Rest again. It really is one of the better songs she's done since Flavors.

  16. I really like Rest too! I'm hoping it's included on her next album, it seems she's quite fond of it if she's continued performing it. It needs to be a b-side/bonus track at the very least if not.
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  17. I've missed seeing her head tilting. She looks great though. Nice cut, it suits her.
  18. Glad the blonde is fading away.

    "Rest" reminds me of something from the Under Rug Swept/Feast On Scraps era and I love it. Glad she tamed down the vocal on this version, too. It's more impactful as she works her way up to the bigger notes.

    Watch her put a cheap drum machine behind the studio version...
  19. I'm getting emotional at her sounding like herself again. The song is gorgeous too.
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  20. Wow, impressed.
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