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Alanis Morissette - Such Pretty Forks In The Road

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. I loved the return of the beanie hat and scarf. And gagged at the So Called Chaos promo especially after the last few pages here. It’s a great video.
    Hoping some decent o2 tickets left tomorrow morning.
  2. I imagine they had a lot of promo stuff left from that era...
  3. That's a great video. I'm so excited for this album now.

    - also the vinyl is only £17.65 on Amazon UK at the minute
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  4. I've really come around to Reasons I Drink, and I liked Smiling the first time I heard it, so I am definitely more excited for the new album than I was for the last one after hearing the acceptable but ultimately bland Guardian.
  5. God, I'm forever enamored with her long hair.

    Reasons I stan!
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  6. Seeing / hearing the song in the video definitely confirms that they updated the production or mixing on it. There's way more reverb.
  7. I honestly screamed at the part where she very slowly leans away from the priest putting his hand on her shoulder ffff. What a great video.
  8. Wouldn't it have been more cohesive if it was her various personae from Ironic 25 years later in an AA meeting? I can't help but feel like this is too muddled and missed being more of a "moment," even tho I like it overall. Thoughts?
  9. The song sounds better, but it's not my favorite Alanis song. I don't think it makes for a good first single.
  10. The verse melody in Smiling sounds so familiar, can't put my finger on it, some Junkie track, no? Uninvited springs to mind as well.
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  11. Sounds very similar to Joining You melody wise.

    I take it as some different versions of Alanis. Her as a Mother, as a superstar and as the early, JLP version of herself.
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  12. Managed to get tickets. See you girls in Manchester.
  13. After an hour I managed to get tickets for the o2. Front row of one of the floor C Blocks. For some reason they were £65 which considering the A blocks were mostly platinum £350+. Seems quite a bargain.
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  14. The video is excellent. Been a while since we've gotten a great video from her.

    First and foremost, I applaud her for including her issues with postpartum depression. She's been open and quite vocal about it but it's still a private matter. So props to her.

    I almost didn't notice that she's also the counselor!

    And doesn't the glammed up Alanis look a lot like Holly Marie Combs? Or am I seeing things?
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  15. Reasons I Drink video is her best in a while. I love all the little hidden messages and meanings it has. That’s what I want from an Alanis MV.

    Got my Gold VIP tickets for Manchester. Can’t wait!
  16. This comeback warms up my 90´s kid heart. The singles are good, the music video knocked me over, her voice is still so pure (like an expression). I’m ready to stan again.
  17. The two songs that have been released have made me excited in a way I haven’t been with her music since Jagged and Supposed. She is going through some serious shit. She always produces magic when her music is cathartic.
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  18. This Morning interview and BBC2 interview with acoustic performances of the new songs and JLP classics all in one day... I’m stanning this era already.
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  19. She sounded so incredible at the Shepherd’s Bush show tonight. While I wouldn’t have minded a few more musicians on stage with her (or at least one surprise in the setlist) her voice really shone through and made me properly listen to some songs I’ve not heard in a while. The notes at the end of Mary Jane. Uninvited. Honestly - the best live vocal performance I’ve seen in ages.

    The crowd were unsurprisingly super receptive - the JLP singles all went off of course, but I loved hearing Not the Doctor and Wake Up for the first time. Reasons I Drink is the only one where she sounded a tiny bit... off (I think that suits the acoustic arrangement least), but Smiling was stunning.

    Excited for the new era - she was my absolute favourite for a few years when I was a teenager but I stopped stanning her as much after So Called Chaos (despite thinking Flavors was good) but the two new songs are better than any of her leads since Hands Clean for me, easily.
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  20. The chorus of Reasons I Drink absolutely soars in a way her songs haven’t in quite some time and everything else we’ve heard so far has been wonderful. I’m so glad she’s back and firing on all cylinders again; the eight-year gap has been worth it.
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