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Alanis Morissette - Such Pretty Forks In The Road

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Nov 22, 2017.

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  1. Rest is so beautiful, she just needs to release it.
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  2. It really reminds me of "That I Would Be Good", shares a same beauty and melancholy. It's fantastic. I do hope an album isn't too far off.
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  3. Another new song Blaze.

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  4. I’m literally so excited about a new record I don’t even care what the JLP twinks say. I hate that album but love everything since.

    I can’t with all that adolescent angst.
  5. Oh I love the sound of Blaze!
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  6. I'm really enjoying that she's giving the new songs a try on tour. I'm hesitantly excited about the new record after being burnt out by everything HABL and after.
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  7. I like the lyrics, but I think she needs to work on the melody - the convoluted sentences aren't fitting in quite right.
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  8. Hmm. Is this the first time she's done it? Sounds like she's still figuring out some of the phrasing. We'll see how the final studio version compares, but the melody is nice! A few lyrical clunkers but I almost expect that.
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  9. I wonder how far along she is recording as well as who is producing. All the songs so far have been acoustic since that's the setup she's touring in. I'm curious to how the album will sound. I wouldn't mind a more acoustic/hand-made approach.
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  10. 'Blaze' is basically 'Guardian' 2.0 right?!

    'Rest' though is a triumph and I hope to god the recorded version doesn't defer much from what we have heard.
  11. I'm on a trip down Alanis memory lane and thinking about how excited I was when this video came out way before the album.

    I remember being so excited that she fused her sound with the Frou Frou one and how exciting of a direction that was.

  12. I fucking love 'Underneath' and have never seen this version. Kind of amazing innit? (Also really needed to hear this song today so thanks.)
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  13. Underneath is incredible. I love singing shouting along to the chorus.

    I would still love to hear the outtakes from Flavours of Entanglement she said would be released.
  14. The b-sides were the best part of the Flavors era. I still listen to It's A Bitch To Grow Up on a monthly, if not weekly basis. One of the finest tunes of that era.
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  15. FUCK ME UP A BIT with this song. This and 'Rest' are soundtracking this godforsaken/incredible weekend.
  16. Orquid <3
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  17. Flavors of Entanglement is SO GOOD. I feel like it doesn't get enough recognition.
  18. I’ll never forget the time “You Live You Learn” came on the radio while my dad and I were at the country club after playing 9 holes, and he said something about her sounding like a real bitch. I loved that song.
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  19. This is gorgeous.
  20. OMG thank you! I’ve never seen a higher quality of this video and i LOVE it. You made my day!
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