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Alanis Morissette - Such Pretty Forks In The Road

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. After 11 years of You Learn in 240p and at about six frames per second, this is just the best.

    Just out of interest, does anyone in the know how much it costs to rescan a music video from the original film negative? Is there additional work that goes on such as colour correcting?
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  2. Rhino, who I believe have been behind this, commented in a way that seemed to suggest the alternate "school yard" video for Head Over Feet will be released too.
  3. Said fans would subsequently stand to inherit all of my worldly possessions, including my Desperately Seeking Susan action figures and Quail giraffe vase. I’d also lobby relentlessly for their eventual canonisation.

    I adore No Pressure Over Cappuccino. It’s in my official Alanis top 3 with Thank U and Hand In My Pocket.

    It’s a shame so much of the work artists produce never sees the light of day. The handling of Madonna‘s back catalogue (especially the tours) is a humanitarian crisis. I’d kill (not even hyperbole) for a master tape sourced release of her version of Each Time You Break My Heart.
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  4. I've never heard them. Are they even on streaming? Same with Tori's pop album. I guess said artists would like to forget those records exist.
  5. Feel Your Love, Plastic, Walk Away, An Emotion Away and Fate Stay with Me are my keepers from Poplanis.

    Matt LeBlanc is in the video for one of them as her love interest.
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  6. I don't think so, I tracked down the CDs from eBay years ago.
    If you like 90's dance pop then they're worth a spin.
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  8. I was trying to see if it benefited anything (a few items in her shop are for charitable causes)... but it doesn't seem to. Very unusual pricing!
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  9. I clearly have too much time on my hands, but have emailed her team to ask why it's been priced so high. Just last week I purchased both Haim and Jessie Ware's signed vinyls for the same price I would a regular one.
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  10. I love the 4K remasters of the JLP vids, however I would have loved a little bit more colour grading to have been done on them to match the originals. Certain shots in Ironic, in particular, look a bit washed out in places - as do some other shots in the other videos, but I get that these are music videos and not a film or TV series so they’ll have been done with a smaller budget. I’m just being fussy. I still think they look awesome.
  11. New version of Smiling with cast members from the Jagged Little Pill musical. It'll be released elsewhere Friday.

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  12. I actually really like that, especially when Alanis and Elizabeth sing together. The mix and video are very Alice In wonderland/Pure Imagination.
  13. Oh boy, if this is the official video, it's easily her worst video ever
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  14. Smiling version with the Jagged Little Pill cast:

    And Bil Bless Remix of this version:

    Both coming at midnight local time.
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  15. Could she not have just released the original video for Smiling instead?

    I get it and all, but stop trying to shove the JLP musical down our throats. I have 0% interest in it. I just want her voice and her album and her videos.
  16. New Interview with Rolling Stone. I enjoyed it! The interviewer asked some interesting questions that got better answers out of her. She also talks about some of the new songs in more detail.

    But will Nemesis sound like being on psychedelics?
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  17. I agree but JLP being such a huge album... To have that signed is quite special, no? If you look at signed items by Alanis on eBay they are really pricey so I suppose they want hardcore fans to purchase these and not people who are gonna buy 3 or 4 and then sell them on at an inflated price? I'd imagine she won't sign many either.
  18. The introspection of your new album feels well-suited to the times. What was your thinking in delaying it from the spring?
    I just thought it intuitively doesn’t feel right to be putting a record out about one woman’s crisis...

    Why do I now wish the album was called 'One Woman's Crisis'? haha
  19. I've watched so many interviews I can literally hear her voice when reading this.
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