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Alanis Morissette - Such Pretty Forks In The Road

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Nov 22, 2017.

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  1. Especially I Am and Asylum.
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  2. Blaze sounds exactly like the softer songs on Junkie. I hear Unsent and UR melodies.
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  3. I'm interested in Wounded Leading Wounded, because it was originally for Under Rug Swept then reconsidered for Flavors.

    I just love the lyrics to Blaze/Ablaze - "It's my mission to keep the light in your eyes ablaze". It's such a sweet song, and although it's clearly about her children, it feels like the song can be quite universal - everyone has a relationship where they feel that way towards someone. Whether it's a child, parent, friend or lover.
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  4. Rest sounds really lovely. Give me more of that, Alegend.

    Had an emotional weekend, dealing with a man who means a lot to me, and the realisation that maybe we will have to remain loving of each other, if not in love.

    I always turn to Alanis' music at these kinda times. I listen to Unsent and You Owe Me Nothing In Return like repeated mantras.

    Dear Lou
    we learned so much
    I realize we won't be able to talk for some time
    And I understand that as I do you
    The long distance thing was the hardest and we did as well as we could
    We were together during a very tumultuous time in our lives
    I will always have your back and be curious about you
    About your career, about your whereabouts

    will never not break me as much as it feels healing. It's so relevant to me and my situation with this person who is important to me. In 2015, in 2016...and now.
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  5. You Owe Me Nothing In Return kills me. It's probably my favourite Alanis song lyrically. It's such a mature take on unconditional love.
  6. It sometimes feels like the ultimate mantra and way to live one's life and then sometimes you hear it in such a tragic way. Like...'no, you NEED to be able to lash out and be emotional and over the top!'. I feel it, very deeply. I'm often accused of being (or seen as) too chilled out, too zen. My friends find it calming, I'm good at diffusing situations, but then when it's my own stress, where does that steam go, if not let out? I don't really know.
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  7. Yeah I think I'd put Flavors alongside her other three masterpieces. I like Havoc but the mixing is terrible and So-Called Chaos is just bland.
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  8. I enjoy So-Called Chaos as a listening experience but nothing on it is essential Alanis. All bops, all pristine, but sort of...there. Sad that Flavors was classic case of heartbreak inspiring better work...but it was!

    I NEED to give Havoc more chances. LOVE the title track and recall a few of the others but it largely went unlistened to by me.
  9. Havoc's problem, aside from the poor mixing/mastering, is it seemed to lack any kind of quality control and that makes it feel like such a bloated album despite the standard edition being only 12 tracks long.

    Some of the bonus tracks like Permission, No and Big Sur would be better placed on the standard edition, and Magical Child is a great song around the theme of motherhood and guardianship which seemed like major themes of the album and would have been a great edition to the standard edition. If it hadn't been released already as part of an earlier compilation I imagine it would have been on the standard edition.

    The outtake which leaked, Naysayers, is also a sore omission.
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  10. I think it has a lot of love on here actually.
  11. Same. It is so relatable and probably one of my favourites on that album (which in itself is one of her best).
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  12. I'm a huge fan of "Incomplete."
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  13. Guy's work should've been left alone. Other people stepping and shitting all over his work. Just no. I don't know what Alanis was thinking, I thought she had a great repertoire with Guy and yet she hired Chiccarelli and we got a watered down mess.
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  14. Personally, I think tracks like 'Eight Easy Steps' (how to keep smiling when you're thinking of killing yourself), 'Excuses', 'Spineless' and 'Everything' are kind of essential but that's just my opinion and probably not one shared by many. I re-visited So-Called Chaos recently and forgot how strong it actually is.
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  15. I enjoy most of it, mixing aside, but the best tracks are definitely those which share commonality with Flavors' 'sound' such as 'Guardian', 'Woman Down', 'Lens' and 'Numb'. The rest is a bit wishy-washy.
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  16. I always enjoy singing along to Out Is Through. "Every time our horns are locked I'm towel throwing" is such an Alanis line.
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  17. Who on here had an account on the Alanis info boards? I never registered but used to lurk religiously from 2005 till 2012. Now I just check occasionally.

    @truman weren't you a big presence over there for a couple years? And also a fellow Belgian?
  18. “What part of No... do you not understand” ... my fave track from Havoc! Such a pitty it is only a bonus track.
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  19. The fact it was titled Havoc and Bright Lights too... Not an Alanis title at all!

    Why didn't see take the line from the song and call it 'Havoc and Consequence'?
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  20. I was for a wee while in like...2008 probably dddd. I remember making my avatar and signature combo (fairly sure they featured the Front Row hidden lyrics). Ah, 16 year old me.

    For the record I don't DISLIKE So-Called Chaos. I find Everything to be dull as fuck and done better in almost every way elsewhere but I love Eight Easy Steps and Out Is Through. Excuses bops a bit too.
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