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Alanis Morissette - Such Pretty Forks In The Road

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Nov 22, 2017.

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  1. So-Called Chaos is Alanis when she doesn't have much to say.

    You've got a handful of songs that are quite strong, 'This Grudge', 'Eight-Easy Steps' and the title track but when you compare it to previous albums and Flavors, it really sounds basic.
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  2. I had an account! Pretty sure my username was just JakeG... but it's actually how I discovered Tori Amos. From that point on, I migrated to @forumz and the Tori community. I've popped in rarely over the last few years to see what kinda stuff they discuss .
  3. Alanis is definitely the type of artist who needs to have something to say, get off her chest, scream and shout about. Otherwise you do tend to get music from her that feels rather devoid of any emotion and almost Alanis-by-numbers (such as a lot of the tracks on the last album). I think this is also why she hasn't put anything out in a while - she's probably quite happy and content and that does not make for a good Alanis record.
  4. Aw, cherish your 16 year old self.

    Eight Easy steps and Out Is Through are the songs I still unabashedly like from a common found dull and uninspired album.

    I love that you give Out is Through some praise. I didn't think it was a bad third single choice.

    Excuses deserved some light in the sun as well.
  5. A happy Alanis doesn't translate to quality music. It's a sad reality.

    That's why I was surprised she included a cold song like No on Havoc.
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  6. I suppose when you write such personal songs that's always the case. I don't assume she's ever just 'written a song' because she has an album coming out.
  7. She writes every thought that comes to her in diaries. She's spoken about this a lot in the past, especially during the Flavors of Entanglement recording sessions.
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  8. Guy Sigsworth even once infamously said to Alanis, what dark horse of the apocalypse have you brought into the studio today? The Flavors sessions were that heavy loaded and brought out her best work since Junkie and Under Rug Swept. He challenged her. She came in with a Frou Frou inspiration and he expended on that with her typical Alanis style.
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  9. Just popping in to say I took a gamble buying Flavors on Entanglement on vinyl without hearing it. And it was the right decision, I am in love with this album, after only 2 listens, favourites are Underneath, Tapes, Giggling Again for No Reason, Versions of Violence, Torch (heartbreaking).
    I've only ever listened to Jagged Little Pill and Junkie, oh and a few singles hear and there like Hands Clean and Everything.
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  10. I think I've posted it before, but this song still just kills me -

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  11. I’d totally forgotten about and @forumz. I used to spend so much time there.
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  12. I love this song too! I would love a studio version one day, perhaps with an (inevitable?) Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie retrospective? Though I imagine if there was one of those planned we'd know about it by now. The Unplugged version is a nice alternative for now.
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  13. Aw, I used to post on and @/un too. Memories!

    I'm sort of looking forward to new Alanis but "Havoc" really rubbed me the wrong way so I'm hesitant but hopeful. I was listening to some of "Flavors" and "Under Rug Swept" the other day and I was reminded how formative her music was to my teens and early 20s.
  14. It's my Birthday today and my bestie got tickets to see Alanis in July! Excited!
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  15. Happy Birthday!
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  16. Happy birthday @spillett Hope you enjoy the gig in July!
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  17. Happy Birthday!
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  18. I have to say it again, Blaze reminds me so much of Unsent and UR melodically.

    And as someone has mentioned they felt like Rest reminded them of That I Would Be Good.

    If things go right we could be in for a more gentler version of Junkie. One can dream.
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  19. My life was hugely impacted by and it’s predeccesor AMNET, specifically the chat rooms (anyone remember them??). Some of my best friends were as a result of those websites, and also some not so great decisions re my love life haha.
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  20. unforumzed has... interesting people. I will say that.
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