Alanis Morissette - Such Pretty Forks In The Road

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I watched it last weekend, as a long time fan it was great to watch never seen before footage of her, backstage material, etc. But I really don't understand why she is against it, maybe because she addressed abuse and she now regrets it? I don't know

From what I can tell, the narrative and focus became about that and it’s not what she wanted it to be about.
The doc is very good but I can see why she’s not happy with it. I personally felt like the sexual abuse is showed very lightly and briefly while a lot of attention is directed towards the all male band.

If only we got the same treatment for Junkie!
Tons of feelings about Jagged but mostly feel a sense of awe coming from it. The footage they use is astounding. It all reinforces how much of a moment she was, lightning out of basically nowhere who became the most famous 20-21 year old on the planet. There wasn’t an internet fueling her reach, it was completely radio, MTV, press, and word of mouth. All encompassing in a way that would traumatize anyone, let alone a young woman already working through it. Alanis was the first cassette I owned in the second grade. I remember how all-knowing she sounded even then. To think she was barely a few years older when she wrote the even more ambitious Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie. She is singular.

I also think I understand her reservations, likely dealing with the parts of the documentary that over focused on the male band members. I couldn’t not watch something about music so rooted in me and feel I can take away the appreciation, respect, and love for Alanis as an artist and human being.

Jagged is a dumb name for it, though.
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