Alanis Morissette

*laughs audibly* Love it! I'd love to know what possessed her to do it though. Can't stand the original, but this really adds something...


I hope it's more of a "see, modern songs aren't crap" thing than a "let's ridicule a current hit, music isn't good anymore" thing
It could be a social commentary on how women are sexualized to sell records. And she's obviously making fun of the ridiculous lyrics. It really shows how stupid they are when they're actually sung, rather than spoken! It's amazing how she turned such a horrific song in to a beautiful ballad though.
Between the new Mutya stuff, the weather, the Siobhan stuff and this, this is a great day for pop!

This video is HILARIOUS. Is there any info on, um, why this video was made? Other than for the sake of genius and hilarity.
Jareth said:
It could be a social commentary on how women are sexualized to sell records.

that's how i read it, and it worked. i have a new-found hatred for fergie and her ilk.

i never heard the lyrics properly before, i can't believe that this is what little girls are being raised on. i'm stopping myself before i go on a feminist rant hehe


Wow, it's only amazing!! I love when she nails the dancing so perfectly... it sounds awesome too! I love fun Alanis.

Feminist manifesto it may be... but, it also proves how good the original is! Hurrah!

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This is crazy... what's it for? Is it a send up? A new single?
It's a strange one.

Quite Tori Amos-ish or radio 1 Live Lounge-ish...
...But she's made a video so perhaps it's to be released?
Who knew Alanis had a sense of humour?

I like!

The video obviously cost no more than 10p, but slowing the lyrics down quite devastatingly shows what a ridiculous song it is.