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Alanis Morissette

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by vasilios, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. completely amazing. that is all.
  2. I don't think she is being that serious. She is just having fun.
    do you remember "big bad love"??? i love that song...
  3. Okay, I'll bite..

    "The third good thing Alanis Morissette has ever done"

    Ignoring the fact that the vast majority of her output has actually been really quite excellent, what are the previous 2 Alanis releases to get the Popjustice Seal of Approval..?
  4. I don't think the lyrics were meant seriously in the first place. The song already was kind of a satire.

    The first one has to be "Ironic"!
    Apart from that... "8 Easy Steps" is pretty nice. She has done some quite good songs.
  5. Popjustice

    Popjustice Staff Member

    '8 Easy Steps' and the '8 Easy Steps' video.

  6. She's done a many pop gems. Although Maverick tried hide her earlier stuff (who still continue to censor her pop past-all her videos pre-Jagged Little Pill were recently taken off YouTube). Theres also the excellent video to So Pure.
  7. I do agree that 8 easy steps and video are awesome. However, as an absolute alanis fanatic , i have to say one of her best moments "Hands Clean" . One of the most perfect slices of alanis-pop there is.

    This video is wonderful. The clips from her live DVD show that she does indeed have a sense of humour. She is a total dork. Love her :)

    P.S How wonderful to see Alanis on these boards, i often forget there are some Alanis fans out there in Popjustice land :)

    Love you all

  8. as much it almmost pains me to admiot it Jagged Little Pill was a defining record for (and 30 million plus pople around the world i think)

    Her latter stuff has been patchy but occasionally she comes up trumps. So Pure is magical.
  9. I posted this on my blog this morning after finding it on Just Jared. So so funny. I like to think that it's Alanis taking the piss out of the song because the original is dreaful. If she was doing the "see, pop music isn't all bad" thing then I wish she'd picked a better song.

    And Jagged Little Pill is still an amazing record. Never listened to her last few albums all the way through despite liking the singles "Hands Clean" was a great little piece of pop with it's chorus/verse switching characters.
  10. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I want her to come out and say "Fergie is my girl and I love the song, so I tried to show it in a new light". If she's "It's shit, isn't it" then it's boring.
  11. i always loved her, so called chaos is amazing
  12. hullaballoo

    hullaballoo Guest

    Whether you're joking or not, I agree.
  13. She's also making fun of herself, her music style and singing style. It's funny no matter which way you look at it. I don't think she's making fun of Fergie or the Black-eyed Peas; but, rather, the idea of Alanis doing a song and video like that.

    Could this be a swipe at fellow Canadian Nelly Furtado? Ooops! I've started.

    Ladyyyy Luuuuumps ... x
  14. two things

    1 i love her voice

    2 now I understand the lyrics
  15. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Come on Hulla, you know we arwe on the same page with stuff!
    Of course I am not joking.
  16. It's charming for about 43 seconds. Then it becomes dirgy and boring.

    So, it's classic Alanis.
  17. I read that the video was uploaded on her official site on April Fool's Day, so she probably did this as a joke and a bit of a publicity stunt (and a very enjoyable one at that).I don't think she's ever going to comment on it, and I guess she chose the particular song because it was ridiculously easy to make fun of, and completely different from her own material.
  18. What would be really good.... if it was her new single!!
  19. I the lone dissenter?

    I love Alanis, but it's because I appreciate her utter ridiculousness. She spiraled down the same crazy-path as Tori: Jagged Little Pill was lucid and fantastic, and then we got the "transparent dangling carrots."

    I'm not saying "India" and "Uninvited" and "I Would Be Good" aren't beautiful, or that I don't listen to them, but come ON...that flute solo? "You were the perfect springboard from which to jump beyond myself?" She lost the plot.

    Now this new video is amusing at first, but like Alanis herself, it begins to take itself too seriously after about a minute. This feat--taking a ballad cover of "My Humps" too seriously--is one I'm pretty sure only Alanis could manage. Oh wait, Tori's Strange Little Girls did the same thing! I never noticed so many similarities between the two before!

    Anyway, it's pretty, because Alanis is talented. As for the meaning behind it, I'm pretty sure she's taking the piss.

    But it's still ridiculous and a tad boring after a while. I said it before in the YouTube thread on it, it becomes a dirge at a certain point.
  20. as far as i know, it didn't appear on the site on 1st April... it appeared yesterday... but who knows.
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