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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by vasilios, Apr 3, 2007.

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    After about 5 seconds for me.
  2. It's a work of unparalleled genius.

    My Humps is without doubt the very worst song written in the entire history of music.

    Alanis proves this by the simple yet effective act of singing it very slowly.

    She has to release it. Number 1 for sure.
  3. I have watched this at least five times and each time i love it even more.
    it's so sad. This is what is playing in fergie's mind as she performs my humps. it's a lament.
  4. It just really shows just how stupid and sexist this thing that barely passes for a song is.

    Aside from everything else, I don't think it's the least bit sexy to refer to the female body as lumpy. "My lumps" It sounds like she's singing about a disease.
  5. The Generation X wilted and faded, trying to take the piss with what's cool now. What next the Rolling Stones criticising all those new bands not really making REL music like they used to do in the 60s. Take your effing lumps back to Ontario already Alanis.
  6. Fergie is cool?
  8. Clearly Alanis is the sum of what's wrong with popular music in America today. Look at her flaunting her body with her new 'sexed up' image, along with her flashy 'bling' as she shakes her butt at the camera.

    And those amazingly repulsive lyrics...she believes if she sings in a serious, sorrowful way, that the listener will pay more attention to her emotions and the soft piano sound instead of her lack of creativity with the words that come from her mouth.

    Oh, and since when is it OK to promote violence? I feel sorry for that poor man who was head-butted, punched in the gut, and kneed between the legs. I'm sure more than likely his groping of Alanis were mistakes rather than intentional -- but oh well!

    Basically, Alanis shows us the true image of music. It's all about material possessions, sex appeal, and violence!

    Truly sickening. This woman needs some substance!

    Oh, what's with the crying at the end? Does she expect me to feel sorry for her so I'll end up forgiving her for this work I say to be garbage?
  9. Despite reminding me of a time at university when every female played it whenever her boyfriend had pissed her off a bit, 'Jagged Little Pill' is still a great record.

    As for this - comedy genius.
  10. I think for those who don't quite "get" the idea of the whole video i think it best you listen to the song without watching. Its obvious really that alanis was in the studio, bored of doing her own music and decided to re-do a song that she either likes/dislikes in a way that she seems is best to reflect how it makes her feel. Then watch the video and PLEASE just note the obvious irony of it. I know some people think that she is representing all that is wrong with american music, flashing bling and being all sexed up, but isnt that the point? Shes showing anger and hurt as well as being this "lead lady" character with all her guys around her.

    In my opinion its a fantastic publicity stunt by her PR people, and i honestly dont believe alanis had the idea of making a video and putting it on youtube for April 1st. I just think that she recorded the track and then it just manifested itself. Obv, i cant be sure and maybe she is a bit of a Madge underneath it all, but anyway, interesting take on a pretty interesting song.

  11. Wait, what?

    Are you serious? Cause you know sarcasm doesn't work on the internet without a little smiley face at the end.

    If you are serious then... I'm sorta speechless.
  12. But it's not a 'new' image at all - her unchanged body and natural-and-gravity-surrendering cleavage gives way to this, which is another point - she's got a pretty average female body and through the instruction of empty-and-bitchy magazines it is an uncomfortable sight (if you've worked hard for your booty only then are you allowed to shake it and suggest a different kind of 'luvinnininnit') hence laughter is intended to be provoked, the botched, botoxed, starved, toned, stoned and God knows what else that Fergie 'sacrifices' for the G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S life is magnified as out-of-touch and unworthy of 'so-called <insert own bandwagon> debate.'

    You're saying Fergie's lyrics are 'repulsive' and Alanis is overcompensating for a 'lack of talent' - just so it's clear.

    The depiction of violence is a parody of all that 'no nonsense' neck-snapping crap that does alongside the blatant, un-ironic exploitation - but is Alanis ironic enough to pull it off?

    The point most glaringly being made is Fergie's track has no substance - she's mourning how pitiful major artists are failing to make their mark in any way that's vaguely original, intentionally provocative and can even expect to be remembered in years to come. My Humps (Check It Out) might have a nagging irritation I can sporadically endure should my morbid fascination for crassly executed 'controversy' creep in, but it's like playing with insects when you're younger - eventually you want to rip the legs off and put it to rest.
  13. While I loved it I'm starting to think it's less irony and friendly humour and more actual taking the piss of Fergie. There are a few problems with this...

    Fergie is not a tits and ass out ho. She shows what she's got, yes, and why shouldn't she? We all can't hide behind huge wooly jumpers made from granny's pubic hair- like Alanis would inflict on the world if she was queen. And, Fergie is actually a very good popstar who is quite talented and original... lots of people may dispute this, but Fergie is a whole lot more interesting that Christina or whoever, not to mention Alanis. She has an element of madness to her, a chaos that has been missing in perfectly boring pleasers popstars that wouldn't have an opinion if you paid them. Also! She is hardly a beacon of traditional beauty who should be slagged for getting by on her looks... Fergie's freaky! But she works it. If Alanis wanted to pick on what she tries to be picking on (ie. getting by on your body and whoreness) why the fuck did she not choose the pusscat dolls? Surely they are a better candidate?

    The My Humps song is no more offensive or dangerous than any other sexually provactive song... whether it's by Madonna or JC Chasez. She's just stating a fact.... the boys love her, should she feel bad about this because the boys do not love Alanis? Should she not sing about the things that affect her life, such as the boys saying she's really sexy... we all can't sing about dangling carrots. Because we are not all pretentious Starbucks drinking cock heads. So what if the boys wanna sex Fergie and not Alanis? This is only the natural order of things.

    And, in all fairness.... this pains me to say it... Alanis is a bit washed up now isn't she? Her last proper airplay & sales hit was Hands Clean. Um, when was that? Then after the travesity that was Jagged Little Pill Acoustic (WHAT was Unplugged for you twat?!) that just emphasised how tired and dried up she is (managing to make the songs that bursted with energy and rawness sound like shrivelled prunes).... AND that crappy disgusting greatest hits package with the worst cover man kind has ever made!

    What I'm trying to say... Alanis would surely love to be in the position Fergie is in. Ie. making hits, going on huge tours, selling lots of records as part of a grammy award winning band and as a solo artist. I'm sure Alanis would love to again create an original song that became so part of the public conciousness (whether with love or hatred) as My Humps did. But she can't. No one cares about Alanis anymore... this is her only way to attention... so, why the fuck did she pick a song that's a year old? It's hardly of the moment.
  14. Alanis who? Has she ever had a track as brilliant and catchy and simply irresistable as Fergalicious? No. Hands Clean was alright but that was in 2002 or 2003, right? Alright, then.
    Oh, and since she's being 'ironic' here... Well, wasn't My Humps ironic in the first place? And doesn't that make her cover of it a bit pointless?
  15. Dear God... perhaps the woman is just having a bit of fun?

    In any case it isn't really any use comparing the two, as her music is not usually meant to be instantly catchy or danceable. Personally I'd take You Oughta Know over London Bridge any day.
  16. Well she sort of put herself up there to be compared by doing this don't you think? She drew the Fergie link, a link which no one else in the whole wide world would have ever thought of.... so if there's comparisons it's entirely her doing. And so what if the comparisons aren't all in Alanis's favour? Does she think she's that great and influential and guru-like that people value her opinion more than Fergies?

    The exact same argument can be applied to Fergie and Black Eyed Peas... their music isn't meant to be deep and meaningful all the time, it's to dance and sing to. It's not to analyse and be viewed as an anti-feminist thesis.
  17. My Humps was a great choice to parody. Sang is a slow, haunting style it seems to capture everything that is wrong with mainstream music. The objectification of women, the glorification of materialism. It exposes how truly god awful Fergie's lyrics are. Truly, it is a depressingly funny reminder of what passes for hip hop these days.

    Original? She's a Gwen Stefani tribute act. And Fergalicious was so "brilliant and catchy and simply irresistable" that its release got cancelled due to a lack of interest!
  18. Except that unlike ageing rockers winging in interviews no-one cares about, Alanis has taken aim and hit the target with devastating accuracy. The youtube video has been viewed over 2 million times (there are several versions up on youtube) and has accrued over 5000 comments, the vast majority showing roaring approval. It has made every internet blog and music forum worth reading. It's an internet sensation. I have nothing against 'My Humps', but this has obviously hit a vein of people who feel they are being fed shit by the music industry.

    I just hope Alanis uses this newfound fleeting coolness to some effect when releasing new stuff. I honestly don't think she's been this hot since SCFIJ burst on an indifferent public.

    And please -BEP's 'cool now'? Hardly.
  19. Surely the point was to create a bit of interest, and the discussion whether positive or negative has done that!
  20. Isn't it funny how people keep referring to the song as being "Fergie's lyrics" when she didn't even put pen to paper for this song at all?

    Writers:, D. Payton.

    And if we're going to argue Fergie being a Gwen Tribute act, one could also argue Gwen is a Madonna tribute act, and so forth, and so forth. But it's just not really worth it.
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