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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by vasilios, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. It doesn't matter who wrote it. The point is that it's a stupid song. It practically invites parody.

    I don't think she intended it as anything other than a bit of fun, but because some people hate the song so much they're reading more into it.
  2. I knew someone would say that - it was just more convenient to type, just like stereotypes in soaps make (sometimes challenging) narratives a lot more accessible. I am definately not against Fergie - I don't even think it's a mean-spirited thing at all.
  3. It's nothing that Ben Folds didn;t do better with his cover of Bitches Aint Shit...
  4. Fergalicious sold more than 1.5M copies in the US and holds the record for the most copies sold in one week. And besides that, do you really think that sales = quality? If that's true, Darren's The Tension And The Spark, Rachel's Come And Get It and the Aloud's Chemistry were crap while Snow Patrol, James Blunt and Westlife are all brilliant.
    Oh, and if you really think that Fergie's lyrics are meant to be taken seriously, that's stupid. I mean, Madonna's Material Girl and the Pet Shop Boys' Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money) were all about materialism. Wait, they were ironic, weren't they? Well, My Humps is just as ironic as those two songs, then...
  5. Being fed shit by the music industry? Just because someone gives you shit don't mean you gotta eat it! Free will anyone? If you hated My Humps so much, turn off the radio and pop in some Alanis song that sounds like every other Alanis song. Problem solved.

    And I really don't think this has made Alanis hot enough for anyone to actually spend money on any of her albums... it's more "oh that's vaguely entertaining".. which is a bit of a step down from the woman that sold 30 million copies of one album don't you think? If this is what she's resorting to... it's a bit tragic.
  6. I think too much is being read in to this. She's probably just said "Hey, you know would sound really weird? A ballad cover of 'My Humps', that would be pretty funny, because its a bouncy funky song and it isn't meant to be a lament to anything at all!"

    But then again, it is Alanis...
  7. I love peaches but even if it''s a piss-take within a piss take, it''s a bit weak.
  8. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Wasn''t the ''original'' "My Dumps" around ages ago and Peaches really liked it? I remember everyone saying it was her, but she denied it.
  9. it''s been released for a least for radio airplay.
  10. yes it is fantastic but if u read her myspace u will realise its a send up, its saying how stupid the lyrics to this song really is.

    Yet her version is amazing but I dont think she has any plans to release it, in fact shes taking an indefinate break from music
  11. i don''t think she''s having a break

    she showcased a new song recently called Not As We

    she''s also been in the studio since January with Guy Sigsworth, writing what she described as a ''bevy of songs''
  12. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

  13. Ello guys.

    Just thought youd all like to know that Alanis'' website has changed somewhat (for the better!) and includes a musing on how difficult and rewarding the last 3 months have been for our alanis and, more excitingly, a very exciting pic of Alanis and Guy Sigworth at their laptops.

    A fantastic sight!

  14. i mentioned alanis working with guy a while ago, but the inclusion of laptops, macs infact, makes it even more exciting!
  15. Oh my god I could not agree with you more! Absolute trash, that song is!
  16. song of the day eh...

    Freemasons covering Alanis, very random, but one of Alanis'' best song definately... and it had its own fair share of remixes knocking about in the day...

    This year seems to be making Alanis cool again, freaky.
  17. FYI, much longer clip track is streaming on their MySpace.
  18. So I really like her I found out but I have only got into the singles so far, such as Hands Clean, Everything, You Oughtta Know etc.

    I don't own any of her album yet but I am considering buying some. So which is the right album to "get into her"? Jagged Little Pill? Probably. But any other recommendations (also any hidden gems on albums / great tracks) are welcome.
  19. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Depending on how many singles you know and love, you can't really go wrong with 2005's The Collection, it's an amazing cross selection that covers all aspects of her career. Such a good album, one of my favourites of all time.

    If you already have all the singles though I suppose Jagged Little Pill is the way to go, but this is where I can't say for sure because I haven't heard all her studio albums.
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