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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by vasilios, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Her latest album is actually properly amazing. It was all produced and co-written by Guy Sigsworth I think - it's a bit different to anything else she has done though.
  2. Thanks, I didn't know about that collection. Good idea. I was thinking about getting So-Called Chaos first, I liked all the singles.
    And Underneath is a great song, indeed, have to listen to the album.
  3. I'd suggest Under Rug Swept - it's her most accessible album since her breakthrough - as well as The Collection and Flavours Of Entanglement. Jagged Little Pill really goes without saying, it sounds as good now as it did in 1995.

    If you fancy a good laugh, you could also investigate Alanis and Now Is The Time...
  4. "Jagged Little Pill" goes without saying.

    But I think for someone just getting into her music the latest album "Flavors of Entanglement" is probably the best place to start. It's more modern sounding - lots of electronic/pop influence - but still has an Alanis-style approach.
  5. Jagged Little Pill and Flavours Of Entanglement are the two albums that got me into her, and none of her other albums have come up to that standard, but are still enjoyable. They're both quite different, so if you're into a bit of electro pop, you might enjoy Entanglement a bit more. If you like full on 90s grunge rock, go for Pill.
  6. Everyone should own Jagged Little Pill.
  7. I don't really like Jagged Little Pill all these years later - from it I'd chose Head Over Feet as her best song of all time. Flavours is her best album overall I think, but Junkie is more than a little amazing also (it has bigger moments within). The rest: no thanks.
  8. Flavors of Entanglement and Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie are far and away her best.
  9. This.

    Loads of people seem to hate Junkie but it's got some of her best songs on. That I Would Be Good is gorgeous.

    I never really liked Under Rug Swept that much apart from a couple of songs. So Called Chaos had great singles but the rest is a bit bland really.
  10. Junkie is quite difficult to come around to. It's very inaccessible and the songs are unconventional for the most part but once you've submerged yourself in it it's quite something.

    Thank U, That I Would Be Good, Joining You and Heart Of The House are amazing.
  11. From Junkie, for me it's all about Front Row, Thank You, Are You Still Mad, That I Would Be Good, The Couch, I Was Hoping, Unsent, Joining You and the distressing Your Congratulations. Okay, I think I've just re-evaluated what I think is the best Alanis album as there's more I really like as well. The only track I am not fond of is Sympathetic Character.
  12. I like them all but Junkie is the one that blows my mind. Though as stated it might be the last one you invest in as it has lots of unusual melody's and song structures. But that is the reason to love it. Once you've listened to it enough the hooks come up to the front and you can sing along to it. The ballads on Junkie are some of her best too.

    Then i'd head for Flavours which is fantastic.
  13. Ive been a massive Alanis fan for years... Albums i would recommend The Collection, Junkie and So Called Chaos (although not many like that album).

    Some tracks i would highly recommend:

    Simple Together
    That I Would Be Good
    Doth I Protest Too Much
    Are You Still Mad
    Perfect (Acoustic)

    So many good tracks, such a timeless artist!
  14. Who doesnt? they are missing out!
  15. So-Called Chaos is brilliant. I love Everything, The Grudge, Not All Me! A handful of songs on that album probably rank amongst her best for me.
  16. Yes... it is one of my favs. so many good songs!
  17. Under Rug Swept has some good songs. I like: Utopia, Hands Clean, and especially Precious Illusions.

    Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie's best song is So Pure, I've always thought.
  18. I just listened to Can't Not. What a good song that is! Then I read on Wikipedia that a live video of that song is on The Collection - is that true? I really need to hurry and buy it then.

    EDIT. Sorry it's Can't Not. Typo.
  19. I always found Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie a bit of a let down BUT it does contain soem of my favourite Alanis songs:

    Front Row
    Thank U
    So Pure

    I felt it had too many tracks on there - 17 or something, quite a lot when it could have been better as a 12 track album.
  20. Did a search and it's a pop injustice there is no thread. Even though she just had a baby boy she's still making music so here goes the very first discussion thread I've started yay!

    Alanis in one song -

    Alanis in one lyric - "Eyes wet toward. Wide open frayed. If God's taking bets. I pray He wants to lose" Not As We

    Alanis in one photo -

    Alanis in one video -

    Alanis in one word - Open

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