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Alanis Morissette

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by vasilios, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. There is a Flavours of Entanglement thread which has sort of descended into a General Discussion as time has passed.

    Alanis is amazing though. One of my all time favourites.
  2. Oh Alanis.

    I'd say she's the first artist I really obsessed over. I bought the Jagged Little Pill cassette in 2nd great (no joke) and followed her throughout the era. Of course I was too young to really see the importance and magnitude of her success, but I still remember her influence at the time.

    During the long gap in between the JLP and Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, I kinda fell off the map. My obsession took hold in the time between SFIJ and Under Rug Swept. I started downloading live shows, b-sides, and caught up on everything I missed. Now, there's not a song from her I don't know.

    Even if some argue the quality of her music has decreased, I think people who truly understood her as an artist and how her initial fame shaped her are the ones who still follow her. Flavors Of Entanglement finally gave me hope that she's still got a spark in her that no one can replicate. Her voice, obviously, will never be duplicated. I'd say her songwriting style, stream of consciousness yet distinct, are trademark so-to-speak.

    Roll call for your favs!

    1. JLP
    2. SFIJ
    3. URS/FOS
    4. FOE
    5. SCC
    (don't count the collections, live CDs, bsides, and first two pop albums).
  3. Alanis Morissette is the artist who really drove my passion for music into overdrive.

    Thank You for me, is the perfect song and no song will ever top it. It's just perfection for me. I get chills everytime I hear it and it just takes me away from everything else and all I have is that song.

    I hate though that it is on Supposed Former because I'm not fan of 99% of that era bar Thank You and Joining You.

    1. Flavors Of Entanglement
    2. Jagged Little Pill
    3. So-Called Chaos
    4. Under Rug Swept
    5. Supposed Former
  4. The first artist I truly loved! And I only own two albums. I need to hit Amazon.
  5. If you need to get Flavors Of Entanglement. Make sure to get The Deluxe Edition. It has a 2nd disc of songs and they're amazing. Orchid and Madness are just beautiful.
  6. She's from my hometown. #TakethatToronto

    Between, Beyonce butchered her song at the 2009 Grammy awards. I will never forget that shambolic performance.
  7. I own Jagged and Flavors! I don't have the deluxe version but I have heard the songs, I love them! I love her music, I just wish it didn't always sound like she's picking random big words for her lyrics.
  8. She's great but Infatuation Junkie screwed the whole thing up. Most of the album was unlistenable. That said, 'One' is the most gorgeous song ever.

    Loved Under Rug Swept. And a couple from Flavours.
  9. I always thought Supposed Former was a brilliant album. I can understand why people might not like it though.

    Flavors... was fantastic too. Although she's just had a baby and got engaged (I think?) so I'm not expecting her next album to be too good. She's much better when she's deperessed.
  10. Junkie is her masterpeice. It was annoying that she had a song with a massive chorus (Joining You), which was the point where promotion just seemed to stop. Perhaps sometimes the album just got a bit dark and ridiculous. Front Row is still one of the best hearing-for-the-first-time experiences of my life - it's just epic and gorgeous. She came unstuck with the singles, and I hope the rumours were true that she was pissed off about the way the album was promoted (remember the 'Alanis threatens to leave Maverick' rumours?).

    Flavours is the only other album I love just as much, and it even had songs that would have made great singles. Giggling For No Reason is sublime - why they went with Not As We (not a song I listen to) is beyond me.
  11. 'Hands Clean' is probably one of my favourite songs ever.
  12. It's marvellous, isn't it?

    Junkie was hard going after Jagged Little Pill had hit after hit after hit on it. I only really LOVE about 4 songs n it - Thank U, Front Row, So Pure and Unsent. The rest is a hard slog but has some pay-off moments if you can stick with it.
  13. Junkie is for sure her masterpiece. For me from start to finish it is a revelation. It was just that yes, after Jagged Little Pill and all it's hits the 17 track opus seemed hard work. At the time I dismissed it but most people who re-visit it see it's beauty.
  14. I love Giggling. My favourite song from that album.
  15. Huge aspects of my life just wouldn't exist or have happened without Alanis.

    I met some of my best friends through Alanis, met boyfriends, had amazing times, shit times and everything in between.

    I'm not such a fan these days but will always be one of the first to hear any of her new stuff as she still has that place for me.

    I have to say Junkie is definitely my favourite of her albums.
  16. Junkie is definitely one to admire rather than actually relate to, but I remember times when I would constantly spin it to sleep. It's a great album nonetheless and I love the artwork and package!

    My most favorite album of hers is a tie between Under Rug Swept and Flavors of Entanglement. So-Called Chaos is okay, Jagged Little Pill is obviously a classic but surprisingly I don't listen to it much.

    Her first two albums are really great too, I love the song "Rain"
  17. Junkie is amazing. It contains two of my three favourite Alanis songs in That I Would Be Good and Sympathetic Character. I Was Hoping is amazing too, although I think I may prefer the acoustic version.

    I'm listening to Under Rug Swept as I write this - I *hated* it at the time, (apart from Hands Clean, which is obviously awesome), but actually it's not at all bad. I was so disappointed, I never actually bought So-Called Chaos... Should I?
  18. Don't !

    It's the worst record she ever made.
    It's so....forgettable.

    It's her only record I don't listen to anymore.
  19. I'm a relatively new Alanis fan. I only bought Jagged Little Pill about 2 or 3 years ago, though my sister had it. But I wasn't allowed to listen to it because of the naughty words.

    Pill and Flavours are two of my favourite albums ever. Absolutely love both of them. The acoustic version of Pill is fantastic as well. Forgiven and Perfect come to life on it.
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