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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by vasilios, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Front Row is one of the greatest album openers of all time.
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  2. The Couch is probably the best non-single on Junkie, I love the structure of it. Although the maniacal cackle in Would Not Come is also iconic.
    Her siren screeches in Your Congratulations is also epic.

    The whole damn album is epic. Pollyanna Flower needed to be a main track rather than just a b-side too.
  3. Absolutely. Sometimes albums begin with a song that gently coaxes you into the album's world, and some just grab you and pull you in whether you're ready or not. Front Row is definitely the latter, and it's a dazzling, kaleodoscopic rush. That "As you you were kissed by g*G*o*O*d*D full on the lips" bit, I mean hi.

    Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie trained me to look closely at The Album After THE ALBUM because it's so rewarding to look at them from that angle. The Bad, the Listen Without Prejudice, the Tusk, the Up!, the Around The World In A Day, the 25, and so on. "What does ____ do immediately after their world-conquering, record-busting super album that catapaults them to the top of the heap?" Because any response is interesting, whether you play it safe and just crank up the elements that made the last one work; or if you decide to do something bolder or heavier or more experimental and dare the audience to come with.

    Alanis definitely fell into the latter category, but I don't believe it was calculated. She may have been aware that the final product was going to significantly reduce her audience, and she probably would have welcomed that likelihood if it had crossed her mind. But it really just feels, at the highest level, like an artist doing what she needs to do, exploring her shit, figuring out how to move through and into the next stage of her life and work. It's not calculation, it's compulsion. This was what her innermost muse pushed her toward.

    It's kind of miraculous that Thank U did as well as it did, but then the first single was always going to blow up out of the gate. It's still stunning to see it leapfrog up the Hot 100 Airplay chart. I think its first few weeks were like 42-11-5 or something like that.
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  4. Junkie is my #1 album ever.

    A masterpiece.
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  5. Completely agree. You could also add Natalie Imbruglia's 'White Lilies Island' to that list, I feel.
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  6. Oh, sure it was a big single for her but I don't think many people sought out the album. I doubt many/any non-Alanis fans could name Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie. I'm sure they probably could all name Jagged Little Pill, even if they'd never listened to it.
  7. “Thank U” definitely benefitted from coming after the Jagged Little Pill era singles and “Uninvited” but the video also played an important role as so many commented on/mocked it for her being naked all over a city.

    Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie as an era seemed very much to be attempting to be anti-commercial (for it’s time period). The cover alone was off-putting to many since it was just… teeth. I also don’t think stations really played the singles much. I only ever saw the videos for “Thank U” and “So Pure” in heavy rotation on MTV/VH1.
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  8. Has there any been any great detail or full length interview about the Junkie album? Jagged Little Pill has so much but this album seems to have so little. There’s next to nothing on Wikipedia and all I really know is what she talks about on the DVD documentary on her greatest hits.
  9. Did anyone see the Hollywood Bowl show tonight in LA?

    Incredible. Like, the best I've seen her.
  10. There's this Rolling Stone one from 1998: but I wouldn't say it's a deep dive about the songs.
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  11. Here’s a very substantial one. It starts on the front page and then you have to scroll to later in the upload to see the rest. There’s even a little article about the industry’s expectations for the album’s opening week.

    By the way, this website is amazing. You can look at virtually any Billboard magazine issue you want, in full.
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  12. Oh, absolutely. It's possibly my favourite Alanis song (although this title could also go to 'You Learn' depending on the day to be honest), it's such a rush. It's so distinctive and unique (the audacity of having that as the opening track on the follow up to Jagged Little Pill!) but at the same time it's just so undeniably good.

    It is filled with great lyrics. For some reason I have always loved "Raise the roof" he yelled, "Yeah, raise the roof!", I yelled back. I have this habit of just dropping it into conversation with my partner on a far-too-regular basis...

    And that's all before we even think about the hidden lyrics in the choruses... Incredible
  13. How’s the setlist? I have tickets for November and I still don’t know whether to go on my own or not.
  14. Basically JLP+Thank U+Ablaze+Uninvited
    +Bits of other songs done as segues

    However, it's being said the Euro and UK tour is being postponed (not official yet).
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  15. Thanks! Yeah, it would make sense to postpone it since every other concert is being postponed.
  16. Thinking of going tonight so that’s encouraging to hear!
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  17. She was so good that I am going again tonight!
  18. This really would not surprise me. I'm seeing her at Leeds Arena and was looking at their website last night. I think that all October shows there are postponed and the next one that is still going to take place is 2nd November which is very close to Alanis's date.
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  19. I really hope not. My boyfriend got us tickets for Dublin (back in 2019) and another delay would make him too sad. What is the reason though, aren't most covid restrictions being lifted?
  20. Glasgow date is rescheduled to an unknown date yet, will be announced soon.
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