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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by vasilios, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. She just posted the European and UK tour is posponed.
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  2. Oh great. Announcing massive tours and then cancelling dates left, right and centre is becoming depressingly commonplace.

    At the last two Madonna concerts I went to I missed a chunk of Rebel Heart due to technical issues (although Madonna waving sheepishly and disappearing into a hole in the stage never to be seen again continues to delight me) and the entire opening act of Madame X (I was honestly just glad to be in a theatre with Madonna by that point. She could have done one song and called it a night and I’d have clapped like a seal).

    I’m not referring specifically to Alanis (this is a weird year) or Madonna (who’s obviously cursed) when I say this but announcing overly ambitious tours and then cancelling dates is a shitty business model. Be more realistic with your schedules…
  3. Did I miss something? It's postponed, not canceled.
  4. You did indeed. The part where I said I’m not referring to Alanis specifically?
  5. And who are you referring to? Just curious
  6. Why are you curious?
  7. I'm a curious guy
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  8. Good for you! Unless you’re a cat…
  9. I'm crushed, but i can totally get it. She's a Mum and putting her kids at risk isn't something she'd do. It's still going to happen.
  10. I was playing Flavors of Entanglement earlier and as much as I really love it, it definitely is her most fractured album and least sonically coherent. You essentially have those brilliant darker electronic songs mixed with more of your standard Alanis guitar tracks and ballads (all of which could have slotted very easily on either of the two proceeding records). I wonder if that was always the intension or if there was some interference from the label pushing for more of a typical 'Alanis sound' in order to sell the album. 'Underneath', 'In Praise of the Vulnerable Man' and 'Not as We' all being put forward as singles (which really don't represent the majority of the album's sound) would sort of suggest they were worried about alienating the fanbase with anything new or experimental.

    Such a shame they didn't have the guts to put forward something like 'Moratorium' as the lead, followed by 'Giggling Again for No Reason' before launching the album.

    A more solid album could have been

    01. Citizen of the Planet
    02. Straightjacket
    03. Giggling Again for No Reason
    04. Versions of Violence
    05. Moratorium
    06. Tapes
    07. Incomplete
    08. The Guy Who Leaves
    09. Orchid
    10. Limbo No More
    11. On the Tequila (bonus track)

    These tracks definitely felt less part of the album's sound to me (though I enjoy them) but would have made for a cute bonus E.P. similar to Feast on Scraps:

    01. Underneath
    02. Not as We
    03. In Praise of the Vulnerable Man
    04. Torch
    05. Madness
  11. I wish there was a dislike button. Imagine listening to Flavors and thinking there are ANY songs that needed to be cut. It's a perfect mix of all the emotions and stages of a breakup. There's the darker moments, the sadness of looking back at the good parts, the fear of moving on and the happier moments when you do finally move on and find your spark again. Every song feels essential to the narrative and story of the album.
    Guy's electric sound runs through the whole album perfectly and merges with the typical Alanis sound beautifully. It ebbs and flows like any of her other albums do.
    It's like Forks being described as a piano album, it is, but it takes that basic foundation and twists and changes it to different outcomes. Flavors does this with the electro sound.
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  12. Cutting career highlights like Underneath, Not As We and Torch and still including On The Tequila?!

  13. On The Tequila is one of the worst songs she's ever done.
  14. Tapes is possibly one of my most listened to songs ever. Something about it is so hypnotizing. And devastating. And good.
  15. Has anyone seen the Jagged Little Pill (Broadway) Musical?
    It opens in Sydney in Dec. I might go.
  16. It’s a Bitch to Grow Up has always been one of my favourites from the Flavours era.
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  17. I don't agree. Don't get me wrong - I really like the album and have always said so but sonically it doesn't always flow. As I already mentioned. Many of those 'classic' Alanis-sounding tracks don't actually have much/any electronic sounds running through them.
  18. I saw in on Broadway not long after it opened. It was...okay. I feel the cast were still finding their feet. The lead was very good. I saw the show no long after seeing Alanis live for the very first time and I think my perception of the show suffered because of that as nobody does Alanis better than Alanis but I'd definitely go see it if I were you. I'll likely see it again in Sydney too.
  19. Would anyone have a rip of the bonus DVD from The Collection greatest hits CD? Mine won't seem to rip to my computer annoyingly and it isn't uploaded anywhere online that I can find.
  20. I thought the same as I was listening to the cast recording. I wanted to see it initially but unlike other jukebox musicals I didn’t feel the emotion translated as well.
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