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Alanis Morissette

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by vasilios, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. I made this. I hope you like.

  2. But - will Dave Coulier have a role? (Seriously though, this sounds like a bad idea.)
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  3. Could go either way but I’d give it a go.
    She looks stunning in the promo pic used though.
  4. Just got to her incredibly random Sex and the City cameo in my first full watch. Unnecessary stunt casting queen!
  5. Gonna watch this later. I’m already thanking you for making it, this is my favorite album of all time.
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  6. Thanks I hate it.
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  7. Yeah, already it sounds like a piss-take at her life choices.
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  8. I knew it, I'm pissed off.

    yay the rescheduled dates for my European Tour, celebrating 25 years of Jagged Little Pill ❤️✨ can’t wait to see you all next year

    Rescheduled 2022 tour dates:

    9 June 2022 – Denmark, Copenhagen – Royal Arena
    12 June 2022 – Netherlands, Amsterdam – Ziggo Dome
    14 June 2022 – Germany, Hamburg – Barclays Arena
    16 June 2022 – France, Paris – Accor Arena
    19 June 2022 – UK, Glasgow – OVO Hydro
    21 June 2022 – Ireland, Dublin – 3Arena
    23 June 2022 – UK, Birmingham – Utilita Arena
    24 June 2022 – UK, Leeds – First Direct Arena
    25 June 2022 – UK, Manchester – AO Arena
    28 June 2022 – UK, London – The O2
    29 June 2022 – UK, London – The O2

    unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts & venue availability the following shows are unable to be rescheduled and have been cancelled. your point of purchase will reach out with more details soon.

    Hungary, Budapest – Budapest Arena
    Poland, Warsaw – Expo Hall
    Italy, Milan – Mediolanum Forum
    Spain, Barcelona – Palau Sant Jordi
    Spain, Madrid – WiZink Center
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  9. Stunning. I love when Kelly covers Alanis, normally when people cover her they ruin the songs. Kelly knows the kind of emotion to put into them.
    It reminds me of the sublime acoustic version Alanis did on Feast on Scraps.
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  10. Speaking of which, it's coming up to the 20th anniversary of Under Rug Swept... Insane!!
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  11. I’ve never listened to it. Should I?
  12. Literally drop everything and go do it. Don’t forget Feast On Scraps after it
  13. YES. The whole thing is sublime but listen for That Particular Time if nothing else.
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  14. Rug is a beauty of an album, and Feast on Scraps has some of her best songs ever.
    Fear of Bliss and Simple Together >>>>>>
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  15. Alanis will be sharing some news tomorrow, 10am ET.

    Judging by the emojis on her instagram story it’ll either be tour, or Jagged Little Pill musical related.
  16. It's my favorite Alanis album. The Japan version has two great bonuses, but they are both on Feast on Scraps so just make sure you check out both!
  17. God I hope it has nothing to do with the musical.

    Dream - a standalone Such Pretty Forks In The Road tour
    Reality - more JLP dates
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