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Alanis Morissette

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by vasilios, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Such Pretty Forks In the Road is a pretty stunning album front to back isn't it? It's so so good with some of her best songs.
  2. or the musical is carrying on somewhere?
  3. I guess it will be the musical
  4. Hearing from some fans I know that there's a new song coming, "Olive Branch". Not sure when it's being released though. Maybe Friday?
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  5. Oooh, I'd love a new EP or something. Didn't she mention having a few leftover tracks?
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  6. New music, even just a song, would be a dream.
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  7. So it’s just more Pill tour dates in America.
  8. upload_2022-3-8_15-37-18.png

    "Olive Branch" is out Friday, co-written with Michael Farrell, and produced by Michael Farrell and Henrik Jakobsson.
  9. Oh I never spotted this news. Excited. Glad she’s done more work with Mike. Henrik seems to be mainly a tv and movie composer unless I have the wrong guy. So maybe a grand sound to it? I wouldn’t mind a stripped back affair but crave some oompah too.
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  10. I'm not sure, but Henrik did produce "I Miss The Band" as well so that might be similar to what "Olive Branch" will sound like. I love that we've had a lot of music recently and that these single-drops seem to be happening quite often. I hope it's not a sign that she's abandoned the idea of doing another album though...
  11. Oh I loved that one too.
    I like she is dropping songs here and there. She tends to take king breaks between albums so these will tide me over which is fine.
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  12. Reality it is!

    New Jagged Little Pill dates with Beth Orton opening in the UK and Europe, Garbage opening in North America, and Julia Stone opening in Australia.

    Excited for the new song though.
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  13. Updated artwork for "Olive Branch"

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  14. Artwork is so Pill. I love it.
    Song is beautiful too.
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  15. Yeah, the artwork is giving me major Jagged Little Pill vibes too! I like the song as well, but honestly found some of her vocals on it were veering dangerously close to being unpleasant at times. The softer moments are the best here.
  16. I don't mind the vocals, I kind of like when she goes a bit banshee on us.
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  17. Actually, this picture sounds very familiar. I would swear it's from the Under rug swept recording sessions.
  18. I will simply ignore this new song. It’s not even worth a dislike
  19. String version of "You Oughta Know" out tomorrow.

  20. Oh this is stunning. Alanis also looks beautiful on the artwork. Arrangement reminds me of the MTV Unplugged one which is my favourite rendition of the song. I love how she can take it from angry and bitter to aching and emotional.
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