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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by vasilios, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. This is stunning.
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  2. I wonder if the decision to put this out has any kind of tie to Taylor Hawkins' passing? I'm really surprised she hasn't said anything yet.
  3. Is this the version played in "Bridgerton" just with her vocals over it?
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  4. Oh good spot, I think so! I knew the names looked familiar.
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  5. Sounds nice. I just wish Alanis could detangle herself from Jagged Little Pill a bit more. I'm getting somewhat fatigued with all these reimagining, re-releases, tours, remixes of the Jagged songs/eras. Can we have some focus on the other albums?
  6. Next year is Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie's 25th anniversary. She deserves something special. Imagine what might have been left on the cutting room floor for THAT album.

    For that matter we just had Under Rug Swept's 20th anniversary. I sometimes wonder about an alternate reality where Under Rug Swept was the 1998 release and not Supposed. Not that Supposed ISN'T the best thing ever and I'm glad that THAT was how she followed an album as huge as Jagged. But Rug is unmistakably Alanis while still being a little more "listener friendly." The singles are there, but by 2002 the zeitgeist had moved forward.
  7. I guess 'Jagged' is her bread and butter and I get it but as a fan of most of her other work it's frustrating. Junkie and Under Rug Swept are just as stunning. I'd love to hear her perform more from her repertoire. There are so many gems on So-Called Chaos and Flavors too that just never get a look in. Grr.
  8. All we need for this string version is a shirtless Jonathan Bailey doing an interpretive dance to it for a video.

    It’d be nice to hear some other material on her shows but I’m still not going to turn my nose up for Pill songs, I’m just glad to see her live come June after waiting so damn long for her to come to Scotland.
  9. Dream setlist for me, for a future tour, would be something like:

    01. Smiling
    02. Hands Clean
    03. Woman Down
    04. Reasons I Drink
    05. All I Really Want
    06. Moratorium
    07. Excuses
    08. Are You Still Mad
    09. Tapes
    10. Joining You
    11. Ironic
    12. Guardian
    13. I Was Hoping
    14. Spineless
    15. Limbo No More
    16. You Owe Me Nothing in Return
    17. So Pure
    18. Precious Illusions
    19. Pollyanna Flower
    20. The Couch
    21. Out Is Through
    22. You Learn
    23. Giggling Again for No Reason
    24. Thank U

    25. Hand in My Pocket
    26. Surrendering
  10. Just for trivia's sake, the run of Uninvited on Hot 100 Airplay in 1998:

    03/28 | #52
    04/04 | #50
    04/11 | #56
    04/18 | #48
    04/25 | #39
    05/02 | #24
    05/09 | #19
    05/16 | #18
    05/23 | #12
    05/30 | # 9
    06/06 | # 8
    06/13 | # 5
    06/20 | # 6
    06/27 | # 4
    07/04 | # 6
    07/11 | # 5
    07/18 | # 6
    07/25 | # 7
    08/01 | # 7
    08/08 | # 8
    08/15 | # 9
    08/22 | # 9
    08/29 | #11
    09/05 | #17
    09/12 | #20
    09/19 | #23
    09/26 | #24
    10/03 | #37 (Thank U appears on the chart at #42)
    10/10 | #46 (Thank U jumps to #11)
    10/17 | off
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  11. New feat with SoulEye out tomorrow.

  12. I kinda like this, it's got nothing on Ego, Guru or Tools of Divine but it's nice hearing her over a more electronic production.
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  13. According to the Kelly Clarkson show listing for her guest appearance this Thursday, her meditation album is due June 17th
  14. Her what album? How did I miss that. Sounds... very Belinda Carlisle.
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  15. Apparently, it's called 'The Other Side of Stillness'. Produced by Dave Harrington.

    Edit: it's finally called "the storm before the calm".
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  16. Is anyone going to see her this tour?

    I thought the 2020 date I had for Birmingham had been cancelled, but just realised it's rescheduled for 23rd June!

    It was originally billed as an anniversary of Jagged Little Pill, but do we think that's still the case? That's an all time fave album of mine, but I'm not that familiar with everything else she's done...
  17. Don't worry her tours are 94% Jagged Little Pill 4% "the hits" and 2% recent album.
  18. It's the same tour as before. She'll do Pill and one or two other singles, maybe a couple from Forks.
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  19. Going to the O2 on 28 June. Never seen her live before, and as a fan of most of her catalogue a more career-spanning setlist would have been nice, but I'm still excited to hear Jagged Little Pill in full. 15-year-old me was singing that album like I'd been through stuff.
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