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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by vasilios, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Ha ha - likewise! Well, I was 13 and it was my sister's CD, but still! We're going to Birmingham together, so it'll be a nice nostalgia trip!
  2. I'm going with my boyfriend to the Dublin date. He is a fanatic of her, although I only know the Jagged singles, some of Infatuation, and the last album. I think I'll be fine though.

    I'm also weirdly obsessed with Guardian, but I guess there is no chance of that song making an appearance.
  3. The Jagged Little Pill tour has been incredible and she's never sounded better. You all are in for a fantastic show.
  4. I can't believe it's just over a month until I finally see her live. 15 years of being a fan and now I am rewarded, god bless her for actually remembering Scotland is in the UK.
  5. This is really good? That’s very Orbit in places.
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  6. That's actually one of "the hits" that can pop up now and again so if she felt like it, it may appear.
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  7. This is the tracklisting for "The Storm Before The Calm" according Apple Music Germany. Out June 17.
    1. Light-The Lightworkers Lament - 5:27
    2. Heart-Power Of A Soft Heart - 7:47
    3. Explore-The Other Side of Stillness - 11:59
    4. Space-Pause On Violence - 12:48
    5. Purification-The Alchemical Crunch - 9:08
    6. Restore-Calling Generation X - 9:47
    7. Awakening-In Between Thoughts - 9:42
    8. Ground-I Want To Live - 11:42
    9. Safety-Empath in Paradise - 11:02
    10. Mania-Resting In The Fire - 7:21
    11. Vapor-Amplified In Stillness - 9:43
    Album is 1 hour 46 minutes long.
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  8. 11 minutes but still too short, her power. I love this.
  9. "Meditating rests my interior, to the point where I can have access to ideas and visions and inspirations-I can hear my own capital-S Self. Music, for me, is like a portal in a way, an invitation into a state of being that I'm not normally in. Making the record kept me super connected and accountable during COVID, when I felt like I was just going to disappear and float away."

    The album will also be available via the Calm app.
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  10. I saw her a couple of years ago in Sydney. Unplugged show. She literally sat on a speaker and sung for 90 minutes. Fucking incredible. Her voice and the way she emotes. I was hooked.

    You're in for a treat.
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  11. Ellie's Calm-sponsored album was bliss, so I'm excited to see what Alanis came up with.
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  12. It's another chaotic but endearing interview. I do admire how Alanis clearly is an inspiration to Kelly. I really like the discussion about how Alanis is known for lyrics and how the meditation album is sans lyrics but still packs a punch. I connected to what they were saying about the power of music.
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  13. 50% off some tickets on ticket master. (None for Manchester it would seem).

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  14. Just grabbed a ticket for one of the London shows. Lifelong wish to see Alanis live. I used to blast Jagged Little Pill back when I was 10/11 years old and have been a fan ever since. None of my friends are fans as such so I'm going to go alone. I'll use it as an opportunity to take a little break and do some sightseeing too. Beautiful.
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  15. I saw Alanis live twice after Havoc was released and both shows were incredible. Definitely going to take advantage of the 50% off even if they’re nosebleed seats
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  16. I can't believe it is only 6 days until I see her. 15 long years of stanning and finally I will witness my joint #1 fav performing live.
    Also seems like the Hydro has moved our seats and if I read the map right we are only 8 rows back right in front of the stage. I normally don't bother taking photos of shows but if I end up being pretty close to her then I might have to get my phone out.
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  17. So I have tested for COVID and am totally knocked out with it, so no Alanis for me. I can't begin to express how gutted I am about this, all the waiting and counting down the days to see her and this happens.
    Also really worried how it will affect my mental health as this was one of the only good things I had to look forward to and keep the darkness away.
  18. I'm so, so sorry for you! My boyfriend is also a super fan and I know how hard it would be for him to miss it. Try to give yourself a treat and focus on your health, since that's what will allow you to see her again in the future. I know everything sounds so empty at this moment, but I, and I'm sure lots of fans, are sending so much love your way.
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  19. I think I got a bad draw when I saw her some years back - it was such a disappointing show. She didn't really seem that into it, the sound was bad, she missed a lot of faves. It was a weird experience.

    But I still love her regardless.
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