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Alanis Morissette

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by vasilios, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. I saw her last night and her voice is better than ever.

    I went by myself and had a really great seat in the front row of my block. Was weird going on my own but couldn't miss Alanis.
  2. This is very kind thank you. I have diabetes so making sure I am getting all the rest and fluids needed cause I don't need this getting worse.
    Sadly both my parents have it now too so it was a no go either way. However, they've said when she next tours the UK we're going, even if we have to have a trip to London which has been a comfort.
    Plus, we have tickets to see Queen Jane McDonald in September now which is a nice alternative.
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  3. The show in Dublin was phenomenal. For someone like me that was seeing her live for the first time, it was very obvious that I was in front of a rock legend. I liked that she performed the Jagged songs running aroung like in the 90s tours, while the newer tracks were done with the mic stand.

    I think the Forks tracks provided a nice variety to the sound, and Reasons I Drink was very well received.
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  5. I went on Monday night as I won Vip tickets. I’m not a big Alanis fan but i do love a handful of songs. I thoroughly enjoyed my night and there’s no denying she’s a great vocalist live!
  6. I’ve seen her a few years ago in Berlin and a few days ago again in Hamburg. That Berlin show wasn’t good, she felt disconnected. I interviewed her before and to say she was unfriendly would be an understatement.

    This time she gave us everything. She felt into it although communication with the audience was limited. Her voice was outstanding and the setlist perfection. Surely I would have loved to hear all the songs she teased completely. But getting Reasons I Drink live was very special. A fantastic song from a fantastic album.

    We also sat second row in the middle and Alanis and I had a brief moment during Thank You. So great.

    It was all so worth it and if this is her current spirit and the album that definitely was done enough but never enough at the same time, everybody who has the chance should go. (sorry Australia and New Zealand, annoying)
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  7. What happened, if you can tell the story? She is not typically known for being rude or unfriendly on interviews
  8. Nothing really bad she just gave the feeling she'd rather be dead than in a room with us. It was a round table with three journalists and all were prepared well and didn't just ask the same silly questions. She barely said more than one sentence no matter about what and the vibe was really terrible. I barely had interview partners that moody.

    Of course it could have just been a bad day. Especially seeing the concert in the evening also didn't give 'happy to be here' really. Comparing both is like comparing night and day.
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  9. Has anyone listened to the new album ?! I only just realised it’s out. I’m surprised there hasn’t been more discussion of it. Thoughts anyone ?
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  10. So I didn’t realise she had this album coming out. It came on my Spotify and I thought, I like this! Surprised it was an Alanis album. What’s the story behind it.
  11. It is what it is - I listened to about half of it when it was released, and will probably go back to it when I need something calm to listen to, or want to have some background music that isn't distracting when I'm busy. I believe it's something that has been in the works for a long time in various forms. She mentioned many years ago wanting to release a meditation record, and it was meant to coincide with a book at one point too.
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  12. The meditation album is really rather lovely. As someone who really struggles with my mental health and anxiety it is a welcome relief when the noise of the world gets too loud for me. Music is such a healer and having this set of songs from someone who is so open about her own struggles feels like a comfort blanket.

    Mania is such a rush, the standout for me, I'd love for her to use the track to lay some vocals on, or to take this sound for her next album.
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  13. Went to her Birmingham show last night and thought she was great. Her voice was incredible! The only thing I thought was a bit weird was that she wasn't shown on any of the big screens. We were in Block 6, Row L, so not too far away, but couldn't see her face at all.

    And I don't know if it's because I didn't know any of her songs, but I thought the sound for Beth Orton was awful. Could barely hear her over the bass.
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  14. I really wish she'd do some small shows for the hardcore fans and make a set with deep cuts.
  15. It was very similar in Dublin. Her set seemed a bit of a soundcheck for the general show (which still had a couple of sound issues).
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  16. She posted a video message on social and (in the politest way possible) sounds awful. A difficult decision for any musician to have to make and I hope she feels better soon.
  17. Oh no, I'm so sorry for everyone.
  18. She cancelled at 6.20pm. I've gone through three changed dates, Liz Phair cancelling and a booking change from Manchester to Leeds and now...this. Ugh.
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