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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by vasilios, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Saw her at the O2 in London last night. She was fantastic: amazing voice and she gave everything to each song.

    Only complaint is I’d have loved a song or two (beyond Thank U) from Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie. Joining You or That I Would Be Good would have made my night
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  2. Did she sing Sympathetic Character? She did in the previous dates.
  3. What were the stage times?
  4. She came on around 9:15pm I think. Finished at 11pm.
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  5. ah yes she did do that one I think. But really wanted joining you, that I would be good, unsent, etc
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  6. I went to The o2 tonight and she was PHENOMENAL. Considering she’d lost her voice just a few days ago. Wow! You’d never have guessed.

    It’s my second time seeing her and she just blew me away again. I go to A LOT of gigs… she really is one of the best vocalists out there isn’t she? What a perfect way to celebrate 25 years of “Jagged”. I thought the songs from “Such Pretty Forks In The Road” held up really well too.
  7. Forks is such a great record. She's very consistent, but that was a peak for me.
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  8. Last night’s show was absolutely incredible. Like @topopMAC1 said, you couldn’t have known she had no voice just a few days ago. It wouldn’t be hyperbole to say Alanis has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard.

    I know her most recent tours have all been JLP-heavy, but I’d love to see an Anti Tour like Kylie did. There are so many deep cuts and b-sides (and her first two albums) that deserve showcasing
  9. I would sell organs to get to see Giggling again for no reason live!
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  11. I re-edited the remix to restore the swear words and have been working my way through her entire discography today. So, so, so many forgotten gems in there.
  12. I've been watching the Woodstock documentary (I didn't even realised it was this same mess of a festival - thank fuck for the female artists like her, Jewel + Sheryl attempting to keep things slightly mellower) on Netflix and completely forgotten that this was one of the full live shows we got when she (before/after?) released Supposed Former...

    This will always stick with me when I heard it for the first time. The live version was just nothing like the album version we got (most of the songs weren't) but the chills I got revisiting this video and seeing her get on stage and then holding that mic and as soon as she starts singing... FUCK. Alanis, I love you. The nostalgia is really hitting.

    I also forgot that this happened - can believe that toxic crowd was throwing water bottle at her:

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  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like bottled water was being thrown out to people in the crowd on what was a super hot day. You can also see them hosing people down with water. Just looks like one of the bottles accidently got thrown too far and ended up in her direction. I don't think 'toxic' people were actually throwing things at her.
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  15. Been listening to a lot of Alanis the last few days. The middle eights on the So-Called Chaos album have always been fire.

    Also, this line in That Particular Time:

    At that particular time
    Love encouraged me to leave
    At that particular moment
    I knew staying with you meant deserting me

    I know this isn't what matters - and that Alanis is the person to whom it probably matters least - but when I listen to the material on the post-Jagged albums and think about the journey our culture declined to go on with her... We missed out, collectively.
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  16. Sorry for a second consecutive post of me just gushing about her. Trigger Warning: I'm gonna wax po-eti-cally.

    I was listening to her on my evening walk, and Front Row just... ugh. Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie is probably the most important album of my life, and Front Row is definitely one of the most important songs of my life. I could talk about most every line in the song, but the one that always knocks me dead is

    I'd like you to be schooled and in awe
    As though you were kissed by God full on the lips

    The production choice in that moment is just *chef's kiss* - like the concept of God is so heavy and so big, extra layers of her voice have to swoop in and hoist it up. And the vocal delivery on that word is so dissonant when compared to the words surrounding it, detached and mystical and vaguely uneasy. It's as though you've blinked and, in the brief millisecond your eyes were shut, got a forbidden glimpse of another dimension.
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  17. Yes. It's my favourite album ever. The funny thing is I always thought it was pretty much forgotten by most people but when I made my documentary I suddenly had so many people commenting about how it was their favourite album. It's also the 2nd most viewed video on my whole channel! Crazy but also amazing.

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  18. You made this?? I was watching it last night, it’s excellent work! There’s not a ton of information out there from when the album was released, so it was nice to see something compiled so well.

    I also went back to a great feature in the Oct 3 1998 issue of Billboard, all about the album. She gives a great interview, but there’s a mini article within the feature about retailers speculating on the album’s commercial performance. Everyone expected a bow in the 500-700k range, and for it to remain the 1st or 2nd biggest seller of the holiday season. Of course we now know that didn't happen. And when they report on the album's actual first week, there's a rather defensive tone because even though it was record-breaking, people were already talking the numbers down.

    (also, if anyone hasn't used that website, do so! It has virtually every issue of Billboard magazine, plus a lot of other great archival music business journalism resources)

    Even MTV has an article about the album's initial commercial performance, and how disappointed some people were with it.
    Alanis also appears on an Australian chat show around this time, and the interviewer flat out says, "the second one isn't doing as good as the first one," and she just kind of laughs it off and pulls some air quotes.

    Imagine creating a brave, bold, masterpiece album like Junkie, setting opening week sales records with it, and then having everyone call it a disappointment right out of the gate. I'm not really sure what Maverick could have done to keep the commercial momentum going, since the album clearly isn't trying too hard to be on the radio. Plus, popular music was about to undergo a massive shift toward a place that definitely did not have room for a song like I Was Hoping.

    I may have posted this before and now I'm too lazy to check. But this article reviewing the album in heavy detail is BEAUTIFUL and very thoughtful. I actually saved the text on my computer for fear that the site will one day disappear.
  19. Oohhhh! This is going on my watch list for sure.
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  20. Love reading all of this about Junkie, easily her best album.

    What always blows me away about it in addition to what folks have already said - she was 24. Can you imagine making something like this at that age!?
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