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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by vasilios, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. I still think Junkie would be perfect if trimmed down to 12-13 songs oop. As it stands, it's my second fave after Flavors.
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  2. Excuse your mouth, Junkie is perfect as it is.
  3. The triplet of Unsent - So Pure - Joining You is, the rest has some classics and some filler soz.
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  4. There is no filler. It is 18 tracks of killer from Front Row to Pollyanna Flower.
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  5. I love this! Front Row is an incredible moment. It's probably my favourite Alanis song. It's so odd and unique and it's just so full of detail, and yet every single detail is just perfect. I get lines from it stuck in my head on a frequent basis. There are lines that are just so weirdly specific or even at first a bit of a joke and yet at some point I think I've connected with every one of them.

    I love it in its own right but I think I love the fact she opens the follow up to Jagged Little Pill with it even more so. What a statement of intent!

    I also just love everything about the hidden lyrics. Ah the whole thing is just perfection.
  6. The lyrics to Junkie really are some of her best. If not her best. So many layers. Imagine writing that album under the immense pressure of expectation that came are Jagged Little Pill. It's insane to think about how stressed out she must have been.
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  7. Junkie is my favourite Alanis album. Followed by Pretty Forks. Jagged never connected with me. Should really give the rest of her discography a listen though. D
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  8. Yes, you really must!
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  9. My two favorite Alanis albums are Junkie and Under Rug Swept, with So-Called Chaos rounding out my top three. I also prefer Flavors to Jagged. I appreciate Jagged Little Pill and it is obviously a classic, but I don't love like I do the other three. If you haven't checked out Under Rug Swept / Chaos / Flavors, I would definitely recommend them.
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  11. Never got into Junkie. I tried and tried and tried for years but there are only six keepers from it. The melodies are too abstract for me.
  12. Junkie is such a journey of an album, it's so fucking good.
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  13. "Little Drummer Boy" out midnight.

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  14. I must say I am loving Alanis doing annual Christmas songs, I loved Happy X-Mas (War Is Over) and What Child is this? last year.
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  15. Hello!

    I’m developing a podcast for 2023 and one of the episodes is going to be about Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie. Anyone feel like talking about that album for two-and-a-half hours at some point this spring/summer? Slide into my DMs.
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  16. Lovely performance from Alanis at the 39 min mark

  17. Such an emotional performance. She looked on the verge of tears throughout.
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