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Album #1: Tate McRae - THINK LATER
Finally sat down with my next new album, which was also released in December but got no chance due to year-end/Christmas stanning:

Album #2: Various Queens - The Color Purple OST

This album is a SMASH. A trip down through various decades of the urban soundscape, whilst still being fresh and current. Despite it's length - 37 songs / 2 hours - it does not feel like a drag as it switches between R&B, Soul and hints of afrobeat, gospel, blues, hiphop and americana. The fact it has a killer featured artist list with Halle, Taraji P. Henson, Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Keyshia Cole, Jennifer Hudson, Usher and H.E.R. (grammy nomination confirmation) peaked my instant interest.

Who doesn't want to listen to EGOT-nominee LEGEND Danielle Brooks and Megan Thee Stallion on a Timbaland beat? Or have Fantasia and Shenseea vent their anger towards men on a Missy Elliott production?

If it wasn't this long I would have nominated it for the album listening party. But still let me tag @londonrain in case he missed this.
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#1: Tate McRae - THINK LATER ★★★☆
Various Queens - The Color Purple OST ★★★★★
Not sure if we can already discuss the recommendation from @soratami's.

#3: Belén Aguilera - METANOIA ★★☆

In the Spanish Pop Girls Rate the songs from this EP were fire and well selected to represent her. There is not a real bad song on here, but it also is a bit of a single 10 on the entire EP. A great listen that might add a star when I am not listening in frosty weather. Nonetheless an EP that makes me want to check her music further on.
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#30 Cassie - Cassie
#31 NewJeans - Get Up
#32 The Weeknd - My Dear Melancholy,
: Knowing that Selena Gomez inspired a great little EP was the surprise of this session.
#33 Emiliana Torrini - Love In the Time of Science : I think people who are more familiar with 90s electro/indie-pop are gonna love this. My knowledge of music in that era sums up in Madonna's Ray of Light so I'm not really the best judge here.
#34 Yerin Baek - Love, Yerin
#35 Astrid S - Leave It Beautiful
: Zara's little sister kinda slayed with this one.
enjoy's 2024 log (15 out of 100, Week 3: Never work for free and the other nightmares about adult life)

11) Kali Uchis - ORQUIDEAS:
Kali's latest record is an all timer, pretty eclectic, daring and fun. The closing two punch of Heladito and Dame Beso // Muevete is among her best moments ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎1/2

12) Nailah Hunter Lovegaze:
I think the good sis @YRSHKD put it best when he described this album as "Ambient Vespertine". Nailah's voice is arresting, the harp playing is beautiful and the overall ambient and chill focus of the record did really help me going through a hell of a week in work life ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎1/2

13) Anna Lisa - E POI SIAMO FINITI NEL VORTICE : Anna Lisa does relentless disco pop. The album reminded me of Diamonds and Dancefloors the most. It harkens back that slayful moments of euphoria that i got listening high octane bops. Oh also, her voice is so powerful ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎

14) La Femme - Paradigmes: I was very surprised by listening to this record. What i expected was a pretty straightforward synth pop affair, turned out to be an eclectic selection of pop music that takes references from a wide array of genres, including Turkish psychedelic rock. I'm looking forward to listen more of their stuff ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎

15) Marika Hackman - Big Sigh: Hmmm, i don't know what to say. I guess i'm a bit over with this kind of melancholic, dream pop infused alternative pop. This is a pretty well made record but it failed to make an impression on me. ❤︎❤︎1/2

A pretty great week overall. Next week, i will be going through...

Embrace by Roosevelt
Speak For Yourself by Imogen Heap
(Yeah i never properly listened to her)
Mount Matsu by Yin Yin
Movies, Cars & Heartbreak by Moyka

and one of the picks for the club: Love In the Time of Science by Emiliana Torrini

@soratami can we just drop recommendations for the club? How does that process go?
@soratami can we just drop recommendations for the club? How does that process go?

The idea is for each new pair of albums to be posted Sunday, which I think makes it a bit more of an event than people just posting their recs whenever. Either we can just casually alternate between the people taking part or I can set up a queue and we'll follow the order set there, whichever people prefer. Either way, whoever wants to go next, just say so and you're up next week!
The idea is for each new pair of albums to be posted Sunday, which I think makes it a bit more of an event than people just posting their recs whenever. Either we can just casually alternate between the people taking part or I can set up a queue and we'll follow the order set there, whichever people prefer. Either way, whoever wants to go next, just say so and you're up next week!

If no one is interested, I’d like to go next week!

The idea here is each Sunday/Monday, someone picks a pair of albums, and whoever is interested can listen to either or both of them through the week and share their thoughts. I thought it made more sense to go with two rather than just one so that hopefully at least one will be new for everyone. The albums can be new or old, whatever you feel like, just preferably stuff that's both at least somewhat PJ-friendly and that most people will probably not have already heard. Of course the format can change later on if need be.

I'll go first, and my picks for the week are:

Love In The Time Of Science is a bewitching, atmospheric slice of Icelandic trip-hop/electronica, think a less out-there, more accessible version of Björk. One of my all-time favourite 90s albums. And for anyone in the mood for something more upbeat/modern, METANOIA is a delicious collection of Spanish electropop bops, one of my favourite releases of last year.

Enjoy listening to either (or both), let us know what you think, and feel free to start thinking of what your picks will be in the coming weeks!

"Love in the Time of Science" sounds like an album I should've checked out a while ago based on the description. A couple of the songs from it I've previously heard in song contests so the vast majority was new to me. It's generally a good trip hop/electronica album but not among the strongest ones - great production thought there were moments when I wish the melodies went in a different direction. It's more accessible than Björk but certainly not nearly as inventive as her 90s albums. Still, it's pretty consistent listen (aside the final two songs which I don't feel are needed) and has a really nice soundscape, I appreciate how it has some influences from other styles too, most notably rock. Love the more moody songs like "Wednesday's Child" and "Dead Things", and the drama of "Telepathy" appealed to me quite a lot. The recognizable Icelandic accent is rather charming, it helps make some songs more evocative too.

I was already familiar with "METANOIA", can't really say much from it was overly impressive but overall it's a very good showcase of electropop sounds, especially the production. Can't say Belén's vocals are the highlight for me but they suit this style so I can't complain. The standouts for me are "ILUSIÓN ÓPTICA" and especially "LICÁNTROPO", which is easily my fave song from the EP.

Trying to narrow down my picks, there's still at least a week for me to think about them.
By the way, feel free to post your picks @enjoy!

My first album is "Gölgelerine" by one of my favorite Turkish musicians, Tuğçe Şenoğul. An impressive slice of electronic music laced with trip hop, turkish pop and even turkish anatolian rock sensibilites. Great vocals too!


My second album is an album that i have not listened but sort of captivated me with its cover and track list. This is Romantic by Nina Kinert.


btw, i dont know if we are allowed to pick an album we haven't listened. if so apols first and let me know and i will come up with another one!
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1. Intastella - What You Gonna Do (1995)
2. Jay Sean - My Own Way (2008)
3. Craig David - Slicker Than Your Average (2002)
4. Itzy - Born to Be (2024)
5. Usher - Looking 4 Myself (2012)
6. Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday 2 (2024)
7. Kali Uchis - ORQUÍDEAS (2024)
8. Shystie - Diamond in the Dirt (2004)
9. Jackie Mere - Everything’s Conditional (2023)
10. Pebbles - Always (1990)
11. TSHA - Capricorn Sun (2022)
1. Sade - Diamond Life | 1984 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Smooth Operator
2. Bruce Springsteen - Born in the U.S.A. | 1984 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Dancing in the Dark
3. Leah Kate - Super Over | 2023 | ★★★
Favorite track: Space
4. The Replacements - Let It Be | 1984 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Androgynous
5. The Judds - Why Not Me | 1984 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Why Not Me
6. The Judds - Wynona & Naomi | 1984 | ★★★
Favorite track: Change of Heart
7. Pelada - Ahora Más Que Nunca | 2023 | ★★★½
Favorite track: La Gente Se Levanta (feat. Backxwash)
8. Bad Gyal - Slow Wine Mixtape | 2016 | ★★★½
Favorite track: D Way You Do Me
9. Bad Gyal - Worldwide Angel | 2018 | ★★★
Favorite track: Internationally (feat. Jam City & Dubbel Dutch)
10. Bad Gyal - Warm Up | 2021 | ★★★½
Favorite track: 44 (feat. Rema)
11. Bad Gyal - Sound System: The Final Releases | 2021 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Slim Thick
12. Wishy - Paradise | 2023 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Donut
13. Wishy - Mana | 2023 | ★★★½
Favorite track: If Only
14. TATYANA - Treat Me Right | 2022 | ★★★
Favorite track: Treat Me Right
15. LOVA - Hey mom, don't worry I'm fine | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Nitty Gritty
16. Various Artists - Mean Girls (Music from the Motion Picture) | 2024 | ★★★
Favorite track: World Burn
17. Tina Turner - Private Dancer | 1984 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Private Dancer
18. Kali Uchis - ORQUÍDEAS | 2024 | ★★★★½
Favorite track: Igual Que Un Ángel (with Peso Pluma)
19. ITZY - BORN TO BE | 2024 | ★★★
Favorite track: UNTOUCHABLE
20. Bruiser Wolf - My Story Got Stories | 2024 | ★★½
Favorite track: Dope Boys
21. Kid Abelha e os Abóboras Selvagens - Seu Espião | 1984 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Pintura Íntima
22. Nailah Hunter - Lovegaze | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Finding Mirrors
23. Marika Hackman - Big Sigh | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Slime
24. Rita Lee - 3001 | 2000 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Pagu (with Zélia Duncan)
25. Sleater-Kinney - Little Rope | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Untidy Creature
26. @ - Are You There God? It's Me, @ | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Soul Hole
27. PACKS - Melt the Honey | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Missy (feat. Tormentatropica)
28. UMI - talking to the wind | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: why dont we go
29. Etta Marcus - The Death of Summer & Other Promises | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Theatre

Album of the month:
Kali Uchis - ORQUÍDEAS

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My first five albums down! Edit: Updating this with reviews because I miss that so much.

Chill Kill
Red Velvet
Year: 2023
Favourite Tracks: Chill Kill, Knock Knock (Who's There?), Underwater, Nightmare, Iced Coffee, One Kiss
Do they ever miss? Okay, yeah sometimes but not here! Not wth full albums! While this is my least favourite of their full length releases, it's just as lush and gorgeous as ever. They (especially Seulgi and Wendy ofc!!) sound magical. I do wish it had grabbed me a little more but we can't all be The Red and Perfect Velvet, now can we? 'Iced Coffee' is my top pick here I think.

Year: 2024
Favourite Tracks: Untouchable, Mr. Vampire, Crown On My Head, Mine, Yes But
Why is it that the solo b-sides hit harder than most of the group ones? The girls really made an impact with solos that felt like they represented each of them so well. I'm glad even Lia got to have one despite not taking part in this comeback. I'm biased (heh) but 'Yes, But' is my favourite despite the silly name. It's nice to have a pretty stellar ITZY title track too, but 'Mr. Vampire' is probably the best song here. Maybe it's too lowkey for a title track but I would have supported it.

The Last Songs I'll Write About You (for real)
Blü Eyes
Year: 2023
Favourite Tracks: Street Noise, How Dare You?, Friends With Benefits, Who I Am Without You, The Last Song, Ruin My Life
I love myself a clearly Taylor Swift inspired indie pop girlie. Last year I came across 'Who I Am Without You' on TikTok and fell in love with it, especially that stunning bridge. I never got around to checking out much else until I randomly decided dive in this year and I'm so glad I did. This album came at a good time for me, as a lot of the songs tackle the breakdown of a friendship and losing that. It was quite healing to listen to. 'How Dare You?', 'Friends With Benefits' & 'Ruin My Life' really got me through my backsliding feelings about the breakup of a 10+ year old friendship of mine. The song that makes the biggest impact to me is 'The Last Song'. The way it's softer at the beginning, thoughtful and emotive (while still being nicely pop-y) but builds until the bridge feels like a euphoric expelling of built up anger. She really does craft bridges very well. I love her melodies. It's a shame UMG is messing TikTok up so much because without it I wouldn't have discovered this album.

Alchemical: Volume 1
Dove Cameron
Year: 2023
Favourite Tracks: Boyfriend
This was bad.

Year: 2024
Favourite Tracks: Super Lady, Revenge, Doll, 7Days, Wife
Yeah, yeah. I know. I didn't used to be a (G)I-DLE enjoyer. It's funny how once they started falling out of favour on the Kpop subforum, that's when something clicked for me. 'Tomboy', 'Nxde' and 'Queencard' are all 10/10s in my book. I have even seen the light on older title tracks that didn't click with me before. I officially stan. Even enough to check out their mini albums (I also own some Yuqi photocards). God, this is great. Even the songs not included in my highlights section are fantastic. The one-two punch of 'Revenge' and 'Doll' being two of my favourite b-sides of the year so far! '7Days' being a gorgeous sweet little song! 'Wife' completely hitting despite it's silliness! I feel fed.
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Natti Natasha - NASTY SINGLES (2023)
Lola Indigo - GRX (2023)
Lolo Zouai - Crying In The Carwash (2023)
Florrie - Personal (2023)
Pomme - Saisons (2023)

Kylie Minogue - Extension (The Extended Mixes) (2023)
Lorie - 2lor en moi? (2007)

Ended up not listening to much since I was busy moving these last few days, but I'll pick up in February!