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enjoy's 2024 log (20 out of 100, Begone Headache)

16) Roosevelt - Embrace: Another great recommendation from @YRSHKD. Great vocals, great production and surprisingly a diverse body of work. My favorite album this week! ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎1/2

17)Moyka - Movies, Cars & Heartbreak: A bulletproof collection of Scandi Pop. If you are into Tove Lo, there are lot of great tunes to discover here. Once again much thanks to @YRSHKD for making me listen these albums, you are amazing! ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎

18) Belen Aguilera - METANOIA: This was an interesting record overall. I'm not fan of it, as i had problems with reliance of autotunes and and chipmunk vocals. However when she pulled choirs and choral arrangements, she totally won me over. Galgo, Licantropo and Illusıon Optica are my standouts. ❤︎❤︎❤︎ 1/2

19) Emiliana Torrini - Love In The Time of Science: fff i dont know if this was for me. I think Emiliana's voice is too cutesy for me and while the album has a fine soundscape, it kinda got boring in the second half dd. The problem is me probably. ❤︎❤︎1/2

20) (G)-IDLE - 2:
They carry the flag when it comes to ridiculous, boisterous and over the top side of kpop and they do it very well. Fun, ridiculously entertaining and full of bops. The video for the title track, Super Lady is just dope


I have not been able to listen Speak For Yourself and Mount Matsu for this week, too bad so sad dd.

For next week hmm i will definitely listen Romantic and i have added several albums on my Spotify. We will wait and see!
January 2024:
I did impromptu TWICE and (G)-IDLE discography dives in January to prep for their Q1 2024 releases. I've come to the conclusion that TWICE peaked for me during their shift from cute to mature in 2019 but Taste of Love is their best release so far. Also, when (G)-IDLE gets it right, they get it right and I burn is still their best release.

Also, only made it to Emiliana Torrini's record and it was exactly what I needed! Icy trip-hop for late winter nights. My favorites were Baby Blue, Easy and Telepathy. Best album I've heard so far this year!

TWICE (first full listens only):
TWICE - The Story Begins
TWICE - Page Two
TWICE - Twicecoaster: Lane 1 / Lane 2
TWICE - Twicetagram
TWICE - What Is Love / Summer Nights
TWICE - Feel Special


TWICE - Eyes Wide Open
TWICE - Taste of Love

TWICE - Perfect World
TWICE - Formula of Love: O+T=<3

(G)-IDLE (first full listens only):
(G)-IDLE - I feel
(G)-IDLE - I love
(G)-IDLE - I burn
(G)-IDLE - I trust
(G)-IDLE - I am

(G)-IDLE - I made
(G)-IDLE - 2

ILY:1 - A Dream of ILY:1
ILY:1 - New Chapter

SF9 - Sequence

Sarah Kinsley - Ascension (The Diamond Sessions)
UMI - talking to the wind

Emiliana Torrini - Love in the Time of Science

Julianna Joy - UNHAPPY
TORRES - What an enormous room
#36 Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loneliest Time : Just like other post-Emotion albums, there are many cute tracks here to enjoy, but I'm not stanning the way I want to.

#37 Mahalia - IRL : Such a serve. She could be my new favorite R&B girl.

#38 Marina - The Family Jewels : My favorite of this bunch. I've always been familiar with Marina's music, knowing a few popular songs from each album. But I think I prefer this to everything I've heard so far. Such a fun character that you don't see in her recent material at all.

#39 Omar Apollo - Live For Me : Fine but forgettable.
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Well, I listened some albums.

You know what? I did it again!

"Love in The Time of Science" by Emilíana Torrini
Trip-Hop, 1999
- Dead Things
- Easy
- Sea People

I have a tendency to like these kind of sorf-of-ambient records but somehow I had a hard time getting into this body of work. First three tracks give a cold, icy welcome to the listener and I think it sets a wrong tone for the entire album. Rest of it is more warm and easy to listen. Starting with Dead Things, the album gives its essential Icelandic scent to our ears, similar to Björk's albums from 90's. Sea People is the prequel of Harm of Will, if you ask me.

"METANOIA" by Belén Aguilera
Electronic Pop, 2023

I know Belén from VÉRTIGO (like almost everyone else) but never gave her albums a listen. While it's short by any means, METANOIA is offering a short & sweet ride through its electronic pop soundscape.

"Gölgelerine" by Tuğçe Şenoğul
Electronic Indie, 2017
- Kaçıyorum Bak
- Onun Karanlık Huyları
- Derbeder Dünya

I heard some of Tuğçe's songs back in days but listening the album as a whole is a different story. While understanding her underwhelmingly painful lyrics helps, even the music production alone (and its wide variety of sounds) tells about us and our shadows that we terrified about.

"Jubilee" by Japanese Breakfast
Dream & Chamber Pop, 2017
- Paprika
- Kokomo, IN
- Tactics

Thanks to @enjoy: According to Michelle Zauner, this record is about joy... And that's what a joy feels like! From the start to finish, it's a delicate, lukewarm journey to witness.

"& The Charm" by Avalon Emerson
Electronic & Dream Pop, 2023
- Entombed in Ice
- The Stone
- Dreamliner

Thanks to @enjoy: A playful & fun production from start to finish. The calm vocals of Avalon Emerson compliment the synthful structure of the songs. The Stone acts as both a heavy stone and a proper interlude in my opinion.
#1: Tate McRae - THINK LATER ★★★☆
Various Queens - The Color Purple ★★★★★
Belén Aguilera - METANOIA ★★☆
Time for my 4th album. In honour of the legendaric performance last night I decided it was the perfect time to listen to the live album from her debut self-titled and one of my favourite albums ever. As to be expected a slay of a live album, but maybe a bit to biased as it is Tracy and fuelled by the current love.

#4: Tracy Chapman - Montreux 1988 ★★★★★
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I keep delaying my January album log but @soratami approved I can share my 'albums of the week' picks so let me do that first:

Mon Laferte - Autopoiética (2023)

Chilean singer Mon Laferte has been among the artists I've been curious about for about a year but never properly dived into their music. Only listened to this album in January and, whew, it's definitely an AOTY contender of mine for last year. The balance between quality control and variety is insane - it switches from bossa nova, trip hop and bolero to alt-reggaeton, electronic dance and opera. Literally every song is in a different style and it's just highlight after highlight. That eclectic aspect is also reflected in the lyrics. Mon Laferte showcases versatility in her strong vocal performance too.

Doji Morita - A Boy (1977)

Hands down one of my very favourite albums of the 70s, and by who became one of my favourite artists. Doji was a mysterious Japanese singer-songwriter who I stumbled upon totally at random. When she was 20 years old, her close friend's death inspired her to write songs, which ultimately resulted in the creation and release of her debut album.
"A Boy" is her third LP and this one really is for the sad girls, I actually can't think of a sadder album. The entire thing is drenched in melancholy and desolation and just doesn't let up. With Doji's poignant vocals and stunning instrumentals, you don't even have to understand a word to feel depressive emotions. It's a bit hard to pinpoint the genre (maybe somewhere between folk and cinematic psychedelia) but it's absolutely stunning and depressing music - it has some of the most beautiful string arrangements I've ever heard. Breathtaking stuff. Unfortunately, the album is not available on streaming so there's a YouTube link.

I initially wanted to choose one English and/or pop-leaning album but I'll save these for next time.
I listened to one of these in January but now that I've caught up with the AOTWs let me comment about them all. Will hopefully get back to being able to comment on the current ones fully as they come from here on out.

I think I know one of the two I'll go for whenever my turn comes.


Emilíana Torrini - Love in the Time of Science | 1999 | ★★★½ | Unemployed in Summertime

Loved the rainy nocturnal summer atmosphere here. Vocals were fantastic and I enjoyed all of the songs even if most of my true favorites were a bit stacked towards the front.

Would've liked if it leaned even more into the trip hop elements.

Belén Aguilera - Metanoia | 2023 | ★★★½ | Ilusión óptica

A bit patchy but Ilusión óptica and Galgo whew.

Will give Superpop/the full length a go.

Tuğçe Şenoğul - Gölgelerine | 2017 | ★★★ | Onun Karanlık Huyları

This album art.. okay, work.

As with Love in the Time of Science before, this was a bit frontloaded other than my actual fave which fell in the back half.

Nina Kinert - Romantic | 2018 | ★★★ | One Desire

This album art.. okay, work [x2]

Could do without the featured vocalist on the third song but this was solid otherwise. One Desire is one of my favorite new to me tracks this year so far.

Mon Laferte - Autopoiética | 2023 | ★★★½ | Autopoiética

Autopoiética is my favorite track I've heard in 2024 across all of the music I've heard, for album of the week or not.

Loved how eclectic this was across its tracklist.

Doji Morita - A Boy ボーイ | 1977 | ★★★★ | ぼくが君の思い出になってあげよう

A bit of an emotional powerhouse. Wonderful album art once again.

Will be breaking down the door to listen to the rest of her discography, honestly.
Doji Morita - A Boy ボーイ | 1977 | ★★★★ | ぼくが君の思い出になってあげよう

A bit of an emotional powerhouse. Wonderful album art once again.

Will be breaking down the door to listen to the rest of her discography, honestly.
I'm so glad you loved it enough to check out Doji's other albums! I've yet to do that myself.

This was my introduction to her, from a 1982 album:

To say it blew me away upon first listen is an understatement. It remains my favourite song of hers.
#1: Tate McRae - THINK LATER ★★★☆
Various Queens - The Color Purple ★★★★★
Belén Aguilera - METANOIA ★★☆
Tracy Chapman - Montreux 1988 ★★★★★

#5: Usher - Coming Home ★★★☆

My fifth album is the first one of 2024. In preparation for his Super Bowl Halftime Show he released Coming Home. A 20-track affair with great highs and no real bad song. It needed a bit more smashes and knockouts with this tracklength and something that might spark post-Super Bowl. Absolute highlight is Stone Kold Freak
So the forum being down most of the day wasn't ideal. Should we move on to the next batch of albums or leave it for a few more days to give everyone time to catch up with these last few ones? Either works for me.
#1: Tate McRae - THINK LATER ★★★☆
Various Queens - The Color Purple ★★★★★
Belén Aguilera - METANOIA ★★☆
Tracy Chapman - Montreux 1988 ★★★★★
#5: Usher - Coming Home ★★★☆
#6: Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me...Now ★★

I have played this album twice now and though I feel like you rush through it and it does not bore or drag... there is not one track I am invested in to play again.

fatyoshi - 33/150 albums (16 2024, 17 older)


Natti Natasha - NASTY SINGLES (2023)
Lola Indigo - GRX (2023)
Lolo Zouai - Crying In The Carwash (2023)
Florrie - Personal (2023)
Pomme - Saisons (2023)

Kylie Minogue - Extension (The Extended Mixes) (2023)
Lorie - 2lor en moi? (2007)

Ended up not listening to much since I was busy moving these last few days, but I'll pick up in February!


Lorie - Hyper Lorie (Vol. 1) (2024)
Best Youth - Everywhen (2024)
HARLOW - This Is Harlow (2024)

Bad Gyal - La Joia (2024)
Kali Uchis - Orquídeas (2024)
Chanel - ¡Agua! (2024)
Bleu Berline - Soleil perdu (2024)
Nina Lili J - Amazone (2024)

Scintii - wetlands, harbours… and stations in between (2024)
May Jailer - Sirens (2006)
Zara Larsson - VENUS (2024)
Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me…Now (2024)
Kim Petras - Slut Pop Miami (2024)

Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want To Turn Into You (Everasking Edition) (2024)
Shygirl - Club Shy (2024)
Rosalía - Los Ángeles (2017)
So re the Album of the Week thing, I'm thinking the current pace might be a bit too much, and it would be better to change it to an Album of the Month thing where everyone involved recommends one album every month, and we try to go through them (or as many of them as we can/want to) through the month. What does everyone think?