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30. Ana Tijoux - Vida | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Niñx
31. Bad Gyal - La Joia | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Perdió Este Culo
32. The Last Dinner Party - Prelude to Ecstasy | 2024 | ★★★★★
Favorite track: Nothing Matters
33. TR/ST - TR/ST | 2024 | ★★★
Favorite track: Robrash
34. Shygirl - Club Shy | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: thicc (feat. Cosha)
35. Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want to Turn Into You: Everasking Edition | 2024 | ★★★★★
Favorite track: Coma
36. serpentwithfeet - GRIP | 2024 | ★★★
Favorite track: Deep End
37. Pouty - Forgot About Me | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Salty
38. Paloma Faith - The Glorification of Sadness | 2024 | ★★★
Favorite track: Bad Woman
39. Brittany Howard - What Now | 2024 | ★★★★½
Favorite track: Prove It to You
40. The Smile - Wall of Eyes | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Friend of a Friend
41. Katy Kirby - Blue Raspberry | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Drop Dead
42. Little Simz - Drop 7 | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Mood Swings
43. Zara Larsson - VENUS | 2024 | ★★★
Favorite track: Venus
44. Jennifer Lopez - This is Me...Now | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Can't Get Enough
45. Declan McKenna - What Happened to the Beach? | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Sympathy
46. Allie X - Girl with No Face | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Galina
47. Djavan - Lilás | 1984 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Esquinas
48. Chaka Khan - I Feel for You | 1984 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Through the Fire
49. Jazmin Bean - Traumatic Livelihood | 2024 | ★★★★½
Favorite track: Shit Show

Album of the month:
The Last Dinner Party - Prelude to Ecstasy

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enjoy's 2024 log (25 out of 100, Sinceramente tua)
21) Nina Kinert - Romantic:
Vocally reminded me of Susanne Sundfor, musically feels like catchier Julia Holter, Romantic hits what it sets out for: An aural equivalent of "Ophelia Out of the Pond"
22) The Smile - Wall of Eyes: The new record from Radiohead's Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood's side project The Smile feels like a mixture of the usual Radiohead sound from the beginning of their career and where they headed next next. And this is a great compliment for my standards. Quite possibly the best record from Radiohead members that is not under the name of Radiohead ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎
23) Akini Jing - Villain: Chinese musicians Akini Jing's new record is bold,eclectic and quite touching at times. The videos for this project are quite the visual feast as well. However the ballads dont hit and it is a bit of a shame that this record is so short. In any case, go watch Call Me Shadow if you feel your Kill Bill jush. ❤︎❤︎❤︎1/2
24) Allie X - Girl With No Face: Her greatest album and quite possibly will be my favorite album this year. She completely takes her sound (which was becoming a bit homogenous to be frank) to whole new level. The second half of the album (Black Eye onwards) is one masterpiece after the other ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎
25) Chelsea Wolfe - She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She: Coming after Birth of Violence and several side projects, this was one of the albums that i looked forward the most and it did not disappoint. Granted it won't be my favorite album from her (Hiss Spun and Pain is Beauty are hard to dethrone for me) but i'm very much here for her constantly pushing her sound to new places while keeping her atmosphere familiar. ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎1/2

Between the last 4 albums here and Kali Uchis and Nailah Hunter's new albums, this is shaping up to be a great year.
It's been over a month since I last posted on here, so here we go:

#40 Zara Larsson - Venus : The first half is almost bulletproof but it's the 3 back to back ballads that ruin the album for me. Venus is one of the best songs that she's ever done and tries to pick up the pace, but it's a bit too late.

#41 Shygirl - Club Shy : What a stacked bop collection. I've had Mr useless on regular rotation since the release.

#42 Ariana Grande - Eternal Sunshine : Album of the year already and I still think the album has more room to grow on me.

#43 Allie X - Girl with No Face : There were a few tracks that I really liked on my first listen : The title track, Off With Her Tits and Black Eye are all great.

#44 Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me...Nooooooow : I quickly dismissed this album at first but sitting through it properly, I think Jenny did a great job for her standards. Nothing groundbreaking but she had a proper A&R around her this time.

#45 LE SSERAFIM- Easy : I liked their previous singles so had a bit high expectations going into this but it's a bit safe and forgettable.
#1: Tate McRae - THINK LATER ★★★☆
Various Queens - The Color Purple ★★★★★
Belén Aguilera - METANOIA ★★☆
Tracy Chapman - Montreux 1988 ★★★★★
#5: Usher - Coming Home ★★★☆
Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me... Now ★★
#7: Jason Derulo - Nu King ★★★
I do not know who is here for a 27-track album from mister Jason Derülo fresh of Usher's post-SuperBowl Coming Home, but as expected there are great bops. The fact it is also made sure some fire singles are no longer orphaned is a concept. Even Swalla made the list, but for some reason Savage Love is still an orphan single... More than half is not something I run back to, but there was definitely a strong normal-length album to be made.

#8: Greenday - Saviours ★
Time for my first real rock album of the year and it is better than their previous albums, it still is not sweeping me. There is not one track I feel like wanting to return.

#9: Ariana Grande - Eternal Sunshine ★★★★
Her best album. It is so dreamy and well thought out. Many moments make me contemplate and emotional. She really brewed something very special. For someone I wouldn't say stanned hard before, there is a definitely a change now in my love for her artistry. The album wants make me want to go back to her earlier catalague, but at the same time make me spin it again and again.
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I don't feel like posting every five albums anymore. Plus, I was revisiting some of the old threads and I miss writing mini reviews.

[6/50] Happiness Begins - Jonas Brothers (2019)
Favourite Tracks:
Sucker, Don't Throw It Away
I was doing research for the concert as I'm a childhood Jonas stan and haven't kept up with recent work. Sadly, this album ended up as I expected it to. It was pretty generic and faceless, which genuinely aren't words I would usually use to describe what these guys put out. The album sounds very of it's time and while 'Sucker' remains a bop and 'Don't Throw It Away' is honestly quite great, I don't think I'll be revisiting this as a body of work.

[7/50] The Album - Jonas Brothers (2023)
Favourite Tracks:
Miracle, Montana Sky, Sail Away, Waffle House, Vacation Eyes, Little Bird
Skips: Walls
Last year I absolutely adored the campiness of 'Waffle House', the song never fails to both make me laugh and make me smile. I didn't listen to the album that followed though and listening before the concert gave me a really pleasant surprise. I kinda love this??? The production on songs like 'Miracle' is really cool. I love the breeziness of 'Montana Sky' (which might be my favourite track), 'Little Bird' is a genuinely heartwarming track dedicated to their daughters. Some aspects got a little repetitive (it's cohesive but maybe there were too many beach-y songs) and some of the lyrics in 'Summer in the Hamptons' were a no from me but overall, I really vibed.

[8/50] With YOU-th - TWICE (2024)
Favourite Tracks:
Is it bad to admit that I've felt a bit disconnected from TWICE releases recently? There was nothing wrong with the last couple of mini albums and they had some tracks I loved but I still felt this seperation that I didn't like considering TWICE is one of my favourite groups in Kpop. I'm thankful to say that while 'One Spark' isn't a top title track for me, With YOU-th as a whole sparks joy! 'I GOT U' is maybe the best TWICE track in years, 'RUSH' and 'BLOOM' are such gorgeous vibes. My favourite is 'NEW NEW' because of course it is. I love myself a bright, slightly cute leaning moment. Also, a dorky shout out to the physical album which comes with photocards of the girlies in bear hats if you're lucky!

[9/50] eternal sunshine - Ariana Grande (2024)
Favourite Tracks:
bye, don't wanna break up again, eternal sunshine, supernatural, the boy is mine, we can't be friends, imperfect for you
Skips: yes, and?
Oh. My. God????? The way I had the lowest of low expectations after 'yes, and?' and she actually came through! I'm speechless. positions was good but honestly felt a little undercooked in places and never really connected with me, which was sad. I have been such a huge Ariana fan since I was a teenager, I don't like not liking her music. Thankfully, that is not the case with this album. I love it! It's absolutely stunning. The production is unmatched, maybe the best of her career. And god, has she ever sounded better than this? I love how cohesive the album feels, while never getting stale. The harmonies are absolutely insane and I feel like I just get transported to another plane with every listen. Every now and again there is a lyric that doesn't hit my ear right, and 'yes, and?' never grew on me but I will take the wins. I love this album.


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1. Intastella - What You Gonna Do (1995)
2. Jay Sean - My Own Way (2008)
3. Craig David - Slicker Than Your Average (2002)
4. Itzy - Born to Be (2024)
5. Usher - Looking 4 Myself (2012)
6. Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday 2 (2024)
7. Kali Uchis - ORQUÍDEAS (2024)
8. Shystie - Diamond in the Dirt (2004)
9. Jackie Mere - Everything’s Conditional (2023)
10. Pebbles - Always (1990)
11. TSHA - Capricorn Sun (2022)
12. Shygirl - Club Shy (2024)
13. Zara Larsson - Venus (2024)
14. Zélie - zélie c’est quoi (2023)
15. Zélie - un million de petits chocs (2024)
16. ELOI - Denier Orage (2023)
17. Superbus - Pop’n’gum (2005)
18. venbee - zero experience (2023)
19. Paloma Faith - The Glorification of Sadness (2024)
20. Metteson - Look to a Star (2024)
21. Jennifer Lopez - This is Me… Now (2024)
22. Nia Archives - Headz Gone West (2021)
23. Erika de Casier - Still (2024)
24. Allie X - Girl with No Face (2024)
25. Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine (2024)
26. Kacey Musgraves - Deeper Well (2024)
27. Jazmin Bean - Traumatic Livelihood (2024)
50. TORRES - What an enormous room | 2024 | ★★★
Favorite track: Collect
51. Mannequin Pussy - I Got Heaven | 2024 | ★★★★★
Favorite track: Loud Bark
52. Anastacia - Anastacia | 2004 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Left Outside Alone
53. Abby Sage - The Rot | 2024 | ★★★
Favorite track: Soak
54. Elliphant - TROLL | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: THERAPY
55. Courting - New Last Name | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Flex
56. Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine | 2024 | ★★★★★
Favorite track: we can't be friends (wait for your love)
57. Monica - The Boy is Mine | 1998 | ★★★
Favorite track: Angel of Mine
58. Kacey Musgraves - Deeper Well | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Deeper Well
59. Beyoncé - COWBOY CARTER | 2024 | ★★★★★
Favorite track: II MOST WANTED (with Miley Cyrus)
60. FLETCHER - In Search of the Antidote | 2024 | ★★★
Favorite track: Lead Me On
61. Waxahatchee - Tigers Blood | 2024 | ★★★★½
Favorite track: Right Back to It (feat. MJ Lenderman)
62. Shakira - Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Puntería (with Cardi B)
63. Adrianne Lenker - Bright Future | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Sadness as a Gift

Album of the month:
Mannequin Pussy - I Got Heaven


Lorie - Hyper Lorie (Vol. 1) (2024)
Best Youth - Everywhen (2024)
HARLOW - This Is Harlow (2024)

Bad Gyal - La Joia (2024)
Kali Uchis - Orquídeas (2024)
Chanel - ¡Agua! (2024)
Bleu Berline - Soleil perdu (2024)
Nina Lili J - Amazone (2024)

Scintii - wetlands, harbours… and stations in between (2024)
May Jailer - Sirens (2006)
Zara Larsson - VENUS (2024)
Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me…Now (2024)
Kim Petras - Slut Pop Miami (2024)

Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want To Turn Into You (Everasking Edition) (2024)
Shygirl - Club Shy (2024)
Rosalía - Los Ángeles (2017)


Allie X - Girl With No Face (2024)
Erika de Casier - Still (2024)

Adanna Duru - NAPPY HOUR II (2024)
The Last Dinner Party - Prelude To Ecstasy (2024)
Greeicy - YELIANA (2024)
Little Simz - Drop 7 (2024)
Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine (2024)

Shakira - Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran (2024)
The Veronicas - Gothic Summer (2024)
Girls Aloud - What Will The Neighbours Say? (20th Anniversary Edition) (2024)
ILLIT - Super Real Me (2024)
Kacey Musgraves - Deeper Well (2024)

Tyla - TYLA (2024)
January 2024:
I did impromptu TWICE and (G)-IDLE discography dives in January to prep for their Q1 2024 releases. I've come to the conclusion that TWICE peaked for me during their shift from cute to mature in 2019 but Taste of Love is their best release so far. Also, when (G)-IDLE gets it right, they get it right and I burn is still their best release.

Also, only made it to Emiliana Torrini's record and it was exactly what I needed! Icy trip-hop for late winter nights. My favorites were Baby Blue, Easy and Telepathy. Best album I've heard so far this year!

TWICE (first full listens only):
TWICE - The Story Begins
TWICE - Page Two
TWICE - Twicecoaster: Lane 1 / Lane 2
TWICE - Twicetagram
TWICE - What Is Love / Summer Nights
TWICE - Feel Special


TWICE - Eyes Wide Open
TWICE - Taste of Love

TWICE - Perfect World
TWICE - Formula of Love: O+T=<3

(G)-IDLE (first full listens only):
(G)-IDLE - I feel
(G)-IDLE - I love
(G)-IDLE - I burn
(G)-IDLE - I trust
(G)-IDLE - I am

(G)-IDLE - I made
(G)-IDLE - 2

ILY:1 - A Dream of ILY:1
ILY:1 - New Chapter

SF9 - Sequence

Sarah Kinsley - Ascension (The Diamond Sessions)
UMI - talking to the wind

Emiliana Torrini - Love in the Time of Science

Julianna Joy - UNHAPPY
TORRES - What an enormous room
February + March 2024:
Oops! I was sick on both February 1 and March 1 then I forgot altogether to update this. I've been very pleased and overwhelmed with releases so far this year. It feels as if every two Fridays is stacked.

2024 Releases:
L Devine - Digital Heartifacts
The Last Dinner Party - Prelude to Ecstasy
Michael Marcagi - American Romance
Adanna Duru - NAPPY HOUR II
Shygirl - Club Shy

Zara Larsson - VENUS
Katelyn Tarver - Quitter
Madi Diaz - Weird Faith
Declan McKenna - What Happened to the Beach?

Itasca - Imitation of War
Ducks Ltd. - Harm's Way
Mk.gee - Two Star & The Dream Police
NewDad - MADRA
Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want To Turn Into You (Deluxe)
Metteson - Look To A Star
Friko - Where we've been, where we go from here

TRI.BE- Diamond

IU - The Winning
Erika de Casier - Still
TWICE - With YOU-th
Allie X - Girl With No Face

Willow Avalon - Stranger
Maggie Lindemann - HEADSPLIT
Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine
WENDY - Wish You Hell
YooA - Borderline
VCHA - Only One

Nothing But Thieves - Dead Club City (Deluxe)
Holly Humberstone - work in progress
Kacey Musgraves - Deeper Well
King Isis - shed
Joesef - Permanent Damage (Live)
Hozier - Unheard
Olivia Rodrigo - GUTS (spilled)
Empress Of - For Your Consideration
FLETCHER - In Search of the Antidote
The Veronicas - Gothic Summer

Tyla - TYLA
Sierra Ferrell - Trail of Flowers
Waxahatchee - Tigers Blood

Pre-2024 Releases:

TWICE - Celebrate
Ella Fitzgerald & The Paul Smith Quartet - Mack The Knife: Ella In Paris
Shelly - Shelly

VCHA - Girls of the Year
[10/50] Positive Spin - Gretta Ray (2023)
Favourite Tracks:
Positive Spin, Upgraded, Heartbreak Baby, Dear Seventeen, You've Already Won, Light On
I've wanted to check Gretta out for quite awhile now, since she runs in the same circles as my favourite girls Maisie Peters & Cate. Miss Maisie even features on one of the tracks. I was happy to find that this was exactly the kind of pop singer-songwriter vibe I was looking for. Diary entry lyrics with catchy melodies and poppy production. I don't think there's a single song here that misses for me. Absolutely my taste.

[11/50] Deeper Well - Kacey Musgraves (2024)
Favourite Tracks:
Deeper Well, The Architect
I'm not going to say much, because I know my opinion is unpopular. I was a pre-Golden Hour stan and the kind of music she has made from then on (with the exception of a few Golden Hour tracks) hasn't been what I look to Kacey for. I'm happy for all those who love it (which is the majority, I know) but it's not for me, sadly.

[12/50] Give Me A Minute - Lizzy McAlpine (2020)
Favourite Tracks:
Nothing / Sad N Stuff, Over the Ocean Call (Andrew), I Knew, Means Something, Pancakes for Dinner
After loving five seconds flat when I heard it last year, I decided it was finally time to dive into her debut. While I don't love it as much as I loved her sophmore album, there's a lot to like here. Obviously it's a different vibe, a lot more folky and minimal in comparison to the detailed production of five seconds flat, but her songwriting and vocals still really stand out and I find myself coming back to the above songs, especially 'I Knew' and 'Pancakes for Dinner'. It's such a pretty album.

[13/50] BXX - Purple Kiss (2024)
Favourite Tracks:
Purple Kiss almost never miss and this time is no different. BBB is such a fun title track with so much personality. I know some people want them to stick to their darker concepts but I love that they are versatile. Their recent run of 'Sweet Juice' to '7HEAVEN' to this has been a really fun variety. The girls seem like they're having so much fun. All the b-sides are great too from the really fun instrumental in 'BITTER SWEET' to the really chill, vibe-y 'Heart Attack'. I also love that Swan participated in the lyrics of the title track.

[14/50] SUPER REAL ME - ILLIT (2024)
Favourite Tracks:
Magnetic, Midnight Fiction, Lucky Girl Syndrome
Um, what a debut???? I didn't follow the competition show they came out of so I had no pre concieved notions about the group at all. I was completely blindsided by the complete slay that is 'Magnetic'. It's addictive. That chorus bounces around in my head literally daily. The rest of the album is really good too. I love the harmonies and vocal layering on 'Midnight Fiction' and 'Lucky Girl Syndrome' is just so sweet and fun, completely to my tastes. I'm so impressed. 'My World' is only a slight miss because it feels undercooked a little but overall, I'm floored and can't wait to see what they do next.

[15/50] Older - Lizzy McAlpine (2024)
Favourite Tracks:
Come Down Soon, All Falls Down, I Guess, Drunk Running, Older
I'm going to be honest and say that this was a bit of a disappointment for me. I'm enjoyng it more on relisten but quite a few of the tracks do have a tendency to blend together. It's lovely overall and really has it's moments but I don't think it's balanced very well. I get what she was going for but it doesn't quite deliver in the way I want it to. 'I Guess' is my favourite, probably followed by 'Drunk, Running'. I want the album to reveal itself more to me in the future.

[16/50] Found Heaven - Conan Gray (2024)
Favourite Tracks:
Found Heaven, Fainted Love, Alley Rose, Boys & Girls, Killing Me, Winner
I'm writing this after only one listen but he really did kill it. I personally prefer Superache a little more, but this album is a sucker punch to the gut and the senses. I felt my heart racing the whole time. He sounds really good with this classic 80s sound. I really enjoyed hearing a lot of his lower register because I feel it's something he hasn't explored enough in the past and it sounds great. I'm looking forward to relistening.
I have lots of new albums in my log that i should listen but life is quite hectic in work wise so yeah dd.

Let me manifest that i will hit you all with my thoughts on these albums when i sit down and listen...

Jenni Vartiainen - Terra - Platinapainıs
Clara Luciani - Coeur
Marjan Farsad - Blue Flowers
Parcels - Parcels
Jurga - Breaking the Line
Kate Boy - One
Dolores - Sta te radi

I have listened a bunch of new records that i want to listen one more time before scoring

Ariana Grande - Eternal Sunshine
Lupina - Ringluo
Marina Satti - Yenna
Norah Jones - Visions
Mon Laferte - Autopoietica
The Last Dinner Party - Prelude to Ecstasy

I'm already tired!

Allie X - Girl With No Face (2024)
Erika de Casier - Still (2024)

Adanna Duru - NAPPY HOUR II (2024)
The Last Dinner Party - Prelude To Ecstasy (2024)
Greeicy - YELIANA (2024)
Little Simz - Drop 7 (2024)
Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine (2024)

Shakira - Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran (2024)
The Veronicas - Gothic Summer (2024)
Girls Aloud - What Will The Neighbours Say? (20th Anniversary Edition) (2024)
ILLIT - Super Real Me (2024)
Kacey Musgraves - Deeper Well (2024)

Tyla - TYLA (2024)


Beyoncé - COWBOY CARTER (2024)
Blu DeTiger - All I Ever Want Is Everything (2024)
Mónica Mara - A Un Ratito De Ti (2024)
Emilie Simon - Polaris (2024)

YooA - Borderline (2024)
WENDY - Wish You Hell (2024)
Holiday Sidewinder - The Last Resort (2024)
Maggie Rogers - Heard It In A Past Life (2019)

INNA - Everything Or Nothing #DQH1 (2024)
Leadley - LIGHT POP (2023)
Olivia Lunny - HEARTBREAK ON REPEAT (2023)
Emalia - Unmuted (2021)
Bon Entendeur - Rivages (2024)

DEV - The Night The Sun Came Up (2012)
Maggie Rogers - Don’t Forget Me (2024)
Danna Paola - CHILDSTAR (2024)
Belanova - Dulce Beat (2006)
Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets’ Department (2024)

Anitta - Funk Generation (2024)
St. Vincent - All Born Screaming (2024)
Mylène Farmer - Remix XL (2024)
You know what? I did it again!

"Love in The Time of Science" by Emilíana Torrini
Trip-Hop, 1999
- Dead Things
- Easy
- Sea People

I have a tendency to like these kind of sorf-of-ambient records but somehow I had a hard time getting into this body of work. First three tracks give a cold, icy welcome to the listener and I think it sets a wrong tone for the entire album. Rest of it is more warm and easy to listen. Starting with Dead Things, the album gives its essential Icelandic scent to our ears, similar to Björk's albums from 90's. Sea People is the prequel of Harm of Will, if you ask me.

"METANOIA" by Belén Aguilera
Electronic Pop, 2023

I know Belén from VÉRTIGO (like almost everyone else) but never gave her albums a listen. While it's short by any means, METANOIA is offering a short & sweet ride through its electronic pop soundscape.

"Gölgelerine" by Tuğçe Şenoğul
Electronic Indie, 2017
- Kaçıyorum Bak
- Onun Karanlık Huyları
- Derbeder Dünya

I heard some of Tuğçe's songs back in days but listening the album as a whole is a different story. While understanding her underwhelmingly painful lyrics helps, even the music production alone (and its wide variety of sounds) tells about us and our shadows that we terrified about.

"Jubilee" by Japanese Breakfast
Dream & Chamber Pop, 2017
- Paprika
- Kokomo, IN
- Tactics

Thanks to @enjoy: According to Michelle Zauner, this record is about joy... And that's what a joy feels like! From the start to finish, it's a delicate, lukewarm journey to witness.

"& The Charm" by Avalon Emerson
Electronic & Dream Pop, 2023
- Entombed in Ice
- The Stone
- Dreamliner

Thanks to @enjoy: A playful & fun production from start to finish. The calm vocals of Avalon Emerson compliment the synthful structure of the songs. The Stone acts as both a heavy stone and a proper interlude in my opinion.

Last 2-3 months was a BIG hell of a ride in my personal life but I'll keep continue to review what I listened during that time period soon.
I would also love to add FYC section from the records i have discovered.

-Juliana is the queen and that is the tea.

-Great song title, great synths, great atmosphere. Perfect for the lonely night walks in the city.

-Spanish queens!!

-- I love her.

-- i also love her
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[17/50] TORI - Tori Kelly (2024)
Favourite Tracks:
missin' u, cut, spruce (ft. kim chaewon), alive if i die

[18/50] One of a Kind - Loossemble (2024)
Favourite Tracks:
Girls Night, Moonlight, He Said I Said, Truman Show

[19/50] The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess - Chappell Roan (2023)
Favourite Tracks:
Femininomenon, Red Wine Supernova, After Midnight, Casual, My Kink is Karma, Picture You, Pink Pony Club, Naked in Manhattan

[20/50] THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT - Taylor Swift (2024)
Favourite Tracks:
The Tortured Poets Department, Down Bad, So Long London, But Daddy I Love Him, Guilty as Sin?, Who's Afraid of Little Old Me, loml, I Can Do It With a Broken Heart, The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived, Clara Bow

[21/50] THE ANTHOLOGY - Taylor Swift (2024)
Favourite Tracks:
The Black Dog, imgonnagetyouback, Chloe or Sam or Sophia or Marcus, How Did It End?, So High School, I Hate It Here, thanK you aIMee, I Look In Peoples Windows, The Prophecy, Peter

[22/50] coward california - Saro (2024)
Favourite Tracks:
sanctuary, coward california

[23/50] HIT ME HARD AND SOFT - Billie Eilish (2024)
Favourite Tracks:

[24/50] boy - Luke Hemmings (2024)
Favourite Tracks -
I'm Still Your Boy, Shakes, Garden Life, Promises

Now I get into my Oh My Girl deep dive I'm in the middle of!!

[25/50] OH MY GIRL - OH MY GIRL (2015)
Favourite Tracks -

[26/50] CLOSER - OH MY GIRL (2015)
Favourite Tracks:

[27/50] WINDY DAY - OH MY GIRL (2016)
Favourite Tracks:

[28/50] LISTEN TO MY WORD - OH MY GIRL (2016)
Favourite Tracks:
Midsummer Night's Christmas, Je T'aime

[29/50] COLORING BOOK - OH MY GIRL (2017)
Favourite Tracks:
Coloring Book, Real World, Agit, Perfect Day

[30/50] SECRET GARDEN - OH MY GIRL (2018)
Favourite Tracks:
Secret Garden, Love O'clock, Butterfly, Magic

Beyoncé - COWBOY CARTER (2024)
Blu DeTiger - All I Ever Want Is Everything (2024)
Mónica Mara - A Un Ratito De Ti (2024)
Emilie Simon - Polaris (2024)

YooA - Borderline (2024)
WENDY - Wish You Hell (2024)
Holiday Sidewinder - The Last Resort (2024)
Maggie Rogers - Heard It In A Past Life (2019)

INNA - Everything Or Nothing #DQH1 (2024)
Leadley - LIGHT POP (2023)
Olivia Lunny - HEARTBREAK ON REPEAT (2023)
Emalia - Unmuted (2021)
Bon Entendeur - Rivages (2024)

DEV - The Night The Sun Came Up (2012)
Maggie Rogers - Don’t Forget Me (2024)
Danna Paola - CHILDSTAR (2024)
Belanova - Dulce Beat (2006)
Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets’ Department (2024)

Anitta - Funk Generation (2024)
St. Vincent - All Born Screaming (2024)
Mylène Farmer - Remix XL (2024)


Say Lou Lou - Dust, Pt. 1 (2024)
Kenia OS - Pink Aura (2024)

Conan Gray - Found Heaven (2024)
Young Miko - att. (2024)
Ventino - Inevitables (2024)
Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism (2024)
Kacy Hill - BUG (2024)

Billie Eilish - HIT ME HARD AND SOFT (2024)
Angus & Julia Stone - Cape Forestier (2024)
CXLOE - Shiny New Thing (2024)
Vicco - Noctalgia (2024)
Nathy Peluso - Calambre (2020)

Marina Satti - P.O.P. (2024)
Alizzz - Conducción Temeraria (2024)
Bonnie McKee - Hot City (2024)

64. Faye Webster - Underdressed at the Symphony | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: But Not Kiss
65. Empress Of - For Your Consideration | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: What's Love (feat. MUNA)
66. Gossip - Real Power | 2024 | ★★½
Favorite track: Real Power
67. Tyla - TYLA | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Water
68. Marisa Monte - Verde, Anil, Amarelo, Cor de Rosa e Carvão | 1994 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Maria de Verdade
69. Madvillain - Madvillainy | 2004 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Meat Grinder
70. Destiny's Child - Destiny Fulfilled | 2004 | ★★★
Favorite track: Lose My Breath
71. The Veronicas - Gothic Summer | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Detox
72. Vampire Weekend - Only God Was Above Us | 2024 | ★★★★½
Favorite track: Classical
73. Julia Holter - Something in the Room She Moves | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Evening Mood
74. Fabiana Palladino - Fabiana Palladino | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Can You Look in the Mirror?
75. Tori Kelly - TORI. | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: shelter
76. Amanda Fondell - Excuse Me, I Just Need to Scream | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Cut Them Out
77. Conan Gray - Found Heaven | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Alley Rose
78. Griff - vert1go vol. 1 | 2023 | ★★★★
Favorite track: 19th Hour
79. Griff - vert2go vol. 2 | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Pillow in My Arms
80. Doja Cat - Scarlet 2 CLAUDE | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: DISRESPECTFUL
81. MICHELLE - GLOW | 2024 | ★★★
Favorite track: GLOW
82. Mount Kimbie - The Sunset Violent | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Fishbrain
83. Maggie Rogers - Don't Forget Me | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: If Now Was Then
84. Say Lou Lou - Dust, Pt. 1 | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Wong Kar-wai
85. DUDA BEAT - Tara e Tal | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: SAUDADE DE VOCÊ
86. Pabllo Vittar - Batidão Tropical Vol. 2 | 2024 | ★★★
Favorite track: São Amores
87. Taylor Swift - THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT | 2024 | ★★★
Favorite track: Fortnight (feat. Post Malone)
Favorite track: So High School
89. Nia Archives - Silence is Loud | 2024 | ★★★
Favorite track: Crowded Roomz
90. Still House Plants - If I don't make it, I love you | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Sticky
91. girl in red - I'M DOING IT AGAIN BABY! | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Too Much
92. Utada Hikaru - SCIENCE FICTION | 2024 | ★★★★½
Favorite track: Somewhere Near Marseilles (Sci-Fi Edit)
93. Lizzy McAlpine - Older | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Older
94. Bnny - One Million Love Songs | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Good Stuff
95. Anitta - Funk Generation | 2024 | ★★★½
Favorite track: Lose Ya Breath
96. St. Vincent - All Born Screaming | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Broken Man

Album of the month:
1000429860.pngVampire Weekend - Only God Was Above Us

97. Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: These Walls
98. Jessica Pratt - Here in the Pitch | 2024 | ★★★★
Favorite track: Life Is
99. Billie Eilish - HIT ME HARD AND SOFT | 2024 | ★★★★★
Favorite track: BIRDS OF A FEATHER

Album of the month:
Billie Eilish - HIT ME HARD AND SOFT

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