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Albums Turning 35 In 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Jan 16, 2022.

  1. 35th anniversaries seem to be coming a thing these days, at least for when it comes to the re issue market. And, 1987, seemed to spawn many a classic album of which will be turning that number this very year. Here are a few to start this off with, including the one re issue I hope very much we get this year:
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  2. upload_2022-1-16_13-39-59.jpeg






    What a year (and so many more, too).
  3. ┬žI would so love a Whitney, Jody and Tiffany reissue !
  4. My birth year, aged like a fine wine. How apt it houses some of my all-time favourite Pop albums!

    Don't forget about

    Music for the Masses
    Tango in the Night
    The Lion and the Cobra
    Who's That Girl?

    and more I probably forgot.
  5. The greatest remix album of all time, also turns 35 this year too:
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  6. It's amazing the number of albums from this year where I already have deluxe reissues but wouldn't mind another deluxe for some of them...







  7. Alas, their one and only album. But what album it truly is. Girl Power a decade before the Spice Girls.
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  8. Two of my desert island discs and my favourite album by each act

  9. Yes yes yes yes yes....

    1987, what a year. I was buying a lot more CDs.

    Best ones:

    Level 42 - Running in the Family
    FM - Tango In the Night
    PSB - Actually
    Def Leppard - Hysteria
    SoS - Better To Travel
    Prince - SOTT
    TTD - Hardline
    Alex O'Neal - Hearsay
    Yello - One Second
    DM - Music for the Masses
    Chris Rea - Dancing with Strangers
    Marillion - Clutching at Straws

    ...and tons, TONS, more.
  10. There are so many, I might (if I can remember) cover a few of them briefly here as the year progresses. Not much was released in Jan 1987. Just a Deep Purple album and Rosie Vela's Zazu charted on the back of Magic Smile being a hit.

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  11. Another day, another great remix album:
  12. I added the EU (US?) edition to my collection recently...

  13. The UK addition having more content originally too I believe.
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  14. Yeah, the extra mixes/tracks and a more Control-like sleeve swayed me, despite having the other version for years. One day I will get my Control deluxe sorted!
  15. The remastered edition in 2019 was very much most welcome too.
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  16. Oh thanks for bringing this record to my attention. Her enunciation and tone is very unique, so intriguing.
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  17. She is/was a model whose husband (a musician) had died of cancer before getting to make a record, so it was strictly a one-off to honour his memory. I don't think she had any lasting aspirations to be a famous popstar/musician. Or at least that was the story at the time.

    It's basically a Steely Dan album with gorgeous female vocals.
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