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Albums Turning 35 In 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Jan 16, 2022.

  1. 80s sophistication knitwear and suits at their finest.
  2. I love it, too. It's still a very solid album.
  3. I love this album!!
  4. 1987, seems such a classic year for albums and for music in general for that matter. Something for everyone.
  5. My personal Top 3


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  6. Which - you selected all 4!
  7. Tajà Sevelle which was the only one I could see… I’ve noticed there were 4 only with the reply. Sorry
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  8. I only got to know the album in the mid 00s. It’s not something I know from back then although Love Is Contagious was a song I loved at the time (an early 88 hit in the UK. I think). Wouldn’t You Love To Love Me, Popular and If I Could Get Your Attention should have been big hits in the UK.
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  9. Already been mentioned of course, but playing this classic comeback album from 1987:

    On such a Cher binge at the moment! Hopefully a 35th remaster will happen pretty please too.
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  10. Oh there's a Cher tattoo on her hand!

    Never saw that before.
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  11. Took me a while to notice it too.
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  12. As George sang on 'Faith' that year, 'look at Cher hands'.

    I'll get my coat.
  13. ....
  14. That's too bad.
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  15. Two premature comps distilling the essence of two truly great albums into one brilliant record.

    R-402947-1344148681-9245.jpg 51GHVnvu8cL._SY580_.jpg
  16. Rip It Up is one of my all time favourite albums. The segues are incredible.
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  17. Released on this date in 1987:

    U2 - Joshua Tree


    Simply Red - Men & Women


    Guess who bought both (and the 12" of Get That Love by Thompson Twins who were back, back! back!!).
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  18. Still perhaps their most iconic work for U2 there.
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  19. I remember buying those records like it was yesterday. Coming home with The Joshua Tree and putting it straight on....that opening trio of tracks just blows you away.
  20. 1987, really was the year for big albums I would say.
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