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Albums Turning 35 In 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Jan 16, 2022.

  1. March - May 1987 was insane.

    U2, Level 42, Prince, Simply Red, Fleetwood Mac, Prince, Bowie, Suzanne Vega, Erasure, Mel & Kim, Simple Minds, Swing Out Sister, Go West, The Cure....incredible days.
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  2. That's quite an run there!
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  3. Oops, Prince twice...well it was a double album!

    You can also have Alison Moyet, Curiosity Killed The Cat, Deacon Blue, Heart, Whitesnake....and come June 1st...Whitney!
  4. [​IMG]

    Bring on that 35th anniversary re issue-well, one can dream!!
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  5. Oh, I knew there was a thread for 1987 albums having their 35th this year.

    Mel & Kim - FLM turned 35 this week.

    Next week, it's the turn of Bowie's Never Let Me Down!
  6. This masterpiece turned 35 this year too


    Just got a copy of this reissue from Italy, I'm thrilled to have Sabrina on vinyl on my pop wall.
  7. It's a Happy 35th Birthday to Bowie's Never Let Me Down!


    (I think it may have been available on the Bank Holiday Monday that week, making it April 20th 1987 in some places).
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  8. Have we mentioned the following yet:
    New Order - Substance
    Then Jerico - First - the sound of music
    The Christians - Self Titled
    Simple Minds - Live in the city of light
    The Housemartins - The people who grinned themselves to death
    Michael Jackson - Bad
    Hue and Cry - subdued and abandoned
    And my favourite Bruce Springsteen album "Tunnel of love"!
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  9. Their time will come...some sooner than others!

    Actually, we missed Then jerico's anniversary....6th April 1987. Though hardly anyone bought it then. It sold better later in the year.
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  10. Bowie's album didn't debut at #1 on my personal album chart. Because one of my favourite bands came back, back, back!!!


    Unfortunately, it was such a low-key, underpromoted release that I couldn't find a copy anywhere until the Friday (Our Price in Hounslow). And it wasn't at a chart price, they wanted £6.99 for the vinyl and £11.99 for the CD.

    No wonder it entered the UK chart at #90. I was shocked!
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  11. I really enjoyed
    Get that love
    A long goodbye
    Great singles
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  12. Get That Love was a brilliant single, just totally the wrong sound for 1987 in the UK. There were two other killer tracks, Bush Baby and Dancing In Your Shoes, plus some decent fare like Follow Your Heart, Perfect Day and Gold Fever which partly righted the wrongs of Here's To Future Days for me. Long Goodbye was a little too similar to Wrapped Around Your Finger, it didn't feel like a TT record as much as a Police one!
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  13. Today we see the 35ths for a trio of major albums (it says here).


    Suzanne Vega and CKTC battled it out for the UK #1 spot, while Living In A Box would debut at....#25.

    I bought all three (plus Depeche Mode's Strangelove on 12").
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  14. Great a varied list for 87 I think.
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  15. Living In A Box was an interesting one, because Chrysalis pulled the same trick they'd done with Go West in 1985, quickly issuing a debut LP on the back of an instant Top 5 single. The problem was, LIAB looked like accountants from Swindon (as one pop mag dubbed them) and they didn't have that teen pop appeal of the Go West lads. And added to that, the single was by far the standout tune. I did like a lot of the other tracks, though.

    Love Is The Art, Scales Of Justice, Can't Stop The Wheel.....the latter sounding more like Michael mcDonald than he was sounding by that point.
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  16. Liking your pop facts there @Eric Generic , always very knowledgeable and good to read too!
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  17. This was the last big week until the end of May, which was just as well for the 1987 me as I was skint and needing time to enjoy all the amazing albums from March and April!
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  18. Bet your bank balance and player both needed a rest after all of that!!
  19. They did...I wasn't even 16 yet! I'd been selling off all my lego and football kits and my bike.
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  20. Ah, but all the more better for more music! I would say that anyway!
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