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Albums Turning 35 In 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Jan 16, 2022.

  1. All Of Me remains THAT bop. 11/10.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Now officially 35! Now, where is that deluxe anniversary reissue already??...
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  3. Oh well done me for missing that landmark!

    No other major 1987 albums now for a bit, roughly a month.
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  4. 35th anniversary thread created too, naturally!
  5. Tomorrow, Aug 17th, will be 35 years to the day that two of the year's defining albums were released:

    New Order - Substance
    Def Leppard - Hysteria.
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  6. Bopsteria
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  7. Are you gettin it, Vas? Really gettin it?
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  8. [​IMG]

    Correcting a severe oversight in this thread
  9. Invented rap features.
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  10. Mondaytuesdaywednesdaythursdayfridaysaturdaysunday niiiiiiiight
  11. So should be on streaming too.
  12. Bad turned 35 yesterday.

    And I don't think anyone noticed (or cared?).

    Sony were more interested in peddling the latest, ill-conceived Thriller reissue for November, with all its non-physical bonus tracks and a sleeve theme from the wrong era.
  13. I believe that this weekend, it's time we all go a little bit WOW!

    One of SAW's masterpiece's records along with Kylie, In Another Place And Time and Rhythm Of Love.
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  14. Happy 35th WOW! Gosh, it is hard to believe I was only a few months away from turning 16 when WOW! was released.

    And lets not forget these two masterpieces by Dead Or Alive, Youthquake and Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know produced by SAW.


    The PWL Kylie years, Bananarama's WOW and the two Dead or Alive albums pictured above are some of the best albums ever recorded.
  15. WOW! truly is like a Greatest Hits record of it's very own. All songs in my view, are worthy to have been possible singles.
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  16. Bad remains my favourite Michael Jackson era, probably because it was released as I started to get into pop in a huge way. The remixes and videos from the Bad remain outstanding, without falling into the spectacle for spectacle’s sake category. The entire era deserves more attention and recognition.
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  18. 5 more days until Popped In Souled Out's 35th anniversary.

    I know you're all counting the sleeps.
  19. I wasn't a fan back then as I was all about the pop girls but with the passing of time there is no denying that all four singles from that album are bops. For me Wishing I Was Lucky is their best song.
  20. Wishing I Was Lucky, is THAT bop. Much prefer their pop years.
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